POAP Season 0 Design Contest

To celebrate the DAO’s Season 0 we have this POAP design contest.

The winner will receive 1000 BANK and if the winner is not a member he/she will also get a temporary Guest Pass granting the winner access to the channels in the Bankless DAO reserved for members.

Please have a look at the entries and cast your vote!

Entry 1

Entry 2

Entry 3

Entry 4

Entry 5

Entry 6

Entry 7

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Hey @Kouros, thanks for putting this together. Do you know anything more about how the POAPs will display? I (the humble creator of Entry #2) didn’t realize we could “break the circle” visually, as #7 does. (They’re great-looking — no shade!)


I love the design of Entry 7, but aren’t POAPs always cropped to a circle when displayed on the POAP site? That could be a problem? Apologies if it has been tested and I am wrong.


I specifically asked the POAP team and they said that was ok.


Did they say how it would work, @Kouros? Like, would the little bumps stick out beyond the circular frame, or scale down to fit the circle? I ask only because designers (at least I!) might have gone about it a little differently if we had known there was wiggle room there. Thank you!

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This is all I know! Just wanted to make sure it would work. But I don’t know to what point you need to keep it round. You might need to reach to them.


Thanks to all of you who made submissions, great work by all of you :::


I was to Vote for 2, 3 or 7 (preferably 3), but when i press 2 it showed result.

Entry Listed at 2 has Intro where as
Entry Listed at 3 has better design and is nicely drafted,
Enyty Listed at 7 is also neat and better design

the designs must taken Auto Size/, when displayed

You can change your vote by clicking, I think, “show vote” and then just changing it.

I believe how it works is that POAPs are circular in the aspect ratio 500x500. So for example, if you create a 500x500 transparent circle, you could put a 400x400 solid circle in the middle, and do whatever you want around the edges and it would appear.

E.g. POAP Gallery

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Let’s get some more voter turnout before Friday, DAO gang! Here are glimpses at the top four vote-getters as of almost 12pm ET on June 16 (in inverse order):

#4 Nonsense

#2 Cryptocialist (me)

#7 (Anon)

#3 Dane

@Kouros Can you extend this until EOD tomorrow so we can mention it on the CC?

The results are in. The winner is member of Bankless DAO @Dane Congratulations!!! Great designs.
These POAPs commemorate Bankless DAO’s Season 0. The files have been shared in the different channels in Discord. Also, Dane is designing a new POAP for the Ops Guild since the guild was created after the event.


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