If you want to be a pirate #Analytics-Start-Here

Analytics Guild would like to invite everyone to check out the proposed Analytics Guild Roles for Season 2. This is an invitation to learn how we will work within the Analytics Guild and DAO next season. If folks would like to become involved in supporting these roles and helping with Analytics Guild initiatives, then please feel free to attend the Weekly Sync and learn how to participate, work with, or request our services. Here is a Quick synopsis from our Season 2 Proposal! We will be holding nominations and elections in the coming weeks, this is a great time to get involved!!

BanklessDAO Analytics Guild Season 2 Funding Request

  • Guild Coordinator -

    • Manages the Notion page and meeting minutes
    • Contributes and coordinates any newsletter updates.
    • Documents new and existing tools
    • Focalizes onboarding
    • Maintains awareness of all projects and activities in the guild
  • Analytics Ambassador -

    • Intra-DAO coordinator for partnerships and sales opportunities
    • Identify areas to collaborate with other DAOs to create new solutions for Web3
    • Write grant proposals and project pitches
    • Coordinate with Business Development
    • Create new use cases, data visualizations, and prototypes to showcase the power of BanklessDAO analytics
  • Guild Captain -

    • Create and update SQL queries
    • Create new queries and reports
    • Manage intake and github repository
    • Gather requirements for new projects and data queries
    • Train others to use DAO Dash and other data tools
  • First Mate -

    • Senior data engineer, developer, and auditor
    • Supports application development and documents new softwares
    • Works with Analytics Ambassador to intake new use cases and develop out working prototypes
  • Swashbuckler(s)
    *are the data analysts and specialists who donate their time and talent in ad-hoc or agile fashion.
    *Data Analysts are guild members, skilling up, who provide value that was unplanned or not accounted for in season budgeting.

Become a Swashbuckler #analytics-start-here


So, the analytics guild is requesting almost 20% of the total funds for all guilds?

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Initial reaction is that budget request is high.

I’d look through the existing budget asks and trim those numbers back.

  • Writers Guilds - 302K BANK
  • Biz Dev - 272K BANK
  • Marketing - 386K BANK
  • Legal - 288K BANK
  • Treasury - 286K
  • Ops - 520K BANK (on the higher end, but ops also captures community management)

My rec would be to lower the hourly expectations. Maybe cut the swashbucklers to two, especially because new members can earn their way through projects.

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Totally hear you and I was able to cut about 30% which makes me sad as it will be difficult to retain and accommodate everyone but we will continue to be scrappy and fill the gaps as possible. Apologies for the following brain dump but this has been on my chest a while and this conversation triggered the thought… Okay so … We will not be able to run off the inertia of unstainable human capacity forever. I just spent the last little bit reducing the hours, the bounties, and the swashbucklers and our budget is still on the higher end compared to this list of other Guilds. We are seeing so much demand for analytics across the Guilds and now across DAO’s. I think BanklessDAO can lead the charge in delivering the best data, research, and insights available to further educate 1 billion people on how to go bankless. We also have an opportunity to establish our presence as an analytics power house within the DAO ecosystem which will create very large revenue generation opportunities. If these ‘opportunities’ do not manifest into anything then we can scrap the role structures and cut the budget for S3. If there was ever a point for us to over invest and take a risk it be right now. Six months from now the things the Analytics Guild is trying to do will already been built by others and in the market. It is moving that fast. We have been doing market research and talking with other DAO’s and places like Dune and Flipside and everyone is racing to build analytics platforms for DAOs. WE ARE AHEAD but only by a very very little… Since I have been here the analytics team has doubled as has the demand. But the budget is less overall when considering the increase in team size. I’m worried about scale and viability. I’m actively looking for external funding though a couple grants and vc daos but that will take time. I truly do not want to be a cost center for the DAO I want to be a cost saver and revenue generator. I’m doing everything I can to help but I am already working well over 20 hours per week and the role would only comp 15 (and now 12 as of update) that I would most likely fill. My hope is that we can continue to at least fund projects as best as we can so at least those on projects are well compensated for their time and effort. And the rest of us degens running the day-to-day will do our best with the hours we are given. As an IO psychologist I’m watching all the same workplace challenges unfold in DAO’s and I want to try and help but that is a whole different thread post…

I feel you, but in the current structure it would make sense to launch them as projects. Most guilds use a few roles and then source their talents to projects where they get paid. Marketing would be an example where future campaigns are to be paid by the projects (or as a separate project itself) and not by the guild treasury. Maybe thats the way forward for you guys also?


We have a separate project already called DAO Dash and it has all of that. This is just roles for the guild to keep building and the bulk of the added expense was essentially bounty boards and the swashbuckler concept. We will just try and get people involved on project. . But like i mentioned in previous comment I cut the costs by more than 30%. I don’t know what else to do past that. We can’t expect data scientists and engineers to work for free and manage operations on an ongoing basis without some incentive. I guess we will see what the outcome is shortly. The difficulty is there is a lot of work that does not warrant a project but still needs to get done and requires a meaningful time commitment.

+1 with @tommyolofsson - if the analytics guild is to become a revenue generator rather than a cost centre, most of the payments should be project-led and each project should have clear KPIs as to what value / revenues it will deliver. If we need to approve more / bigger projects during the season to stay competitive, as long as they have clear specs and value add, then the guild should be able to receive more funding accordingly.

‘it will be difficult to retain and accommodate everyone’ - I feel you too but, at the risk of sounding harsh, this is the wrong way around thinking about it. Just like with any start-ups, we need to be super resource-saavy and think abut what’s the bare minimum resources needed to achieve [clearly defined objective X] rather than how to keep existing workpool occupied at all times.

Well it’s already been revised and submitted so at this point I’m out of energy to discuss lol. I don’t think I’m thinking about it wrong at all IMHO. I saw other budgets asking for 2-3x and their proposal did not even have role descriptions or clear outcomes. This post getting so much attention is only the result of us trying to be inclusive and transparent in the first place haha. And yes I understand the notion of startup and resource scarcity and how we need to be focused… I’ve worked at startup, had my own start-up, and worked at big4 running innovation for them to help build their human capital products. I did most of this while also in a PhD program focused on study humans at work. I don’t say this to be arrogant or flaunt (okay maybe a little) but to make a point that I’ve spent all my adult life using science and data to solve talent strategy problems. And I’m not seeing anywhere near that kinda rigor in the DAO ecosystem. That’s why I decided to jump into this space and try to help. So far I feel like it’s going to be a very uphill battle. I’m struggling to stay idealistic about DAOs and becoming cynical as I haven’t seen a ton of decentralized mechanisms in place.

Sorry this is not really directed at you! :slight_smile: I’m just fired up about this topic. I appreciate the perspective. Rant over.

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’ I saw other budgets asking for 2-3x and their proposal did not even have role descriptions or clear outcomes’ - I think you are not the first one to point this out and I tend to agree, wherever this is the case. :slight_smile: Let’s strive towards fixing this and make sure we are eliminating any requests that don’t have clear deliverables or KPIs, or are not directly tied to our mission as a DAO!

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We ended up just reducing a little over 30% and tweaking a few things and then submitted a project separately. Thanks for the feedback !

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