Bankless DAO Marketing Sponsorship at DAOPlanet.NYC 2022

This is a Proposal for Bankless DAO to become a DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 Sponsor. DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 is a 2-day Deep Dive DAO conference (June 24th & 25th - right after NFT.NYC), produced by the creators of DAODenver, the 2-day DAO conference during ETHDenver’s Build Week; of which Bankless DAO was a Past Sponsor.

Proposal Terms for a Bankless DAO Marketing Sponsorship of 50,000 BANK to DAOPlanet.NYC


BanklessDAO and DAOPlanet have a history of collaboration at Ethereum Community IRL events. is hosting its second major event in NYC, right after NFT.NYC. This 2-day program encompasses legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics, regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and much, much, more.

DAOPlanet would like to invite Bankless DAO to provide BANK Token Support of the event through a Marketing Sponsorship Agreement that creates a win-win-win for Bankless DAO, DAOPlanet, and attendees. Hundreds of in-person attendees are expected each day, with thousands throughout the world viewing sessions based on the event’s livestream and post-event recordings. (See for info and example session recordings.)

As a Bankless DAO advocate, DAOPlanet is excited to work with Bankless DAO to help build the presence of such a recognizable brand name in the DAO space.

A History of Collaboration

ETH DENVER - BanklessDAO strongly supported passage of a proposal to become a DAO Partner of DAODenver with 45 votes in favor and zero against. As a DAO Partner we receive acknowledgement on the website in exchange for marketing the event in our discord and community calls.


DAOPlanet.NYC will provide the following benefits to BanklessDAO:

  • DAOPlanet has created a 20% discount code for Bankless DAO members wishing to attend the DAOPlanet.NYC Event.
  • Marketing BanklessDAO as a “DAO Partner & Sponsor” of DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 within the DAOPlanet.NYC section of the website, marketing materials (Bankless banner), and acknowledgement during the conference.
    • Speaker Opportunities available at theDAOPlanet.NYC the event.
    • Acknowledgement on Screens throughout the event. (the bar, presentation big screen, and other key places)
    • See DAOPlanet.NYC Sponsor Deck for additional sponsorship details and options: DocSend

In exchange, BanklessDAO will provide DAOPlanet:

  1. A nonexclusive right to use its logo and description in promotional material, including but not limited to the DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 and marketing materials pertaining to the DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 event;
  2. BanklessDAO Marketing Campaign Specs:
  • Mention of DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 during Marketing Guild Community Call Update(s);


Join folks for DAOPlanet.NYC (right after NFT.NYC) on 6/24 & 6/25 for another DAOPlanet Deep Dive into DAOs.

DAOPlanet.NYC presents a great opportunity to connect with the top thinkers and operators in the DAO space. Hear from the people behind the major DAOs and those delivering the Web3 tools that make it all possible, And, if you’re a DAO contributor, finally get to meet the people you’ve been working with!

This 2-day program encompasses legal structures and considerations, tokenization and tokenomics, regulatory implications, governance and strategy, and much, much more.

Whether you’re a seasoned DAO practitioner, or interested in the potential for these new types of organizations, you’ll come away vastly more equipped and prepared for what lies ahead.

For more info, visit: http://DAOPlanet.NYC and use the “Bankless20” discount code for 20% off.

  • Two or more mentions about DAOPlanet.NYC in #announcements discord channel with link to Ticketing Page that includes the 20% off “Bankless20” discount code.

Same as Above

  • Announcement(s) in the Roll-UP upon proposal approval and prior to event date, 2022:

Announcement #1

Ernest Of Gaia will draft this announcement if the proposal is accepted.

Announcement #2

Same as above

  • Two or more tweets about DAOPlanet.NYC 2022 event with link to DAOPlanet.NYC
    • Optional TicTok or Insta short reel content may be provided as well


Join us at DAOPlanet.NYC 6/24-25 (after @NFT_NYC)

We’re looking forward to this @DAOPlanet_ Deep Dive to discuss #DAOs #Web3Tools & #Investors shaping the future organizations. Use “Bankless20” for 20% off.

  • Two posts each in #retweetme, #blackflag-bearers, and #DaoGeneral
  • Using Link to bDAO Tweet Above

About Participating in the Event

All non-speaker attendees must purchase a ticket to attend this two-day event. You may purchase tickets here using our very own 20% discount code.

Full Disclosure

I, Ernest Of Gaia, am one of the DAOPlanet Co-Founders. The knowledge that I have learned in the BanklessDAO has been crucial to what I have shared with folks in DAOPlanet and vice-versa. While I don’t claim to be nearly as active as most other Founders and many other Members, I do have a vested interest in its success as an Organization and I do see the success of both DAOs to be mutually beneficial and aligned in Values and Mission. #JustDAOit

Meet the Bankless DAOPlanet Builders!!

:house_with_garden:Ernest_Of_Gaia :black_flag::sos::monkey:#4762, EurekaJohn#2094, Steve @DAOofSteve

DAOofSteve#6438, TheThriller#2193, Cory, rotorless | Amicus.eth#0429, flowscience#7502, EriDAO :ringer_planet:

Bankless DAO Speakers

rotorless | Amicus.eth#0429, Justice Conder

Official Links:

Website: DAOPlanet.NYC


Speaker Application: DAOPlanet.NYC Speakers Application Form

Sponsorship Inquiries: DAOPlanet.NYC Sponsorship Inquiry Form

Sponsorship Deck: DocSend

DAO Partner Form: DAOPlanet.NYC DAO Partner Application Form

Volunteer Application: DAOPlanet.NYC Volunteer Registration Form

Ticket Scholarships: DAOPlanet.NYC Scholarship Ticket Request Form

Proposal to Sponsor DAOPlanet NYC 2022 event at 50,000 BANK

  • No Objection
  • I Object
  • I abstain
  • I would like my comment or question resolved before I can vote

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Hey Ernest. I’m generally supportive of work in this area, and naturally I’m a big believer in events as a way to spread knowledge, inspiration and drive an industry forward. (For those of you who don’t know me, I’m co-founder & CEO of a media & events company focused on financial technology.)

It’s the leadership of DAOPlanet that I have a substantive issue with. To be more direct, DAOofSteve, who for me is the most visible, authoritative member of DAOPlanet, is one of the most incompetent individuals with whom I’ve ever worked closely. He also ranks highly in terms of unethical behavior, though I don’t view him as outright evil.

I’m not trying to call you out here, Ernest; you know I love & respect you. However, I didn’t know you were a founder of DAOPlanet. My attention and interactions from January and February 2022 were 100% focused on DAODenver, and DAOofSteve was at the top of that hierarchy; which frankly, led to a real shit-show of an event. I would have come to you, Ernest, for help had I known you were intimately involved in DAOPlanet at the time.

I have told DAOofSteve several times directly – via discord, via voice call, and directly to his face during the DAODenver event itself – that he is terribly incompetent, and I will never work directly with him again.

In addition, many of the major contributors to DAODenver left the DAOPlanet organization immediately after the conclusion of the event due to their experience with DAOofSteve. I’ll highlight the folks from page 4 of this doc: 2022-05_P1: DAODenver '22 Crew Compensation_Voting Proposal - Google Docs

DAODenver leavers

^^ Those above with blue underlines are confirmed leavers. There may be others.
^^ In addition, one other contributor filed suit against DAOofSteve in a California court.

My understanding is that DAOofSteve is still a major part of DAOPlanet and DAOPlanet.NYC. Therefore I wholeheartedly object to this proposal for the bDAO to support the DAOPlanet.NYC.

Please correct me if my understanding is not accurate.


I too must submit my dissent, with all due respect to ernest_of_gaia, rotorless, FlowScience and the rest of the Bankless family I hold in such high regard. The reality is that many people (myself included) delivered disproportionate value to DAOdenver, but were disenfranchised by Steve/DP, and have yet to be remunerated. DP NYC - to me - intends to build on the backs of those contributors without giving them any credit or remuneration.

I will remind everyone that if it weren’t for my effort along with @Brustkern to push and drive the banners for Bankless, it would in no way be represented. Additionally, I created the graphic @ernest_of_gaia has used above, and I feel like it is now being used against me. I want to be clear that despite Steve holding all the keys and funds, I regard him and his involvement in DAODenver as an individual, not as a representative of DAOPlanet, and that there is no official contract between the two separate and distinct organizations/DAOs, and that it is fundamentally immoral and disingenuous for DAOPlanet to claim ownership or parade the success of DAODenver.

For more insight, see this thread: Discord