cNPS Survey Results - Season 6 Month 2

Analyst & Author: Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)

Date of survey: December 12, 2022

Date of publication: December 19, 2022

Previous Surveys can be found in this table

This analysis pertains to the survey of BanklessDAO members taken during the Coordinape period ending December 12, sampling 50 Guest Pass holders, 56 L1 contributors, and 82 L2 contributors for a total sample size of 188 members.

** see bottom of document for explanation about Community Net Promoter Scores


We measured the community’s satisfaction with BanklessDAO and achieved a Community Net Promoter Score (”cNPS”) of 34, a 3 point decrease from the November score.

This month, we look into contributor retention, decentralization of bDAO, and more.

Contributor Retention Chart

One vital aspect in a healthy DAO is contributor retention.

While some members miss or choose to opt-out of the DAO-wide Coordinape, others join who may not be “active.” This data is not a perfect reflection of contributor retention, but it gives us a general idea of bDAO turnover.

See this sheet which anonymously shows bDAO members’ participation in the DAO-wide Coordinape over time.

How to read the chart:

Each row shows the data from a bDAO member. A “1” in each cell indicates that the contributor filled out the Coordinape survey that month. Red, empty cells indicate that that contributor did not participate in the Coordiname survey that month.

This sheet is currently a visual representation of patterns in retention. In the future, I will loop back to this topic.

Note: S4M1 is not on this chart as that data could not be recovered.

Decentralization of bDAO

An important aspect of a DAO is decentralization. Here are the results of a quick temp-check on bDAO’s decentralization (includes all levels - Guest Pass, L1, & L2).


We achieved a cNPS of 34, a great score, and yet one year ago we sat at an all-time high of 68, and are now at an all-time low of half this amount.

A total of 188 bDAO members responded to our survey, a decrease of 50 participants since last December (down 21%). Of these, a low number (23 of 188) were counted as Detractors.

A quick analysis indicates that Guest Pass showed a decrease in satisfaction with the DAO, L1s indicated a slight increase in satisfaction, and L2s experienced a decrease in satisfaction.

For the first time since January, Guest Passers do not hold the highest cNPS score.

Quantitative Results:

Additional Questions

Along with the quantitative cNPS question, I asked additional qualitative questions to measure our praises and concerns for bDAO. From these I have synthesized the following.

Why We Love bDAO

  1. Strong community (34 responses)
  2. Educational (26 responses)
  3. Great starting point for web3 (8 responses)

Community Concerns

  1. Organization (9 responses)
  2. Compensation & Tokenomics (6 responses)

These are recurring themes that can be traced through past survey analyses. To hear more about these, please see past analyses here.

Highlights & Lowlights:

  1. “If you haven’t been turned away from crypto yet, you’ll find your place here no matter how you want to contribute.”
  2. “Choose your own adventure game filled with friendly and brilliant humans.”
  3. “The more you participate the more you gain knowledge from other people.”
  4. “We are at the edge of developing governance for decentralized/permissionless communities.”
  5. “Too fragmented to follow; need to focus.”
  6. “Some people are turning bankless into a monopoly and it’s making me want to leave the DAO.”
  7. “There is too much collusion and nefarious action occurring in the DAO.”


Unattributed NPS scoring sheet source is here

Confidential survey responses here (restricted access)

Synthesis Scratch Pad here (restricted access)

About Net Promoter Scores:

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-regarded methodology for quantifying the whether a brand delivers on its promise. The standardized form of NPS reads as follows: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

In our case, X = “working for BanklessDAO”

The results of an NPS survey can be quantified in a score that ranges from negative 100 to positive 100. Depending on the topic, brand, industry, etc., a “good” score can range anywhere from +0 to +40 and beyond.

Wikipedia discussion of NPS

Lattice discussion of eNPS

In our case, we are measuring “cNPS” which we cleverly coined to mean Community NPS. While there is no clear community standard yet, I believe cNPS relates closely to eNPS (Employee NPS). As for how to interpret the score, according to Jennifer Willy, Editor at, “anything above zero is generally acceptable… Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.”


Great work. Thank’s for this excellent appreciation. i think that the bear market also applies to the people than runaway, but i think that the strongest continue contributing. Love to bDAO Fam and happy Holday’s


Amazing, consistent work by you guys month on month! The results are insightful and help us chart the direction we want to go in. Keep up the good work!

Just had a thought that maybe it might make sense to reduce the frequency of the surveys? This way there’s enough time for changes made based on previous survey results to be implemented. Also a lot more members might participate if the frequency is lower.


Great work again Ella

Of the “Highlights & Lowlights” in Community Concerns, numbers 6 & 7 stood out.

I’d be curious to know what anyone who wrote “monopoly” meant by that term. Could you clarify what they might have meant by that from the greater context in their responses?

Number 7 is concerning. I remember catching murmurs here and there about coordinape collusion, but potentially other actions around role nominations and elections. It could be a bit a of large undertaking but maybe an analysis of all guild/department/project role elections could be done? It sort of violates my own preference for anonymous ballots but we have the data for those results in Discord somewhere I believe.

The change from last December to this December isn’t all that surprising to me. Make sense given the market changes, price of bank, etc.

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@AustinFoss Austin - thank you for you patience. Merry Christmas to you!

Mention of a “monopoly” also struck my interest and I personally followed up with this individual. The contributor voiced a concern that people tend to take things into their hands without considering that this is a decentralized organization.

Yes - Coordinape collusion is being widely discussed & is a consistent topic in the Ops Dept. If you have not seen it already, there is a BDIP out right now about potentially pausing or reducing the amount distributed by Coordinape as a result.


@theconfusedcoin - Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback.

I agree that implementation is very important and it takes time and momentum.

Personally, I think the more surveys we have the better because data on our contributors & organization is priceless.