BanklessDAO <> CitaDAO Marketing Campaign

Author: Ethan | CitaDAO
Project Team: ManuelMaccou, Laurent

This post is to confirm the marketing scope for CitaDAO as part of the BanklessDAO <> CItaDAO proposal

CitaDAO offered $15k in fees to BanklessDAO to develop content for CitaDAO’s protocol. Previous Forum Post. As part of the grant, CitaDAO would like BanklessDAO Marketing Guild to help distribute the content and create awareness among BanklessDAO community. CitaDAO also offered to provide native token airdrop to $BANK token holder.


The campaign will require 1xcopywriter to deliver the following:

2xTwitter Posts/week from @BanklessDAO
1xInstagram Post/week from @Bankless_DAO

The tweets and Instagram post will focus on summarizing the article created by the writers guild. CitaDAO will supply images when necessary.

Out of the $15k, we propose $2.5k to be allocated to the Marketing Guild for the engagement to distribute the articles on bDAO social media channels.

Success Metrics
We will provide weekly Twitter and Instagram engagement metrics for the specific posts/tweet.
CitaDAO will measure the number of wallet with $BANK token claiming the airdrop

  • Approve
  • Deny

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For how long this campaign will go for?

Where will the articles from the writers be published?

I’ll let Ethan answer your first question. The articles will be published on Medium and linked in Weekly Rollup

This will be a 1 month campaign. I’m planning to have the campaign running when the article is released and have the social media channels share the links to the medium article.

Ok thank you for letting me know