[TEMP CHECK] GC - Community Call Update Requirement

Title: [TEMP CHECK] GC - Community Call Update Requirement
Authors: Icedcool, Links
Squad: Grants Committee
Date Posted: 10/6/23


  • The DAO is up to cool things!
    • Because of how big the DAO is and different silos, it is hard to know what is happening in the different org units.
  • To support awareness, the GC is proposing a new requirement for funding, that all org units do an update on the CC once a month as part of their seasonal responsibilities.
    • This will enable:
      • Informational awareness of the activities of different units
      • DAO contributor involvement
      • Funding efforts for the GC through awareness of different group activities
      • The CC call as a place to learn all the initiatives at the DAO, as well as successes or challenges/needs


The CC call is an important meeting for the DAO, that serves as a place to update the community about different org unit initiatives, garner involvement from contributors, and celebrate successes or highlight challenges and needs.

During the last seasonal funding round, the Grants committee found that there was an information gap in terms of what groups were doing (a lot of cool stuff!) and general awareness.

As a result, the Grants Committee is proposing a seasonal requirement that all org units create slides on the Community Call once monthly with an update on activities.

This will support the CC call in serving its purpose as a key organization point for the DAO.


  • Monthly create slides with a general update on the org unit as a funding KPI.
  • When requesting funding, include links to the CC slides during which contain the DAO unit updates.


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Agree. Ill try to get one of our contributors to shutout Nación Bankless :smiley:

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Love it :pray:

Excited to hear more about what you all are up to.


While I understand the rationale here the call timing does not fit well for some of us in other timezones. While we can always bounty out this type of work, is giving lip service the point tho? Or can we ask our AI overlords to do the talking?


yap, I totally agree.

Great point! I think as long as the group makes a slide, we could have the MC read the update. The slide accomplishes most of what needs to be accomplished.


Yes, totally I’m used to hear while I’m listening to my patient medical record, but I’m not able to speak haha. But I think I’ll get someone over there that can make Nacion Bankless hit the floor :saluting_face:


Yes, totally in support of this. I’ve been attending CC’s for the past several months, and there are several projects/guilds/depts that do not present at the CC calls, which in my opinion not only are they missing out on shilling their project, but it also demonstrates progress not only to the GC but to the rest of the DAO.


I agree with this. One of the benefits of the CC is that it helps bring the community together. Providing updates on the various projects helps to accomplish this objective.


Meaning every unit that receives funding yes?

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