BANK token symbol contest

EDIT: thank you all that voted. After speaking to 0xLucas, he advised this is not a priority for season 0 but would be a fun thing to do in season 1.

Authors: @Kouros#2107

Date: 05/15/21


• Contest to select a symbol for BANK.


• Other cryptocurrencies have their symbols. This way you have a visual representation of the token that can be used across all communication channels, marketing campaigns, designs, etc.


  1. To have a visual representation of the token BANK.
  2. To engage the wider community in a project for Bankless. This contest is open to all with the possibility to earn enough BANK to become a member of the DAO.


• The contest is open for everyone.

• Participants submit their designs to an open Discord channel in the Bankless DAO server. The deadline for submissions is one month.

• Designs are uploaded to a forum post and the Bankless members vote for their chosen design. Poll open for one week.

• The 5 winning designs go to a Snapshot vote where the winner receives 35,000BANK and 10,000BANK the runner up.


• Formal snapshot vote


• Vote Yes if you want to have a BANK token design contest where the winner gets 35,000BANK and the runner up 10,000BANK.

• Vote No if you do not want to have the contest to select a BANK token symbol.

Author Background

Only human.

  • Yes
  • No

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Love this! This is an easy way for members to get involved, as well as an easy community vote. The prize is super reasonable. EZPZ

This will definitely help with community engagement, great idea!

This Great! Sorry if these are bad questions. When does the vote close? Do we have a channel where we can make submissions. Is there a limit to the number of submissions?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If this proposal goes ahead then there will be one month for submitting designs. there will be a channel in Discord for submitting the designs and I guess you can submit more than one.

I thought we already had our symbol/logo? Or is the idea that the existing symbol from @logan_craig also competes.

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@0x_Lucas I believe this one is ready to move on to snapshot with a supermajority, having been open over a week by the time it moves to snapshot

Nice initiative! Some questions:

  • Do we need to change the symbol in the first place? Haven’t seen anyone express that they don’t like the existing one (and I’ve seen some cool mockups of the ones we have)
  • What’s the motivation behind this proposal? To attract a new designer into the community? Or is just to get a new logo? Both?
  • Who’s responsible for managing this campaign? Is it just you or are there other members?
  • The prize size feels right (DAO membership) but should it just be liquid or should it have a vesting period? And is it worth rewarding the runner up? Not much they can do w/ it besides dump lol

For reference, these are the two design assets we have that represent the DAO and the token:


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My point was that yeah we have a logo. But this logo is for Bankless and then we can have a symbol for BANK. But yeah I see the point.

On the other hand it’s good to have a contest where everyone can engage in a project and the possibility of joining the DAO.

So either way it’s all right.


I like the current symbols. Maybe it’s because they’re the first ones I saw and I’m biased :man_shrugging:t3:

I love the idea, if only for community engagement. Plus, I think we can definitely spice it up a bit!

Expand on that!! How??

About the symbol,
we should design it so that it fits into the cyberpunk story that Sinjun and the others are developing.
Something like a galactic society would use…
Its kinda hard to picture but let’s throw in something related to money,

Money God (Moai)
Ledger stone
刀幣 (Knife money - Wikipedia)

Pardon the vagueness…I meant we can spice the logo up (not the competition, although I’m sure the latter is possible, too).

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Ya, thinking more about this…we already have a token symbol. The B with the red line under it is a solid token symbol.

No contest now IMHO


To be honest I think the logo can be something interesting.
Let the art unleash

Moving to archive as this has passed.