Bank Member Categories (dashboard)

Summary: We seek to provide regularly recurring screen shots to document Bankless DAO Membership Roles, namely:

The roles captures include:

• Member
• Contributor
• Whale
• Liquidity Provider

See roles in Gitbook

Primarily, this is to provide transparency for the Bankless DAO community on number of participants (addresses) in these roles. Since these roles also imply levels of $BANK token holdings, they reflect an important piece of Bankless DAO Financial picture at a given time.

There are other pieces for the financial picture including income, transactions and cashflow that are currently being explored as well.

This post will provide an explanation for what is displayed on the dashboard.

Background: Data on this Dune Analytics dashboard comes from querying the Bankless DAO contract address:

(see Token Contract Address in Announcement Post)

There are two related pieces of information. First, the roles listed above. Second, a segmentation of $BANK holdings by members.

• 100M+ (e.g., contract creator / deployer)
• 1M+ (e.g., uniswap V2 BANK 7 / Liquidity provider)
• 500K - 1M
• 150K - 500K (Whale)
• 35K -150K (Contributor / Member)
• 10K - 35K (Discussion to lower membership requirement to 10K)
• < 10K

As seen here, there is some overlap between the different segment of $BANK holdings and roles described above.

There is additional information on the dashboard including total addresses holding $BANK, holdings by percentage (%) and the Uniswap BANK/ETH LP Token holdings.

Note: Currently, the queries are set to addresses with at least one $BANK token. Initially, it was set to anything above 0, but some addresses held very small amounts like 0.00002203999611083418 or in some cases so small that Dune Analytics simply returned “0” (when there was in fact a non-zero amount). For clarity and consistency between charts, the minimal amount is set to at least one $BANK ( >= 1).

The dashboard can be found here: Dune Analytics

Data Collection: @AyrtonB26 (or @Airbayer#0052) has created our data collection form with fields for date, discord handle of person entering data and the number of addresses for the different categories (i.e., 100M+, 1M+, 500K - 1M etc.).

Theoretically, this can be filled by anyone in the community (we just ask that you indicate your discord handle), but @AyrtonB26 and I are happy to manually enter the data as well.

Please check out the data collection form here: Bankless DAO BANK Membership Categories - Google Forms

This is a work in progress, so feedback / comments / suggestions are welcomed. This is a temporary solution till a better system for capturing historical data for time series analyses can be found; currently being explored.


Thank you for doing this, so we can have information on how BANK is evolving and how it is distributed amongst holders.
The key financial data should be assets coming in and out of the treasury as well as reporting the assets that it holds.

Thanks @Kouros!

For key financial data - do you think this is primarily on-chain data with $BANK transactions, holdings etc. ? Is there an off-chain component to this as well?

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For now let’s just concentrate in on-chain data, but there will be off-chain data too. Well there are already transactions off-chain like the notion subscription… but this activity is minimal at the moment and can be easily reconciled.

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This is great Paul and Air(ayr?).


How about those holding 5k bankless token like me … i hope i can join the discord inner scale
Like the 35k bankless token holders…

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Hey @vladimir29 don’t forget to claim your BANK tokens


I have claim my token. I think they should reward the holder for 2nd airdrop not the badge holders who claimed the 1st airdrop its unfair…