Allocating public goods funding recevied via Octant


Octant ( is a decentralized governance platform that aims to fund innovative projects and increase participation in governance through its reward pool. This proposal outlines a plan to distribute funds which the DAO may potentially receive from Octant to support public good projects within BanklessDAO.


Octant is a decentralized governance platform that has allocated a portion of its staking rewards to fund public good projects. The funds received from Octant will be instrumental in supporting initiatives aligned with BanklessDAO’s mission in funding its education and community building activities. More info here: Announcing Octant

In order for the BanklessDAO proposal to be accepted by Octant governance we need to submit our suggestion as a community on how the funds received will be distributed. The funds cannot be used to fund defi related projects. The deadline for final submission is the 28th of sept (here).

Follow-up on the discussion with Octant here: Discord


If BanklessDAO receives funding (as $ETH) from Octant, first the funds will be received by the Governance Department(0xCf3efCE169acEC1B281C05E863F78acCF62BD944) and then distributed as $ETH amongst the following groups:

Title Address
Bankless Africa 0xCA27C5813c314586434512ab139Cad96F6b71750
Bankless in Spanish 0x8e3B0600C06bb4b99F5Eab33D3a25E338818fbe2
International Media Nodes 0x09cA8B48A2b4d468daC43806751e2e3a1Fc08A31
Bankless Publishing 0xf15414F8f8684F0C80866E074b8DF53d098689db
Bankless Academy 0xf80Cd14ec747b2AdF7B1A9911b38c65a885dAeeA
Global Events 0x94D879812bd3f831F4Ad1F82452c58352d3d0596
Creator Economy and Moloch Traps Podcasts, by AV Guild 0xE2D721c126150BeEE3C56A1AD71A2E0E29A411F0
  • The groups are suggested based on their track record of consistently shipping educational content to a broad spectrum of participants as well as third party validation via Gitcoin Grants, Optimism RPGF or other public goods funding sources.

  • Groups are not expected to deliver any extra work in order to receive these funds.

  • A multiple choice public forum poll will decide the allocation %s between projects

Next Steps:

  1. Poll closes on 27th Sept
  2. Application submission on the 28th of Sept
  3. If the Governance Dept. receives funds from Octant, then a Snapshot vote for final distribution will be posted
  4. Funds will be distributed according to the allocation methodology outlined in this post


  • Bankless Africa
  • Nacion Bankless (Bankless in Spanish)
  • International Media Nodes
  • Bankless Publishing
  • Bankless Academy
  • Global Events
  • Creator Economy and Moloch Traps Podcasts, by AV Guild
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Have we considered using this money to up BANK price or any activity that would increase the daos financial stability, or is that not an option?


Dont get me wrong tho, would love more project funding, but feels like we could stake the 1m and get decent returns on the treasury or smth of that sort (im not a financial expert just thinking out loud) :smiley:


During the governance call, @icedcool indicated that a closed eyes will be kept on the voting to prevent sybiling. Some thoughts

  1. We should perhaps bring the closing time forward. say 25th

  2. And then 26th can be used to rectify any inconsistency or give it a cool down period

  3. 27th can be used to update the proposal into it final form.

  4. And then we apply 28th


The funds can only be used according to feedback from the Octant team and participating in financial activities in not permissible. For further questions you can follow up with the octant team in their discord server.

The application to octant is separate from this proposal. This proposal only outlines the distribution mechanism. We are searching for someone who wants to take a lead on drafting the proposal text, if anyone is interested, please dm :slight_smile:

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Who decided on this group of projects?

So we’re supposed to decide who gets what funding by voting in the poll?

Is there any other stipulations that could be missing? The link to the discord channel doesn’t work on the phone

Can you help connect me to how this process (the proposal suggest above) is going to fall under the stipulations suggested in this link?

Finally, do you have to own GLM to participate in this grant process?

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Follow this conversation Discord and the one on Octant discord.

You need to verify yourself in the octant server first

We will submit a common application as BanklessDAO and if we receive any funds, then they will be proportionally allocated to the groups listed here

This was decided in the last governance department weekly sync and also communicated in the same discord thread

Not for submitting applications

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Followed the bDAO discord

It sounds like any project can apply, but you’re opting for the team up approach.

The proposal says that it’s going to banklessvault.eth, but I am not seeing that conclusion in the discord link. Is it going to a grants related multi sig?

Is this true?

This should be clarified in the proposal.

This answers my above question! Oops.

But, if a project (nothing jumps out at me as projects that are excluded) was not included can they actually apply on their own? Maybe like podcast hatchery, or crypto sapiens or something?

There are a number of voters whose names I don’t recognise- can someone verify they’re members of bDAO?

Why are we still running important polls with no verification of eligibility to vote?


Yep, I’ll be examining them.

The discourse infrastructure is almost here.

As a PSA, make sure your account has a profile to help me identify accounts.


This is only the in-between step

We temp-checked these projects with Octant before posting here as you can verify from the octant forum on their discord.

They are free to do what they want, in the end only 10 projects will be selected.

Bankless Africa is making a huge impact on the African continent and touching a lot of lives. Bringing crypto education to the grassroots and guiding them through their journey is its


They are indeed.

10 projects total?

And no one is concerned that someone is going to try and say that you are trying to rope 7 spots (they’d be misguided, but I’ve seen crazier things)

We will submit a single application as BanklessDAO

Some comments:
1.- I personally admire what Octant App it’s doing, they already funded rounds in Gitcoin, Giveth and, just to mention and all of this projects are non profit, are going to be here event if we don’t, so its a good approach to only list the ones that are time resistant and market resistant.
2.- I don’t think that it’s ok to use BANK, since it’s our governance Token and maybe we can stop funding this projects if we get this approved, since it could make sustainable rewards for the coming month and we can stream those payments to prevent a bank run from any of the projects, sorry to say this but if we get a higher fund, i think that we have to protect us.
3.- The projects also can make something joining forces and helping the DAO continue the automated pilot navigation that it’s already having, and stop now use or governance tokens as controlled mechanism.
4.- I was just thinking, is this related more to a Temperature Check or it’s better if we also do a token gated voting, just to make this decission more sybill resistance, so i don´t know, forum 45%, voting power 55% or in percentage. Just getting some ideas in the ground.
5.- I’ve using attestation as on chain sign of this vote:
Proving on chain my vote, and i sent it to Banklessvault.eth: Attestation (Write a Message) - 0xc987...ac9e0

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I am really happy to see you pushing this proposal forward @Jengajojo , I think it’s important.

That being said, I’m not really convinced that an open, public poll is the best way to allocate funding. Personally I feel like it’s going to turn into a game of “whoever has the most contributors gets the most funding”, which doesn’t necessarily help us achieve our goals.

If we have to use a poll like this, couldn’t we instead create a token-weighted/token-gated snapshot? If the polls were restricted to those that have tlBANK, then we could be sure of their long-term intentions (i.e. they aren’t going to take the money and run).


Super. I was thinking something similar. I’m intended to upgrade te requirements of a role holder to be a tlBANK holder and not just Level 1

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In the works :slight_smile:, and would love your help in #tokenomics!
@defibeats is working on a proposal to revise all levels, starting with Guest pass/L1.


Yes we can, and I agree.

As an alternative, we could change the allocation to who has returned the most to the DAO in the past year.


XD we have three months alive :frowning: