bDAO x @fulltimedao twitter spaces series featuring DAO Drops public goods projects

Project Champion: @salmanneedasjob
Squad: @thinkDecade @Tundeeey
Purpose: Public good
Affiliation: BanklessAfrica, International Media Nodes, Marketing Department
Authors: @salmanneedasjob
Date created: March 15, 2023
Date posted: March 15, 2023
Funds requested: None

Project Teaser

This proposal presents an idea for launching an imminent twitter spaces series by BanklessDAO in collaboration with @fulltimedao, over one week featuring the 50 selected individuals / projects from DAO Drops, which include 2 bDAO projects, viz. Bankless Africa and IMN, and bDAO contributor, myself (salmanneedsajob), in a first-of-its-kind Retroactive Public Good Funding initiative by the Ethereum Foundation and created by dOrg.

Project Description

Background about DAO Drops

DAO Drops is an experiment in retroactive public goods funding that directly empowers Ethereum users to allocate ecosystem funds. Round 1 will distribute $250,000 DAI to eligible nominees. At the time of publishing this proposal, DAO Drops have selected 50 of the nominated projects / individuals and is now at the 2 week allocation phase, with 9 days remaining, where Ethereum users can vote on which nominees deserve funding. Voting ends on March 24 (go vote!). Voting power is calculated based on past on-chain activity.

Links to vote -


Episode on Green Pill

Why the Twitter Spaces Campaign

DAO Drops is mission aligned with BanklessDAO’s commitment to public goods and the Ethereum ecosystem. Likewise, so are the contributions of the selected project and individuals in this round of funding. Being that DAO Drops is in its first round and is a brand new project, the project could benefit from the visibility through the BanklessDAO brand, and potentially result in improved voter turnout. This would make BanklessDAO a platform to learn about the nominated projects while also bringing visibility to them, which btw include some frens of BanklessDAO such as Praise, Giveth, RnDAO, etc. As a side effect, this acts as a mode of campaigning for myself, Bankless Africa, and IMN, which will be mentioned as a segment in each twitter space.

Full-Time DAO Collaboration

I, Salman, will be dedicating the next 8 days completely to the execution of this twitter spaces, and my contribution will be supported via this pilot campaign on @fulltimedao, a project that I started during DAOpunks Cohort 1 with a mission to demystify the world of DAOs and contributing to them. In this collaboration, @fulltimedao is meant to be a neutral representative and support in the media creation for this project.


  1. ​​We will reach out to all the selected projects / individuals, and whoever opts in will be featured on a twitter space.
  2. Given the timeline is very very short (1 week to end of vote), the design of the twitter spaces is going to be flexible, but I will aim for each space to feature a fluid conversation with a panel of 4 - 5 projects / representatives, going over their area of expertise, what their project is about, their accomplishments over the last year, etc.
  3. If all goes well, there are expected to be 5 - 10 twitter spaces in the upcoming week. The idea is to be able to feature as many projects as possible, but realistically, there is going to be roadblocks on this front, and some twitter spaces might look different from the other in terms of number of guests and length of the spaces.
  4. Each twitter space will feature one or more segments talking about the bDAO representation - IMN, Bankless Africa, and SalmanNeedsAJob.
  5. Twitter spaces will be scheduled through the Bankless DAO account, with Full-Time DAO as a co-host, and myself on the speaker panel hosting the discussion. If any bDAO member with experience in hosting twitter spaces is interested in joining as a co-host, we can definitely facilitate that.
  6. As a project lead, I will do my best in executing this campaign in a professional manner, and coordinate with the Marketing guild for it.
  7. It is going to be a 1-week project and it is going to be experimental in nature.
  8. The twitter spaces are expected to be interesting.

Past / preparatory activities

The idea was inspired by the fact that many on the DAO Drops selected list, myself included, are not well known in the community, and their contributions would be easily ignored during the vote. The overall initiative itself, although supported by the Ethereum Foundation, is more or less underrepresented.

In terms of past preparatory activity, this proposal is all there is at the moment, but let me provide a list of next steps, and outline what makes me qualified to lead and host this experimental campaign.

Next steps:

𐄂 Aggregate list and point of contact of all the selected projects / individuals and begin out reach.

𐄂 Create options for time for twitter spaces, and coordinate the scheduling of the spaces series.

𐄂 Create assets for announcing each of the twitter spaces in advance.

𐄂 Research the guests, and prepare for the spaces.

𐄂 Host the conversation.

𐄂 Production of other promotional material on Full-Time DAO.

Proof of Work / What makes me qualified to lead this project

  1. I have hosted a ton of interviews about web3 on my YouTube and with BanklessDAO contributors (my BanklessDAO playlist). I have also hosted 2 episodes on the Making Bank Podcast.

  2. I was previously behind the @makingbankpod twitter account, and would receive great feedback for it.

  3. I have hosted many many twitter spaces panels on various web3 topics, some that include fellow bDAO contributors as guests. Example of most recent twitter space about contributing to DAOs.

Time constraint-related considerations

  • While I am committed and ready to be challenged, I will confess that this is little more ambitious than my usual adventures given the time constraint, and we will have to see how much can be achieved within next week. However, there is nothing to lose, and each twitter space conducted is going to be valuable to reprsenting projects.

  • We would need to go live with the first twitter space within 2 days of publishing this proposal.

  • It would be extremely beneficial if the community could trust the squad with the campaign, and give us the creative freedom to run with it as there is only little time for planning. By this, I mean flexibility in terms of time and scheduling of the twitter spaces, number of spaces being conducted, assets created, announcements shared on twitter, etc. We will try to comply with the requirements of Marketing Guild, but if there are any errors in judgment which we will try to avoid, you can correct us during / after its done. Any other ideas for it are also welcome.


I, the author of the proposal, admit that I consider this project as a way for me to put myself out there. However, my intentions through this series are genuinely to spotlight the good work in the community and amplify the voices of all the selected projects/individuals in DAO Drops, no different from what I do on #SalmanNeedsAJob. This is also going to be a pilot project on @fulltimedao, something I have been looking forward to develop.

Financial Implications

  • None to BanklessDAO.

  • There may be design and writing requirements, which I intend to route through Full-Time DAO, and I will dedicate bounties for it as part of the Full-Time DAO collaboration.

  • This project could use help of an Assistant Coordinator for planning, outreach, and other activities during the week.


The twitter spaces series will be conducted on the @banklessDAO twitter and will benefit from the brand and reach of BanklessDAO.

  • Yes, I support BanklessDAO x @fulltimedao twitter spaces series with DAO Drops Public Good projects
  • No, I don’t support
  • Maybe, needs revision (Please comment)

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For folks that voted “No”, could you kindly explain your reason here in the comments? Happy to try and address them, and take your feedback.


Hi @salmanneedasjob I can’t see any of the previous or current work being done. All of the links end with having to connect my wallet or restricted access. How can I get more information? Thanks!

Would FullTimeDAO be interested in co-hosting some twitter spaces on Rewards, Compensation, and Incentives in web 3 environments?

Hi Sprinkles. If you mean information about DAO Drops, you can check out the FAQ here. The DAO Drops platform itself requires us to connect your wallet in order to access information about the selected individuals/projects, and vote.

That said, I have closed the poll on this proposal. This proposal was discussed in detail in the marketing department, and we have instead decided to come up with a single twitter space and provide an opportunity for the DAO Drops selected members to pitch themselves to the community. Its going to take place on Monday at 4pm UTC.

Yes, @ernest_of_gaia. Most definitely. Connecting with you on dm on this.

hey @salmanneedasjob, this slipped my radar, fully support this.
FYI: the poll isn’t allowing to vote.

Hey thanks @0xbaer. I’ve closed the poll as there’s been an update on how we’re approaching this, after discussing with the marketing department. We’re gonna be conducting a single twitter space with an open invitation to all selected nominees, on Monday 4pm UTC.

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