DAOStewards S9 Proposal

Project Champion: jengajojo.eth🏴#5896
Squad: baer.eth, thinkdecade, links, hirokennelly, LiviuC, cisco
Purpose: Public Good
Affiliation: None
Authors; Editors: jengajojo
Funds requested: 886,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): 0x8872fd5F66728Fc7cF01898199e162ee26f47BA8


Bankless DAOstewards is a meta-governance group from BanklessDAO, in S8 we shepherded the BanklessDAO projects to earn 100,000+ OP (120K+ USD) via Optimism DAO grants.

We aim to encourage good governance in the DAO space by expressing Bankless values and foster a collaborative environment for the space to grow.


Project Description

  • DAOStewards act as formal delegates who help in the day-to-day administration and coordination of DAOs we are active in
  • DAOStewards takes on Governance in a DAO if
    • BanklessDAO or it’s sub units receive an airdrop or token swap from partner DAOs
    • DAOStewards actively markets themselves within BanklessDAO channels to gain delegation
  • Each delegation consists of atleast one Protocol Pateron and one Autonomous Advocates. Other members maybe involved in one or multiple DAOs in various ways. Role descriptions can be found here
DAO Protocol Pateron Autonomous Advocate Tokens delegated Budget
Arbitrum LiviuC jengajojo 130k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
Optimism thinkDecade jengajojo 11k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
Vita jengajojo 0 2000 BANK/lead/week
Safe links baer 48k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
Active contributors Active DAOs
Links SAFE
LiviuC Arbitrum
thinkdecade Optimism, SAFE
hirokennelly Optimism
jengajojo Vita, Optimism, Arbitrum, SAFE

Other Roles:

Marketing Lead [Cisco]


  • Brand alignment
    • Ensure visual brand consistency and coherence across all mediums
  • Communication (internally and externally)
    • Improve public brand awareness and perception
    • Effectively utilize Twitter as primary external marketing platform
    • Establish effective internal communication channels among team members
  • Website
    • Optimized pitch deck to convey mission/vision/value proposition and generate interest


  • Improved, consistent Twitter and Discord presence through outreach strategies and campaigns
  • Responsive Project website/pitch deck
  • Upgradable Generative NFT/PFPs

The long-term sustainability model for the group is to mine governance rewards by

  1. Making a compelling case for delegators to delegate to us
  2. Actively involving ourselves in governance and proposing paid delegation programs

Engagement overview


  • Maintained active voting base and actively engaged in forums
  • Proposed Shielded voting
  • Working on grants proposals from several projects which will be live in the coming weeks


  • Engaging with the community forums
  • Proposed BanklessDAO for receiving the delegation

Arbitrum DAO

  • Created a delegation campaign
  • Proposed gaining consensus on the DAO mission
  • Kickstarted a discussion on service providers
  • Worked with the foundation on specific onboarding initiatives

Optimism DAO

  • Helped BanklessDAO projects receive 100K+ OP in grants
  • Actively participated in forums and governance


  • Working with the Treasury Department to administer the allocation

Strategic Initiatives:

Based on the feedback we received during the Optimism Proposal process as well as recent conversations in the DAO, we have kickstarted an initiative to gather video and audio testimonials from banklessDAO members and alumni to better showcase the onboarding features that the DAO offers.

  • Funded a bounty in the research guild to collect written testimonials
  • Funded a bounty with global events to capture video testimonials


The project conducted 1 retrospective with the following outcomes:

  1. Who can be a DAOStewards partner DAO is clearly identified
  2. We are working with design guild and marketing department to firm up our branding and marketing
  3. We have identified a need for education and onboarding for newbies, but lack resources to focus on this at the moment


Roles Compensation:

Lead Advocates and Patrons: 256,000 BANK (16,000 BANK/week) ie. 4000 BANK/DAO/week
Marketing Lead: 5000 BANK/week x 16 = 80,000 BANK
Seasonal Coordinape: 200,000 BANK

Total: 536,000 BANK

Project Funds:

Marketing budget: 100,000 BANK
Strategic Initiatives Fund: 100,000 BANK
DAOStewards PFP project: 50,000 BANK
Bounties: 100,000 BANK

Total: 350,000 BANK


Factor KPI Success Metric
number of DAOs in which DAOstewards are active delegates # number of DAOs in which DAOstewards has active delegation #3
Snapshot votes # % of snapshot votes participated in #80%+


Bankless DAOstewards are happy to help any group funded by BanklessDAO with partnerships, sponsorships and grants. We will ensure that all projects which receive funds via our shepherding give a high kickback to the DAO.



  • Approve
  • Abstain
  • Reject
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Also we have some Push Tokens in the way, maybe we can start writing the proposal to delegate to DAOstewards.

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