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If, like me, you’ve been racking your brain to think of a new name and purpose for Bankless-but-don’t-want-to-be-anymore-DAO, I think you’ll really love this idea!

The title of this post sums it up: we should call ourselves anotherfuckin DAO.

Just think of the endless sub-brands that could sit under this wonderfully versatile brand: anotherfuckin podcast, anotherfuckin newsletter, anotherfuckin X Space, anotherfuckin frame, anotherfuckin token, anotherfuckin memecoin, anotherfuckin wallet, anotherfuckin governance framework, anotherfuckin L2. Talk about capturing the zeitgeist! The sky’s the limit!

The best twist of all though, is that we are ANYTHING but anotherfuckin DAO, and our content, products, and services will stand out from the crowd, thanks to the awesome community we have assembled across web3.

This is the most excited I’ve been about an idea for the DAO to move forward with. Since BanklessHQ’s support for the DAO turned out to be anotherfuckin disappointment, we’ve been drifting — not Tokyo style, more Life of Pi.

Some of you may think I’ve lost my mind; some of you may think the idea is genius. Shall we find out with anotherfuckin poll?

  • Lost it
  • Genius
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add anotherfuckin option for “both” and I’ll vote


You just did vote :smile:


A-FKDAO XD jajaja

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i may say, lmao, but this is subtle genius. i’m very very much in support of anotherfuckin horizon, anotherufcking idea, anotherfucking opportunity.

let’s explore how not to be anotherfuckingdao


Anything but “BanklessDAO”, hence, anotherfuckin DAO. The point that I love you’re making, is that we don’t want to be the status quo. We have never been, but we’ve always been under “parents” view. Breaking clean (and breaking bad) is the way forward and our destiny.


So glad @chunz forwarded to me. Yes to this. Can we ditch discord and go for AnotherFuckingFarcaster channel and a ton of FuckingGroupDMs for this new movement?


This makes me giggle.

It’s insane, but it’s absolutely brilliant.

Go for it.




The only thing is the potential downside of profanity being so core to our brand. Would we miss out on some participants who do not like profanity, or don’t want it around their kids?


I think it’s an ethos thing.

I swear, a lot.

Would I want it around my niece and nephew, not at all.

Do I find a bit of offense to it, sort of? Like not in the sense that I believe @Trewkat is wrong. But maybe in the sense that “fuck” is just a generally offensive word. But I’m still drawn to the idea behind the name.

Suppose that’s the genius part of this whole thing.

It’s the literal decentralized nature of this that makes it brilliant. And the fact that it’s a play on the number of daos out there.

It’s a personal choice.

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Welcome to CNBC news. Today we have a special guest, anotherfuckin DAO DAO expert. So, Prof.Aarnotherfuckin, tell me more about anotherfuckinDAO.

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Thanks for all the responses so far! I must say I thought the most likely responses would be along the lines of ‘ah this is kinda funny but not for us’. For those who put their support behind it, I appreciate you :slight_smile: .
I’m not looking to offend anyone though, so maybe we can find a way to capture the spirit of the suggestion without the profanity.

I love the way Coffee put it: Breaking clean (and breaking bad) is the way forward and our destiny.

FWIW I did consider friggin or flippin but decided not to self-censor before I’d even had any feedback, plus they don’t so much capture the zeitgeist as feebly swot at it as it flies past :smiley: .

Where to from here? Not sure, but I’m keeping anotherfuckin.eth for a rainy day.


Maybe it’s as simple as ‘Another DAO’.
Looking for another way? Join Another DAO


My immediate gut check was “Ohhhhh, I love this!”

I had a brief hesitation about the profanity, but then realized that I’m actually 100% comfortable with the filterless blunt honestly and the middle finger being given to self-censorship. The point is: we’re building something for us this time around. It shouldn’t be shaped by what other people might think of us or what someone else wants us to be. It should be shaped by what we want to do and how we want to do it.

Are we comfortable projecting this brand and vibe with our efforts? Are we comfortable putting experience or participation here on a resume or work portfolio? If so, then we should send it. My resume already seems to get discarded like a joke, so, personally, I wanna send it. bDAO was already the thing I was most proud of, so whatever.

The older I get, the less I give a shit about what other people think of me and the more I just want to lean into maximizing a genuine human experience for myself and those I connect with. Anotherfuckin brand name feels like it hits this mark and lets us be us in just the right way. We don’t have to appeal to everyone. We just have to be. And if our authentic selves happen to appeal to new people when we’re needing to onboard, then I have faith the right people will be drawn to the cause organically.

Just Anotherfuckin two cents :man_shrugging:


I’d rather let CNBC call us AF DAO and take on the censorship themselves if they felt it was necessary for their audience.


Could you use this as a thread to discuss just names in general? I was about to write a post that riffed off of yours to get an idea of whether names could be considered then decided on a vote, but this seems like a great place here to have the discussion.

That is, if there even needs to be a discussion you know?

AnotherDAO seems cool, but it’s a good starting point to think about names… and might as well do it here in 1 post versus a bunch of people putting up posts for names. What do you think, @Trewkat ?

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I’m not so sure anymore that my original suggestion won’t work. The majority of voters here supported it, but I let the one negative comment get to me.
If you have some other ideas you’re ofc welcome to post them here.

I see what you’re saying.

I also see (and agree) that you are right with your statement

I don’t see a need for me suggest anything else.

As they say, carry on! Thanks for your thoughts and reply!

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From “bDAO” to “aDAO”

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