[Bankless Academy] S7 Budget Request

Title: [Bankless Academy] S7 Budget Request

Project Champion: Tetranome :black_flag:#1965

Purpose: web3 Education / Public Good

Affiliation: the project was born from Education Guild, and Developers Guild, and now has members from Marketing Guild and Writer’s Guild. We do not work with any specific guild at the moment.

Authors: Tetranome :black_flag:#1965, DidierKrux.eth​:black_flag:#1559, iSpeakNerd.eth :black_flag:#6969, OrnellaWeb3 :black_flag:#1111, HiroKennellyᵍᵐ:black_flag:#0001

Date Created: 01/18/2023

Date Posted: 01/19/2023

Funds Requested: 1,340,000 BANK

Multi-sig: 0xf80Cd14ec747b2AdF7B1A9911b38c65a885dAeeA


Bankless Academy is a free-to-access education platform on a mission to provide the information and tools necessary to achieve financial self-sovereignty - by going Bankless.


The Bankless Academy project would like to request funding for continuing its operations into Season 7, where the team will be focused on execution, growth, multi-language support, and partnerships/collaborations with external projects.



Academy Badges reaches the 2K milestone

Our unique implementation of on-chain sybil-resistant knowledge credentials, powered by MintKudos, and protected by Gitcoin Passport, has been used to claim 2188 Badges to date. Check our Dune Analytics growth chart here.

This effort has been recognized by Gitcoin Passport and a special USE CASE article will be written by their team. The Bankless Academy implementation, led by Didier Krux, will serve as an example and hopefully as an inspiration to existing and new projects in the web3 space.

New Lesson Launch: Layer 1 Blockchains

The penultimate lesson of the Essentials Curriculum has been launched. Layer 1 Blockchains gives the necessary background and theory behind the basics of blockchains. This is part of the pre-studies needed to move on to our upcoming Layer 2 lesson.

  • The Blockchain Trilemma
  • How varying levels of Scalability / Security / Decentralisation affect L1 ecosystems
  • Ethereum’s innovative solution

Bankless Constitution Lesson

We’ve built the BanklessDAO Constitution lesson which aims to be part of the onboarding process for the community. It lives under its own website academy.bankless.community and it covers all the main aspects of the current Constitution with custom-made illustrations.

Digital collectibles were created to celebrate the launch of the initiative with 50% of the sales going back to BanklessDAO.

To date, we have 29 sales.

Total Amount Back to BanklessDAO = 29 x 90 MATIC * 0.875 / 2 = 1141.875 MATIC

New Content Format: The Explorer’s Handbook

A series of collectible articles hosted on Mirror.xyz to serve your #Bankless journey on the go. In our first edition, 15/100 have been collected so far at 0.01 ETH each. This new content format is helping us identify supporters and well as a possibility to create a new revenue source for the project, not only from collectors but from possible sponsors for articles.

IRL Education: Bankless Academy Lesson for The University of The Hague, Holland

We hosted an online Guest Lecture for the Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies Minor students at The Hague University, Holland :netherlands: :mortar_board: Tetranome represented the squad and not only shared information on our latest lesson launch, but also shared the principles, mission, and values of the Bankless movement as a whole, including Bankless, BanklessDAO, and Bankless Academy.

Level Up Live Learning Sessions supported by Optimism

We hosted two editions of our Level Up Live Learning Sessions for Layer 2 Blockchains - supported by @optimismFND :red_circle: As Subject Matter Expert, we invited Patrick McCorry as Instructor. Around 20 Explorers participated in these intimate learning sessions with the focus to help us build the outline of our upcoming lesson, Layer 2 Blockchains.

Community Growth and Engagement

Twitter: From 2,927 to 3,239 Explorers, +11% growth

gm.xyz: From 944 to 1202 Explorers, +27% growth

User Personas Research Study

We conducted a User Personas research study with the guidance of Benjiming.eth, who interviewed 15 Explorers selected from a wide range of groups, ages, gender, professional background, studies, and more. The results from the study have given valuable insights and suggestions were made upon which direction the project could take to serve its audience best. …

Website and App Upgrades

Notifications Feature

Explorers can now sign up to get notified upon lesson releases, in order to be the first to claim their respective badges.

Mixpanel Statistics and Dashboard Implementation

Through the integration of Mixpanel into the Bankless Academy app, we are now able to have specific statistical information to support our strategic decisions and understand how Explorers navigate through the platform.

Bankless Academy Writers Cohort

We are expanding our community by providing spaces to showcase educational content. Participants will be able to create written articles based on their preferred topics, the best articles voted by the community, and the Editor’s Choice will publish through Bankless Academy’s Explorer’s Handbook.

Lesson Completions

To date, we’ve reached 16544 lesson completions. Compared to the same date of the funding request delivery during Season 5, we can see an increase of 1708 lessons taken, equivalent to a 180% growth. The product has been used twice as much as the previous season which had 992 lesson completions.


Salaried Roles

Lead Developer @ 20h/week
Lead Designer + Biz Dev @ 20h/week
Content Director @ 10h/week
Editorial @ 10h/week
Community Manager + Marketing @ 20h/week

Total Role Funding

80 hours/week x 13 weeks x 1000 BANK/hour = 1,040,000 BANK

Tools & Fixed Costs

Web Hosting (Vercel), database (Digital Ocean), Zoom, Tally, Descript, Grammarly, newsletter, Typefully, Mixpanel (stats), Sendgrid (emails)

90,000 BANK

BanklessDAO Native Team Building - Bountied Tasks

Illustration 100,000 BANK

Content Editing 110,000 BANK

Total Estimation for Season 7

1,340,000 BANK



  • 2x Lessons + 3x Articles
  • 1x Lesson or Whitelabel Sale
  • 500 Lesson Completions/mo (on average)

Our extended focus for Season 7 will be on the following:

  • Lesson Creation, completion of the Essentials Curriculum
  • Mobile App Release
  • User-Driven Monetization via Premium Lesson NFTs
  • Agreements through Business Development, supported also by DAOstewards.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships (commercial and non-commercial)

Work in Progress and Upcoming Launches


Value-add to the Bankless brand as the official educational platform for beginners.
Update and maintenance of BanklessDAO Academy.
50% of the sales from the Bankless Constitution Digital Collectibles.


Bankless Academy is a BanklessDAO native project. We have incorporated the Bankless brand with the aim to be the educational extension of the Bankless movement, and thus we continue to extend the mission, vision, and values of a Bankless lifestyle. The topic will be available to our audience with more detail within the upcoming ‘Going Bankless’ lesson.


Bankless Academy Notion Page
Bankless Academy Website
Bankless Academy Twitter Profile
Bankless Academy Explorer Community
BanklessDAO Academy


  • Yes, I support this request
  • No, I do not support this request

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Thank for the proposal @Ornella

According to the results of this poll Discord i urge you to resubmit the request with the new proposal template

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Thanks Jenga, I’ve updated the request according to the template :white_check_mark:


Hey Bankless Academy team!

I’m your Grants Reviewer. I like the progress and the fact that your core team is growing with the newest addition being @hirokennelly. A first-rounder :slight_smile: !

I have the following questions:

  • While I think you provide true value to the DAO by developing a systemic Education & Brand-Alignment with your courses, we shall not forget this comes with a cost. Further, the “learn-2-earn” niche is growing, rapidly, the competitor-landscape has changed in 2022. When did you last conduct a competitor analysis? I’m specifically curious to how you seek to position yourself compared to the “big players” with large bags, such as Binance- or Near-Academy? What’s your unique selling point and why should web3-curious folks choose you to get onboarded to web3?
  • Further, this is the 5th grants request from Bankless Academy and the project has now been getting grants regularly from BanklessDAO (plus milestone-based bonuses) for over a year. Your current revenue streams include external grants and white-label clients. When can we expect Bankless Academy to, finally, be self-sovereign? What are concrete plans on this front and how can you make revenue a focus?

Thanks in advance for addressing my questions!

I support this request. But a question on KPIs: I feel like Academy has been chasing white label leads as a revenue source for 3-4 seasons. At this point couldn’t you consider this hypothesis invalidated (at least for now)?

Two other ideas around self-sovereignty KPI:

  • # co-branded courses. Hypothesis: revenue via co-brand splits on courses developed by others. eg. PM Guild makes a credentialed web3 PM course on Academy’s platform. PM Guild markets it, gets paid students, and splits revenue 50/50? Bonus if you include payment platform as a service here.
  • # paid students. Hypothesis: if you package your current web3 fundamentals courses into a single “degree” you can sell to people who want to learn web3. Market to laid off tech workers on LinkedIn, or other audiences with willingness and ability to pay

I love this & it makes hella sense. According to this article by Cointelegraph, around 100k tech-employees have been laid off by October 2022. This number is way bigger now and includes folks from Crypto Banks.

The FED is forcing a recession hence why this number is just going to increase. 2023 could offer Bankless Academy the opportunity to capture as much of this talent as possible and onboard them to web3.

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@OrnellaWeb3 I am wondering if Bankless Academy has ever considered offering the DAO use of Bankless Academy as an onboarding tool? This may mean some reorganization, but why not a public goods portion and also a for profit section?