BanklessDAO Event collab @EthDenver

Project Champion: AAJ

Squad: Quantum Alpha, AAJ, Rachel Brissenden

Purpose: public good

Affiliation: Opolis, Meta Gamma Delta

Authors; Editors: jengajojo, AAJ

Date created: 13/01/2023

Date posted:

Funds requested: 63000 BANK

Project wallet(s): 0x23dB246031fd6F4e81B0814E9C1DC0901a18Da2D


MGD <> Opolis <> Bankless DAO Workshop during BUIDL Week at ETH Denver


Project Description

We want to organise a workshop during BUIDL week with these goals:

  • To cultivate community collaboration

  • Education

  • Bringing more awareness to the projects

  • Inviting more members to our communities

All involved organisations/DAOs will pitch in equal amount to pay for the venue which has a total cost of 1500 USD. We request Bankless DAO to fund 500 USD of expenses which amounts to 63000 BANK

Past/preparatory activities

Workshop flow:

Segment 1: Presentations

Bankless DAO, MGD, Opolis Speakers:

Rachel Brissenden: Opolis

  • Intro, story into Web3 & DAOs (2-3 mins)
  • Collaboration through DAOs, democratizing employment
  • Freelancer statistics
  • Ambassador onboarding, Frens Farming
  • Articulate WHO this is meant for
  • End with QR code: Connect

Quantum Alpha: MGD

  • Intro, story into Web3 & DAOs (2-3 mins)

  • High level ideology (Women into Web3) - To more focused functionality (grants)

  • Onboarding more women into Web3

  • How grants work, bootstrapping project

  • End with QR code

Above Average Joe: Bankless DAO

  • Intro, story into Web3 & DAOs (2-3 mins)
  • Pathway to create activity to support Bankless DAO & potential to earn
  • Claim POAP and walkthrough “Thrive Network”
  • Improvements in BD, rewards
  • Financial infrastructure DISPROPORTIONATE
  • Equitable solution for financial freedom, FAIRNESS towards individuals
  • Gamification pathways for participants (net-positive for the community)
  • End with QR Code

Note: Tying back into collaboration & segue into workshop
Segment 2: Breakout Groups Interactive problem solving workshop: Breaking into groups to problem solve & brainstorm solutions on how we can collaborate towards the future of work in Web3
Segment 3: Social Hour Networking happy hour


Project Breakdown

63000 BANK to pay for the venue

Compensation Breakdown

Organisers do not ask for any BANK


Number of attendees [add a number for expected attendees ]


The workshop will promote the bankless mission and vision as well as nudge folks to join the DAO and contribute towards its mission


Use of BanklessDAO name


Register for the event here: BUIDLWeek Event Hosts | BUIDLWeek Event Hosts

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