Community Call POAP Metrics [update June 11th]

[Update: After Community Call #5 on June 11, 2021]

First, we have some encouraging number, 279 addresses claimed their Community Call POAPs on June 11th (with 7 following up the next day)!!!

This is a significant jump from 166 POAPs claimed in the previous week (CC #4).

POAPs claimed by Date is a useful chart to track as past claims remain static (i.e., the past cannot be changed).

(note: the slight deviation in numbers from the previously provided chart are likely due to data cleaning issues; I will keep cleaning and share findings with the poap team.)

However, what does not remain static is the number of POAPs held by people, as indicated in this updated chart:

A couple points are worth elaborating:

  1. The number of addresses holding 1 or 2 or 3 (and so on) Community Call POAPs is constantly in flux, due to the fact that every week there’s an opportunity for someone to claim their CC POAP for the first time. Case in point, last week there were 163 addresses that claimed one community call poap. This week, there are 281 and next week the numbers will change.
  2. Each week is an opportunity for an address that previously claimed 2 poaps to claim an additional one. That address would get moved into the 3-poaps-claimed category (instead of 2).
  3. @frogmonkee had an interesting observation "shouldn’t the number of addresses in the 3-poaps-claimed category be a “ceiling” for the number of 4-poaps-claimed. After some thinking, I believe the answer is “not necessarily” because unlike a traditional marketing funnel, the number of a previous category (3-poaps-claimed) doesn’t have to cap the subsequent category (4-poaps-claimed). The reason being is, someone might attend a CC one week, skip the next week, then resume the following week. On top of that, there could be new addresses claiming poaps each week, so the pool of potential poap claims is dynamic and continually expanding.
  4. The chart displaying Number of POAPs claimed is attempting to statically display data that is inherently dynamic, so it’ll be good to see these numbers over time. What can help anchor our perception is viewing the other chart “POAPs claimed by Date” because number of poaps claimed on a past date will be fixed.

note: These numbers and analysis are a work-in-progress. I’ll update and refine as we get additional data. Apologies in advanced for errors :pray: ; thanks for understanding!

-------Content prior to June 11th below--------

It started off with a question from @jameswmontgomery.eth " do we have anything tracking CC poap claims? might be a fun metric".

Then @Josh found a hidden feature in, the that allows us to filter for all Bankless related poaps in the system :fire:

There are many poaps given in Bankless DAO, so we’ll focus this analysis on the first 4 Community Calls from May 14th - Jun 8th.

First some caveats about the data.

Data for Community Call #2 had many duplicates that had to be taken out. Moreover, several ENS names were (erroneously, I think) associated with more than one address. My assumption is there should be a 1:1 relationship between ENS names and address. (note: This could be feedback we report to the POAP team). Finally, my understanding is that POAPs can only be claimed during the community call, but the data suggests some “late claimers” after each Community Call.

As such, I focused the analysis on unique addresses per event, although an individual can have more than one address, so this is an imperfect proxy for membership.

First, we have number of POAPs claimed by date:

We expect to see most of the claims happening on the day of the Community Call (highlighted in green). We can see a steady number of claims at 165 - 166 for calls # 2- 4. Let’s see if we can hold steady or increase this number.

What this chart doesn’t show is whether poaps are claimed by new or existing members. The next chart shows number of poaps claimed (in aggregate):

We see a majority of addresses (n = 163) claiming 1 of 4 community call poaps. In total 54 addresses managed to claim all four community call poaps.

Number of POAPs claimed is one measure of engagment and there’s much more we could do here.

I’m currently working on querying the poap subgraph directly, to see how it matches up with the raw data provided by, but that’s subject for another post.

See you in the Community Call!


Seems like people are claiming the CC POAP on different accounts or people not attending the CC claiming it? I remember seeing around 120 max people in the call

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