Season 0 POAP desing contest

To celebrate the DAO’s Season 0 we are launching a POAP design contest.

All you need to participate is to design a POAP for each Guild and one POAP for the DAO in general.

This is the list of all the Guilds:

  1. D2B Guild
  2. Treasury Guild
  3. Analytics Guild
  4. Education Guild
  5. Developers Guild
  6. Marketing Guild
  7. Design Guild
  8. AV Guild
  9. Writers Guild
  10. Translators Guild
  11. Legal Guild
  12. Research Guild
  13. Local Ambassadors

Each design must include the DAO’s logo, the wording “Season 0” and the Guild name. For the general Season 0 design it must include “Season 0” and “Bankless DAO”

This contest is open to all and only one entry per person. Please submit a Word/Google doc document with all the designs inserted as a PNG each.
Valid entries should include all designs.
Please send your documents in a DM.
The deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 10th 23:59 PDT
The PNGs need to be 500px round shape. Less than 200KB each.
We will shortlist the entries and the 5 most liked will be entered in a forum post where everyone with access to the forum could vote and then we select a winner.

The winner will receive 500 BANK and if the winner is not a member he/she will also get a temporary Guest Pass grating the winner access to the channels in the Bankless DAO reserved for members.

By submitting your designs you agree that Bankless DAO, and by extension its members, can freely use the designs in any way that we consider appropriate.

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Please reply if you’d like to keep it open