[Bankless Academy] S5 Budget Proposal

Title: [Bankless Academy] S5 Budget Proposal

Team: Tetranome​:black_flag:#1965, DidierKrux.eth​:black_flag:#6120, iSpeakNerd.eth :black_flag: (:busts_in_silhouette:, :handshake:)#6969, OrnellaWeb3🏴#1111

Date Created: 03/07/2022

Date Posted: 06/07/2022


The Bankless Academy project would like to request funding for continuing its operations into Season 5, where the team will be focused on execution, growth, and partnerships with external projects.

Most notable S4 achievements:

1,340,000 BANK


  1. Lesson Releases (2.5)
    1. Public release of Blockchain Basics lesson
    2. Public release of Academy Community lesson
    3. Community beta release of Web3 Security lesson
    4. Blockchains Layer 1 lesson in progress
  2. Whitelabel leads (3)
    1. 1 purchase: signed HumanDAO as our first whitelabel customer, including down payment
    2. 2 prospective leads
  3. Product Release
    1. Removed Academy POAP distribution feature until sybil protection is added
    2. Refactored back-end coding to allow for whitelabel infrastructure for external projects to build their own content using the Academy platform
    3. Improved content pipeline to speed up Academy content development
      1. Live lesson preview feature - BETA
    4. HumanDAO purchased Academy whitelabel services

  1. Over 13,000 unique visits over the season, 700+ unique wallet connections, and 650+ lesson completions.

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  1. External Funding
    1. Project continues to receive donations and attention via Gitcoin Grants as a free-to-access public good education platform in the Ethereum ecosystem.
    2. Project solicited external projects for sponsored lesson content and one project has moved to intent to purchase, but not yet completed payment for, a sponsored lesson.
    3. Project solicited external projects to pilot launch of Bankless Academy whitelabel product. HumanDAO has signed a deal which you can see on their snapshot (including funding deliverables and milestones). With this validation of our platform, we hope this partnership with HumanDAO to be the first of many.
  2. Marketing
    1. Added OrnellaWeb3🏴#1111 as a Community Manager core contributor to develop community and communications for the project.
    2. Partnered w/ gm.xyz to grow web3 social.
      1. Over 350 Explorers in our gm.xyz community.


S5 Key Performance Indicators


Whitelabel Leads

  • Current: 1 purchase
  • S5 Goal: 1 additional purchase (50% growth)

Lesson completions

  • Current: 13,181
    • S4 growth: 688/13181 = 5%
    • S5 growth goal: +20% *688 = 825
  • S5 lessons goal: 14,006


Salaried roles

Lead Developer @ 20h/wk

Art & Branding Director @ 20h/wk

Content Director @ 20h/wk

Community Manager @ 10h/wk

Product/Project Manager @ 10h/wk

Total Role Funding:

80 hours / week x 13 weeks x 1000 BANK / hour = 1,040,000 BANK

Bounties & Other Costs:

Web Hosting (Vercel), database (Digital Ocean), Zoom, Tally, Descript, Grammarly

BANK Costs:
- Marketing Campaign by Marketing Guild: 50,000 BANK
- IMN Marketing Campaign by International Media Nodes: 50,000 BANK
- Translated tweets by Translations Guild: 5,000 BANK
- Content Articles: 50,000 BANK
- S5 Project Management Retrospective: 5,000 BANK
- Miscellaneous: 140,000 BANK

300,000 BANK

Total Estimation for S5:

1,340,000 BANK

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