DAOLationships Season 6 Guild Funding Proposal

Final Draft Season 6 Guild Budget Proposal

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Author: Ernest_Of_Gaia #4762
Date Posted 10/12/2022


The Purpose of the DAOLationships Guild is to teach Guild members how to build reciprocal relationships with DAOPlomats and to teach DAOPlomats how to build a reciprocal relationship with DAO members and Organizational Units.

Season 5 Summary

In Season 3 & 4 we developed an AMA workstream and brought in over $2,000 USD of revenue. Our purpose is to always be developing talent, but in Season 5 we doubled down on Talent development and Biz Dev, adding Roles and Biz Dev Projects!

  • Integrated with Marketing, AV, and Design Guilds
  • Developed Governance and Guild Coordination Mentorship Programs
  • Continued Development on the CRM
  • In Addition to AMAs, we are developing PMAs and Formalizing the Demo Sessions.

Looking to Season 6

Our main purpose in Season 6 is to attract, retain, and upskill Guild Members in the Art of Buidling DAOLationships. Historically we have spent most of our time teaching members how buidl simple DAOLationships and track those DAOLationships in the CRM, create work streams for DAOLationship Events, and learn basic DAO tooling.

In Season 6 we look forward to further developing our education for DAOPlomats and are shifting away from Biz Dev Events, but looking forward to DAOLationships Department or Biz Dev Projects.

We do agree to adopt the Membership Based Guild Funding specifications for a Guild within BanklessDAO. As of 10_10_22 we Currently have 39 Active members that qualified for our last coordinape all confirmed to also have our active member role,@buidlers


DAOLationships Guild has an Additional Role called the DAOPlomat Role. A DAOplomat is any individual who can answer questions and can commit to being a point of contact for a particular DAO. #DAOPlomat #DAOLationships


A major change in Season 6 will be the adoption of a Talent Development Pathway.

Adopting the model from Research Guild we will have 5 tiers of membership including a DAOPlomat Tier. Access to incentives and the amount of incentives will be increased as members advance through membership tiers and develop their talent and commit to action items contributing to the work of the Guild.

Our Current Educational Guides


*Still in Early Draft Stages our DL- Talent Patheway and Talent Tracking Table

Membership Based Guild Funding Specifications

Budget Overview for Season 6

273,000 budget for Main Roles

39 * 10,000 = 390,000 budget for talent development

We are asking for a Total budget of 663,000

Version three updated October 10th

We have a Multi Sig on the ETH mainnet and on polygon.

  • Eth: eth:0xb40f4ce59dA4A0B6D10aE605E10FD4E6ca9Ed4Ae
  • Matic: 0x3628F8A41eE5112931fBA446610aEaD236Cd2AA3

How will we measure success?

  • We will be able to track and measure members as they progress through the Talent Pathway and in Season 7 we will have some interesting reports to review.

    Talent Tracking Table

  • Education Office Sessions for DAOPlomats

  • Development of the Education Director Role.

  • More DAOLationships - Provide Quality CRM Data to Biz Dev Initiatives*?*


Active Membership List

CRM Accounts with over 200 DAOPlomats and close to 250 unique organizational contacts

DAOLationship CRM

Members qualifying for last Coordinape = 47
Members with the Active Guild Role Tag = 39
Members not fully onboarded =8

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  • I Object to this proposal
  • I have comments or questions that need resolved before I can vote

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