BanklessDAO <> ThriveCoin Partnership Roadmap

Title: BanklessDAO <> ThriveCoin Partnership Roadmap
Squad: merlin#4795, senad.eth :black_flag:#8782, 0xBaer#6344, 0xJustice.eth#6213, thrivecoin#4835, perchy#8133
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Date: Sept 16th, 2022


We are very excited to update the community with our ThriveCoin rollout plan. Our target go-live date is September 26! These are all the things that are in flight and that need to happen by then. This is also an invitation to get involved!


Finalize Contribution Opportunities

We will launch with initial ThriveCoin recommended settings and pivot based on community feedback. The list of those settings will be posted soon. Initial contributor channels/platforms will include:

  • Discord
  • Twitter
  • Snapshot

We are also working on including Discourse and POAPs. We will update you when the initial settings and channels are finalized.

Prize Frequency
This is not intended to be direct compensation but rather a raffle. The more ThriveCoin you have, the more chances you have of winning the biweekly drawing. A minimum threshold will be in place, and prizewinners will be announced on the weekly community call.

Potential Prizes
Enough with the talk! What are the prizes?! This can change, and it will change week over week, but these are the prizes we are talking about.

Chippi fam partnership!

  • Bankless Chippi
  • Thrive Chippi
  • Yet-uncreated Chippi
  • Partnership Chippi
  • Bankless Locations
    • Castle Ethereum
    • ThriveCoin version of the map
  • Comics

Other prize possibilities:

  • DAOpunks
  • MissionariesNFT
  • VIP experiences
  • Bundles of BANK
  • Charity

Promotion / Outreach
Besides direct payment through roles/bounties and the monthly Coordinape, this will be the first big addition to our community remuneration plan. It sits next to the other reward programs and compliments them. We want to bring as much attention to this to make the most of this pilot and also evaluate how it could change and evolve in the future. A few ways to do that would be:

  • Shared Twitter spaces
  • Approved partnership blurb from ThriveCoin and bDAO
  • A callout on the bDAO website
  • Content on the ThriveCoin and Missions/Community page
  • Mention in the Weekly Rollout
  • Mention concerning community compensation mechanisms in the State of the DAOs

Ops / Execution
Practical execution of this will entail:

  • Creating a channel on Discord announcing ongoing new contribution opportunities, etc.
  • The actual setup of the Bot / API access on Discord / Discourse, etc
  • A question to be added to our NPS survey to measure community sentiment/awareness

Get involved!
Join our weekly work sessions and get involved with the team using the following zoom link: Launch Meeting - Zoom, happening every Monday 2 pm UTC. We are looking forward to getting your input and witnessing your contributions!


On behalf of the whole ThriveCoin team, we are so excited about this partnership with Bankless DAO. The goal here is simple: we want to thank every contribution that Bankless members make to the DAO with crypto and an on-chain thank you note!

We look forward to launching soon - and your feedback about how to make this an extraordinary experience for you will be crucial. General open questions on our side:

What contributions would you like rewarded?
What would be fun and meaningful “Missions” (group goals) to achieve?
What would be wonderful prizes for #Bankless members when Missions are achieved?

Also, we’d love to have you on any / all of the group calls… and if you’re inspired by the vision of our partnership, please join the extraordinary Bankless team that is working together to make this great! - Daniel


I ultimately see this kind of community reward system as sitting parallel to Coordinape. It’s a cool way to dynamically and programmatically incentivize focus to key places of the bDAO network. And doing so in two-week cycles creates an incredible inspect-and-adapt loop. LEts gooooooo!!!


Excited by the progress and all the potential prizes!! :trophy: :gift:

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