Season 1 POAP Design Contest

To celebrate the DAO’s Season 1 I would like to launch a POAP design contest like we did for Season 0

This time it will only be for one POAP for the whole DAO and it will be available for people that vote in the Season 2 snapshot. All you will need to participate is to design a POAP that includes “Season 1” and “Bankless DAO”

Only one entry per person will be allowed and the contest will be managed by the Design Guild

The winner will receive 10,000 BANK

If there is soft consensus, I will request funding to the Grants Committee and/if approved I will be in touch with the Design Guild to coordinate the contest.

  • Yes, the contest is a great idea, but only DAO members can submit entries.
  • Yes, the contest is a great idea and open it to everyone.
  • No, don’t do it.

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it should be open to anyone who can recieve POAPs imo, so if there are events we give out POAPs to and non members or members in progress can attend than open it up

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