Domain names for the DAO

Earlier this evening, frogmonkee realized was an unregistered domain and saved the day!
If we almost missed this one, there might be others. The idea would be for the community to register the ones we might need in the future.

Maybe as the bankless nation becomes multilingual, we could book more local ones.
And as the DAO evolves and launches new projects, we might want to book other domain names, more specific to the DAO itself.

If you have any suggestions, feel free to check their availability and name them in this post if you think we should register them!


There may be some that come out of the Swag group but it looks like we also picked up

Maybe since some people confuse the two?

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Just checked for,, bankless-dao.crypto and go-bankless.crypto and there are still available. I think it would make sense to get them too.

2 Likes because can be also an ENS domain

To be clear, I didn’t register the domain. It’s still up for sale.

That’s not unregistered, it’s squatted- somebody owns it; probably the group that is claiming they can get you the registration for a processing fee, and if too many of us click it they will increase the asking price. I say we ignore it and find something better.

We need to act quick. Who can register this? How can be done?

My bad frogmonkee, about the I guess the question now is do we let it go or try and negotiate with the group (if they are not a scam) who owns it before we make too many clicks?

I’m not an expert in DAO processes yet, anyone has an idea how to have any of this “approved” or at least “pre-approved”? If some of us as individuals register domains before any official/massive support from the rest of the DAO because of the need to act quick, we might run into problems later. I guess the .com (bankless-dao, go-bankless) are so cheap one can take the risk, but when we go to more specific ones prices tend to become high.
Also, wasn’t unstoppable domains an official sponsor of the show? Maybe we can get them involved so the DAO registers domains directly!

I posted the question in the treasury chat in discord. Waiting for replies/actions.

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I can purchase those .crypto domains now. Just tell me to buy them. Or do we have to have a vote?

I’m not sure but the time is ticking

You got me stressed so I just took the initiative to register and for 1 year :smiley:


Yeah but the main is still not registered

If we want to get it we need to reach out and negotiate with whoever’s got it already.

I picked up


Smart ones indeed! :clap:

I was part of a dot com in the early 00s that bought a ton of domains. I remember feeling like you could go crazy with all the amalgamations.

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Stellar initiative! Good job.

Maybe a bankless.crypto or an bankless.eth

In my experience, it is not crucial to have ALL the domains. We can try and see how much whoever grabbed would want for it. All it costs is $119 to investigate. it may be expensive though because of the hype. (I checked to gauge and it is for sale for $28,000 but other semi-suitable names could be snatched up for between $500 and $2,500) I have a business account on godaddy if you want me to start the process. If it doesn’t work out, we will find another domain name and make it “stick” through our marketing efforts.

Oh and one more thing - if we register the domain, we need to register it for FIVE years. It makes a big difference as far as SEO.