BANKLESS University

Idea: Spin up a university-type curriculum for all things ETH, DeFi and Web3. We can utilise the amazing content that’s already available & tap into the fantastic Bankless community.

There can be various specialisation tracks but everybody has to take the generic Section 1 that gives a cross-section of technical elements (eg bits of Solidity; how to interact with a contract via Etherscan), use cases (not just Defi but also decentralised identity), how to run your own dAppNode to help decentralisation, ethos (somewhat akin to the ethics section in the CFA test) etc.

Whenever a section or course is finished, participants receive a non-transferrable NFT as proof. But this certificate is only active as long as the participant holds certain amount of $BANK (has an impact on tokenomics, see below).

Why: Education has been at the heart of Bankless. In fact, I keep referring friends to Bankless whenever they are looking for an entry point into DeFi. There’s a unique opportunity to use BANKLESS as the most legitimate knowledge platform for newcomers and seasoned crypto-folks, alike.

Impact on Tokenomics: This is a vast design space but I highlight some obvious points

  • Hold $BANK to participate in courses
  • Hold $BANK to receive a course completion certificate. The certificate expires as soon as $BANK balance drops. Expired certificates should have no signalling effect given how vast the space emerges and knowledge needs to be updated.


  • Set up and sell courses to corporates, universities, trade bodies that want to update their members on Web 3/ETH/DeFi . This is a huge market and again, nobody has as much legitimacy to do this other than the BANKLESS community

Next Steps/What does it take: We can set up a guild, start the brainstorming, organise a curriculum, utilise existing materials etc. Check with the devs regarding the NFTs x $BANK.

Feedback please :slight_smile:


I think maybe this is being covered here

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