[Proposal] DoinGud Community Membership


DoinGud, the team behind ETHBarcelona, is an NFT marketplace operating on Polygon that offers the unique function of routing a certain percentage of sales towards a cause of the NFT creator’s choice.

In launching their DAO, they have invited BanklessDAO to join them as a community partner. They are looking for value-aligned communities to build, educate, and advance the web3 public goods movement.

In the partnership, they are looking to share value with BanklessDAO through:

  1. A dedicated number of seats in DoinGud DAO governance.
  2. Collaboration on future events (including priority sponsorship tiers at a discount).
  3. Amplified exposure as a community for good (recognition on website and social media).
  4. A sizable discount and allow-list access to the DoinGud membership NFT sale upcoming for all BanklessDAO L1+ members.

As a community member of the DoinGud DAO, we would be joining Developer DAO, Livepeer, Gitcoin, BrightID, Kleros, Proof-of-humanity, Kernel, Giveth, TheDAOist and more, in a statement support for the #regen movement.

Operations Info:

The DoinGud marketplace is already live and generating impact with over $380k in sales volume and $90k in donations. This is all while the platform has been in beta and closed to just a limited number of creators while the user experience was improved (we just opened up the platform early August). DoinGud also has over 60 social causes fully vetted and onboarded to the platform to receive the donations transparently on chain, with hundreds more in the pipeline.

However, their marketplace was just a start point. Next, DoinGud is going open source, building SDKs, and launching their protocol.

The DoinGud protocol is the first infrastructure for Decentralized Social Impact, enabling anyone to participate in the decentralized funding, governance, and validation of impact. It differs from existing public goods mechanism by focusing on plurality and different forms of funding social impact.
In short, DoinGud is laying the foundation for all non-profit, public goods, and general impact to be funded and organized through DAOs. The protocol will be open with limitless connections for any other platform, marketplace, or protocol to plug into and transparently stream money to the token curated registry of social causes, get rewarded, and earn governance in the protocol.

DoinGud has mentioned that a whitepaper outlining the tokenomics and fundamental incentives built into this infrastructure will be released soon.

The launch of the protocol will also come with the genesis of the DoinGud DAO. The DAO will be responsible for governing the marketplace as well as the protocol.

Community Membership Details:

On top of the fundamental value to being a part of this Web3 consortium and mesh network of communities and individuals for good, there would also be tangible benefits for the BanklessDAO community.

Community Perks mentioned below have their level of exposure, priority and discount levels scaled in three membership tiers, priced respectively. More info here.

Community Membership Perks:

  • BanklessDAO members receive allow list access to the DoinGud Soulbound Membership NFT sale and a sizable discount (more on this below).

  • BanklessDAO receives collaboration priority on events with DoinGud and the consortium of DAO members at discounted sponsorship rates. For example, at ETHBarcelona there were sponsorship tiers that enabled sponsors to present a talk, receive brand marketing around the event etc.
    They have mention that they plan to expand their event hosting initiative. We also would also share resources and create more awareness about what we are building to be amplified across the DoinGud socials.

Note: When I inquired about eligibility for the ‘Impact & Diversity DAO’ tier, I was informed the requirements are as follows:

  • Have a social and environmental impact root focus (climate, hunger, human rights issues, etc.)
  • Have a diversity root focus (inclusivity for women, persons of color, student orgs, organizations for minorities (immigrants, LGBTQ).
  • Treasury smaller than 500k.

Individual Membership Details:

As referenced above, at the individual level, DoinGud is launching “Gud Soul” Membership NFTs that are Soulbound (non-transferrable). In order to participate in the DAO and have the necessary access to participate in the discussions on the private Discourse, Discord, and Telegram channels, individuals will need to hold a Soulbound “Gud Soul’’ Membership NFT. These “Gud Soul” Membership NFTs will provide access for 4 months or 1 year, depending on the tier.

There are four “Gud Soul” membership tiers, priced 0.0111 ETH, 0.111 ETH, 1.11 ETH, 4.20 ETH respectively. More info here. Should BanklessDAO become a DoinGud partner, BanklessDAO members would gain an 11%-33% discount based on tier selected.

Beyond membership access to the DAO, each “Gud Soul” NFT holder, depending on the tier, will get a bundle of benefits ranging from exclusive access to the beta tools and sales modes, special collaborations with our partners’ list, and bonus rewards for using the platform.

DoinGud is releasing these “Gud Soul” NFTs in two stages:

  1. Private allow list, including BanklessDAO.
  2. Public sale.

The proceeds of the “Gud Soul” Membership NFT Sales will go towards:

  1. Funding the building of the DoinGud protocol and marketplace.
  2. Donations to the social causes and Impact DAOs that join them as community partners.

In the future, the proceeds will also go to help bootstrap the impact guilds and communities using the protocol.

Application Timeline

In order to proceed with the DoinGud DAO Community Membership, the steps include:

  1. Inform of the election of Membership Tier (first come/first served) by September 13th.
  2. Sign Agreement (will be prepared based on membership tier elected in step 1) by September 16th.
  3. Send funds (Wallet address provided in the agreement in step 2) by September 16th.
  4. Send members Ethereum wallet addresses for the Private Allow List by September 16th.
  5. Send the Ethereum wallet addresses of representatives that will be given seats into the DoinGud DAO by September 16th.
  6. Elect Community Membership Tier (supply limited, first come/first served).


Personally, after visiting ETHBarcelona I am pretty bullish on the DoinGud team. They were very good to our team, providing free entry, media passes and everything we needed to shoot on site. The team is clearly passionate about the topics covered and I believe that joining their network to continue our relationship in any way is a strong move for the DAO and the potential of the space.

What I would like to hear conversation around is how the benefits might apply to us, beyond discounts on individual membership. My thoughts are as follows:

  • Exposure within the DoinGud ecosystem, alongside the other notable participants, would give us marketing boost.
  • Event sponsorship discounts would be excellent if we were further along in our DAO journey and had a stronger winter treasury. Both BanklessDAO and Bankless Academy were invited to sponsor ETHBarcelona, but without the funds to back up their interest. After seeing the exposure that sponsors received, it is definitely an attractive offer for a later date (and maybe not this membership cycle).
  • The “Gud Souls” NFT whitelist/discount is attractive add to the value of holding $BANK, but only in the early days before public mint.

I have included a poll to gauge sentiment and decide, if we’re interested in applying, what membership tier we should consider. Personally, I think that getting involved with at least a Tier 3 membership (1.1 ETH for 1 year) is a good move for the DAO, securing us 5 DAO governance seats and keeping us involved in the DoinGud ecosystem. I’m open to considering further purchase.


  • Approve: Tier 1 (7.7 ETH)
  • Approve: Tier 2 (4.2 ETH)
  • Approve: Tier 3 (1.1 ETH)
  • Deny

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It sounds cool!
Who would be elected on seats, or who would get those soul bound tokens?

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For seats, maybe we perform a GC-like vote, where the L1+ entrants require two bDAO recommendations for their positive-sum thinking in the space, before entering the candidate list. I’m not sure what the demands of DoinGud governance will be, but the members we have represent us should be engaged in the public good / impact DAO space.

By my understanding anyone L1+ at bDAO gets whitelisted to buy the individual membership ‘Gud Soul’ SBTs.

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Thanks for the proposal @Tetranome

In case this passes, I do suggest to sync in with us Bankless DAOplomats for collaborating on governance seats.


Great idea Jengajojo, would love your input on filling these seats.

Gm BanklessDAO community!

I’m Andrew, one of the co-founders of DoinGud here to introduce myself and chime in about how thrilled we would be to have bDAO as part of the DoinGud family!

I absolutely love the work the bDAO community is doing to educate the space. It’s a key piece to the puzzle, along with many pieces other communities are working on, that help solve humanity’s problems and advance the space forward. That’s why it’s so important for us to bring value-aligned communities, projects, and ultimately the humans of these communities together as we curate the members of DoinGud. We certainly see bDAO as exactly the type of community we are looking for as a thought-leading, education-minded, and values-driven collective.

As a member, we would love to have the bDAO community represented with “seats at the table” to help shape proposals, participate in working groups, community calls, etc (at the bandwidth desired). With seat members from all the various aligned communities, we believe this will foster a lot of great cross-pollination and collaborations between projects and communities.

The primary membership benefits are mentioned in the primary post, so I’ll highlight the clearest one comes in the opportunity to amplify the bDAO reach and presence at the future events we put on, like ETHBarcelona as mentioned before. Here’s my favorite video

We thrive at organizing experiences (we were also at ArtBasel, ETHDenver, Liscon, and more) and plan for more ahead!

Again, would love to have bDAO together with the consortium of Web3 for good communities on the journey ahead!

Special thanks @tetranome for bringing this proposal forth to the bDAO community :pray:
Happy to answer any further questions anyone might have about DoinGud and the membership.


It looks good to me, very interesting!

I was wondering what could be the arguments against this initiative if someone who opposed it cares to share.


Lit idea, let’s do it!


Thanks everyone for the interest! Shoutout for the kind comments @MinaHasNoIdea @GalPe

Would be so great to have bDAO with us! <3


Approval voting closed as we move Tier III membership to snapshot vote - to be announced in tomorrow’s Community Call. Thanks for taking part everyone.

As for seats, we will be opening a Discord vote in #poll on Monday to figure out who from bDAO will be representing us in the DoinGud governance seats, should the Snapshot pass.

If you’re interested in applying for a seat, please mention below. I believe we already have ~5 people interested.

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Governance seats election poll is live on Discord until Sept 28th.

Fantastic! I may be late to the party but I love to see DoinGud seeking partnership with BanklessDAO. @Tetranome did an amazing job at ETHBarcelona as DAOlationships Lead, connected with folks like @Andrewk and brings DoinGud to our discourse which underpins the necessity for a global events project - big s/o to the bDAO@GlobalEvents team!

I nominated myself for one of the seats, now it’s up to the community to decide. As part of the DAOplamoats project team I feel obligated to so, but this project serves personal interest as well! Web3 has a bunch of NFT projects which support good causes and I’d love to see as much as possible of them on the DoinGuds marketplace :ok_hand:!


Gm bDAO Community, I’m Jawna. I love this idea of DoinGud and BanklessDAO partnering up! The idea of two beautiful communities coming together to create more goodness, runway and opportunities in web3 inspires me. I would love to help support a DoinGud and BanklessDAO partnership. I hope I’m not too late in nominating myself - so here it goes: I nominate myself for one of the seats in an effort to support the further development of this partnership! Thank you frens for reading this and considering my candidacy.


Make sure to add yourself to the poll in discord jawna! Thanks for joining

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We have our governance seat elects:


The tiebreaker for fifth place was settled with 0xBaer.eth agreeing to let raybankless.eth fill the remaining seat.

Should the snapshot pass, these contributors will have their addresses passed to DoinGud for governance privileges. Congratulations all, may you do gud on behalf of the BanklessDAO community!