Treasury Holdings Over Time [New Dashboard]

The revolution will not be quarterly reported

A couple weeks ago, I introduced a dashboard that was designed in consultation with @Kouros, to provide a snapshot view of the Bankless DAO Vault (Treasury) between any two points in time.

I’ve updated the dashboard for enhanced clarity and have added slots to convey ETH holdings.

Here’s a breakdown.

The first section provides an example of what the dashboard is designed to do. Here we have the Treasury’s ERC-20 token holdings for the start and end of July (2021).

At the beginning of this month (July 1st), the treasury had 63,997,938 BANK and by the end of the month (July 30th), there is 52,997,938, this is in part due to the dispersion of funds for Season 1.

We can also see how the holdings other tokens (i.e., DAI, GRT, PAN, RARI, ROBOT, USDC, WETH) has changed this month.

We can also see changes in Membership Categories over the same time period (July 1st - July 30th):

The real utility comes in the next section where users can customize between any two time periods.

Let’s say we wanted to see changes in ERC-20 tokens from Bankless’ first month (May 30th) to present day (July 30th). We would enter the date(s) in the search box (in red):

Likewise, we can see how ETH holdings have changed over the same time period (May 30th - July 30th):

Custom time periods are also provided for Membership Categories.

Finally, at the bottom, we have visuals to see when different ERC-20 Tokens were added to the DAO Treasury Vault.

The Analytics Guild will be documenting, updating and maintaining this dashboard so our Treasury Guild can reference these numbers for any time period as needed.

However, this dashboard is accessible for all Bankless DAO members and the wider community.

Check it out here: Dune Analytics