Community Call POAPs claimed numbers [thru July 9th]

For context, here are metrics from an archived post.

Here are the latest claimed POAP numbers from the first Community Call through Season 1 Call 2 (July 9th, or last week).

Our highest number of claimed happened right before 4th of July weekend (n = 475). However, adding up late claims, last week’s numbers (n = 418) are more than double of the numbers we had in May. #gobankless

While “number of POAPs claimed” is one measure of engagement, “number of consecutive POAPs claimed” is a measure of repeated engagement.

Here we can around 20 - 30 community members who have collected 6 to 9 consecutive Community Call POAPs showing up consistently for the calls (22 members who have been there for all calls).

On the other hand, last week we had 682 community members claiming their first POAP. These could either be new members or members who have been around, but are taking the plunge to come to their first CC.

Stay tuned for future posts as we get deeper into Season 1.

For those interested, data and scripts are here.


I know it’s my fault for not speaking English :sleepy: :sleepy:, but a transcription of the Community Call would be very welcome, as we could use some translator, and also a POAP could be offered to the readers :blush: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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