Bounty Board Analytics Review [Season 2]

The primary audience for this post is the Bounty Board team, but may be of interest to the wider community as users (hopefully soon power users) of this tool to coordinate talent and capital.

Note: This is all a work-in-prog. These metrics and charts will be adjusted, updated, changed with feedback and as the team gets used to seeing these numbers on a regular basis.

We want to get a sense for Bounty Board usage and adoption, within BanklessDAO (and other DAOs soon), in Season 2.

Here’s a wide view with breakdown below:

The first metric to note is “total value allocated to bounties in season 2” (~ 152,974). In addition, I was also curious about the total value “claimed” via “completed bounties”.

We can see that only 20% of the value allocated to bounties has been claimed by completing those bounties (30,937 / 152,974 = ~ 20%).

How about the other 80%?

We currently have 16 completed bounties, with many others in different stages of development (23 In-progress, 9 In-review, 3 in draft etc).

Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 11.16.32

So while 30,937 BANK has been claimed through bounties, there is still 78,802 BANK that’s “in-progress”:

Screen Shot 2021-12-24 at 11.18.08

This could be due to a variety of reasons.

People may still be familiarizing themselves with the Bounty Board, there might be some aspects of the workflow that is naturally longer, there might be something about the workflow that’s causing friction etc.

To get a better sense, we want to see how long it takes for bounties to move through the different stages of completion:

Filtering for all completed bounties, we can get a view of time. We use ‘completed’ bounties here as those have the necessary timestamp data for us see average, standard deviation, min and max times. Here’s a breakdown:

For Season 2, on Average, it takes:

  • 4.76 hours between Bounty Creation and Bounty Claiming
  • 64.01 hours from Bounty Claiming to Bounty Submission.
  • 37.40 hours from Bounty Submission to Bounty Review.

To get a better sense of the distribution, I’ve included Min, Max and Standard Deviation to see where most of the times cluster.

We can also take those 16 completed bounties and visually see the times:

Not surprisingly, different types of tasks require different amount of time to complete. For example, the “Bankless Website” bounty took the longest to submit because that’s a fairly hefty bounty compared to some smaller tasks.

We may also want to see activity over the past 7-days. These charts update in real-time so we’re seeing lower activity in the past 7-days as far as Bounty creation, claiming, submitting and reviewing go (likely due to the Holiday season).

Bounty Board has also rolled out to other servers, other DAOs, heres’ a comparison of number of bounties across DAOs (for Season 2):

Finally, as a check on the “createdAt”, “claimedAt” and “submittedAt” times above, we also have statusHistory with a similar breakdown:

These average hours corroborate the time metrics discussed above.

Tagging some BB team members here for awareness: @Icedcool @Behold @Jordaniza @Bpetes @links @Oktal @OverAchiever @gunvantk

Feedback welcomed :pray:, I’m aiming to post these metrics more regularly for Season 3 so the team can use the numbers in their operational work.