Acronym list for proposals

Hello all, I’m new to the Dao and reading the proposals I find myself stopping to search the abbreviations. Maybe I missed it but would be helpful to attach acronyms list. I know all this will come with time and I hate to say it’s overwhelming there is so much information great work all. On a side note if I placed this in the wrong section let me know I’m sure I’ll get it down @marvel🏴 I see why you said to start S7 difficult while trying to just see where to get involved and all these great Proposals get submitted. Thanks to all and any who take the time to read and or respond


Interesting. I has a job once where we all had a three-ring binder with a list of all the acronyms used in the company. It was kind of a lifesaver. There were even a bunch with multiple meanings. I haven’t felt like I needed something like that here. I wonder if I’ve just become so used to them I don’t even see them anymore. Do you think you’re running into Bankless/bDAO specific abbreviations, or are they more generically from the crypto space? Do you have some examples that maybe you know now but weren’t clear when you first ran into them?

@Truoregonian This is a great point. I wonder if you have any thoughts about what could have helped you understand this better? Another question I have is where are you on your Bankless journey? Have you attended the new joiners? Have you joined a guild? Attended a community call? (Asking these in an attempt to improve anywhere if needed) Thanks!

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@ Sprinklesforwinners , I have done the new joiner’s I believe ? And then I got interested in everything I’m reorganizing this evening and put a couple meeting on calendar for tomorrow. In Microsoft word and excel it’s my understanding it’s pretty simple it will need to be proofed to ensure it recognizes Blockchain and BANKLESSDao specific. I missed the community call began to listen to it last night and got distracted. I join the analytics guild before I knew it was disbanded ill also have to find another i can contribute in. Soon enough ill have it down like back in the day WoW. dailies, weeklies and grind

Agree, I’m sure when its added week by week it will be second nature. Another way I think it will be helpful is for outsiders, investors, auditors, and something im all to common with Brain farts most are situational plus my eagerness to consume all the Dao has to offer. I worked in resaruants for 15 plus years and a paint contractor always trying to work smarter not harder at my age. Ultamatly what we need to decide will the time adding it to the necessary text take longer then the learning curve of myself and others.

Do you think you’re running into Bankless/bDAO specific abbreviations, or are they more generically from the crypto space? Do you have any examples?

More the bankless specific there was some crypto specific but with onboarding into crypto being the goal in the future I could see others doing the same. Maybe it was just me. e.g.njs kpi those where easy but I’m looking back over to find the one that had a couple more maybe they’ve been edited out since. I just re-read a couple and couldn’t find so sure it’s situational. It was just a though in the moment but in the future it could be something to keep an eye on