Analytics guild resuscitation


Author: Oluwasijibomi

Squad: Oluwasijibomi#6263, Latsan#6466
Date Created: January 9, 2023
Date Posted: January 14, 2023


Data analysis is an important aspect of the BanklessDAO community because it allows the community to make informed decisions based on empirical evidence. By analyzing data, the community can identify trends, patterns, and opportunities that can help them optimize their operations and achieve their goals. Additionally, data analysis helps the community to monitor their progress and make necessary adjustments to ensure that they are on track to achieving their objectives. Furthermore, data analysis helps the community to identify and mitigate risks, as well as to identify and seize opportunities that may not be immediately apparent without the use of data analysis tools and techniques. Overall, data analysis is a key component of the BanklessDAO community’s success, as it enables them to make informed decisions that drive growth, efficiency, and profitability.


  • To empower BanklessDAO, and its members to solve problems and improve decision-making by providing the necessary framework, insights and data, facilitating knowledge of operations, community, decentralized governance and potential revenue sources by leveraging data.


  • The Analytics guild has been inactive since the end of season 4 and the daodash bot has been said to automate the analytics of the DAO since then, however recently there have been requests from members of the DAO from other departments and guilds requiring the service of the Analytics guild which could not be met and the daodash team is inactive also according to Aaron which has caused for the revival of the guild to educate and develop web3 Analysts for the DAO which is keying into the mission of bDAO of onboarding 1 Billion people into the web3 space


  • Utilising data from various sources, to empower knowledge and insight into the community, the DAOs and DeFi is necessary for performance growth.


  • The Analytics Guild’s mission, governance, roles, resources, goals and values will need to be updated.

  • The Analytics Guild has not been funded since season 4 and at the time of this writing Analytics Guild wallet: 0x28861eeec6ab073A36Cc299ef8186978893e21FF retains a balance of 360,515 BANK. we are requesting 280,000 BANK, judging from the last analytics guild funding request this is about half of the previous funding amount

Breakdown of funds

  • Guild coordinator - 60k bank/season

  • Guild educator - 60k bank/season

  • Talent coordinator - 60k/ season

  • Bounties & Coordinape - 100k bank for the season

Next Step

The Analytics Guild’s mission, roles, resources, goals and values will be updated.
The guild will start with 3 roles namely the guild coordinator, guild educator and talent coordinator


Analysis of data, both on-chain and off-chain is an essential instrument to understand trends and perspectives in all aspects of the DAO to facilitate informed decision-making.

  • :white_check_mark:FOR: I agree with reassembling the Analytics Guild
  • :x:AGAINST: I disagree and do not think that the Analytics guild should reassemble.
  • I have a question that must be answered before I can vote

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I love analytics guild and the idea of resuscitate it!

Although, like any project or org group, I think the guild should define its mission, vision, responsibilities and any deliverables it would produce before the DAO starts to re-fund it.

Ideally, what I would like to see is for you all to kick off what you are aiming at (getting meetings going, defining these items, and starting to work), then ask for funding going forward. I think that would go a long way in showcasing the value the guild would bring to the DAO, and support the funding need. This was also the way all guilds started.

Unfortunately, until I see some of those things, my vote is no AND I would love to see the analytics guild restart.

I think you just need to define these things, start building, and the funding request will support itself.


Thank you for bringing this initiative forward. I do believe that in the long terms we need this talent in the DAO to make more objective decisions.

That being said, as you have pointed out, there is already 280,000 BANK in the Analytics Guild multi-sig and maybe you can start tackling some of the points which @Icedcool brings out with this budget in S7?

Further, can you offer some insights into your background as analysts? Have you made any dune dashboard? or other analysis work which we can refer to?


I voted no, because internal bank economy use is the funding pathway that should be taken here.
a cost of services charged to the recipient DAO sectors means that the Analytics guild would be paid via line items in other DAO area budgets, and by setting a price for services rendered, those other sectors can account for it in their budgetary ask.

By doing it via this method, we ensure that the output of analytics is in line with the needs of the org, and we won’t be overpaying for the service through arbitrary budgeting.
In general, I am for the Analytics guild reviving, and strongly so. However, internal economy flow I think is the path.
DAO wide analytics wouldn’t necessarily fall under this umbrella, and make more sense for a direct budgetary ask, but for that to be justified, DAO wide analytic deliverables need to be explicitly set as targets.

I voted “no”.
Providing analytical services to the DAO does not require a guild.
Any guild or project that requires analytical support can post a bounty for those services to be performed.
In my experience, looking at analytical services demand over the last three seasons, there’s not enough demand to justify the (re)formation of a guild.
Furthermore, I think the proposers of this request should first make notable analytical contributions to the DAO, and then seek guild funding. Not the other way around.


If the mission of bDAO is to onboard 1 BILLION people into crypto and we have various guild tackling various nitch, how do we plan to onboard web3 analyst, how do we plan to onboard deFi analyst, There are tones of analysis that are going on that bankless DAO analytics guild can be publishing out there on twitter which will give bankless DAO more traction which might end up helping the DAO to raise money and by that, we are helping more folks to build their analytical skills where on-chain or off-chain skill set.

Then for any guild that needs analytics that can bounty it, why don’t research guild bounty their activities when needed and why are they teaching people how to carry out research and so on with other guild.

Alright mate, the proposal will be revisited and updated in line with the internal bank economy pathway base on what we are able to achieve next.

Thanks mate

Alright mate

We will be back shortly with our deliverables.

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I will do the needful and publish another thread as soon everything has been completed

Some of my dune dashboards are

Off-chain analysis

Those are some of my work as a data analyst
Thank you