Decentralized Arts Season 6 Funding Proposal

Decentralized Arts Season 6 Funding Proposal

Authors: Grendel#3875, nonsensetwice#3475

Date: October 27, 2022


decenarts.eth: 0xCb525F65b007B2db2Dd6bE66dAB0129a63704C1b


Decentralized Arts was born to give greater depth to the artists featured in the weekly NFT drops in BanklessDAO, and to present the main authors and projects. It has since evolved to report on important events regarding the growth of NFTs and the metaverse, and educate readers on how this technology is being utilized.

Since its debut, it has grown from a loosely organized newsletter with contributions from various members of the Writers Guild and Newsletter Team to a more tightly coordinated organization with a set of regular contributors. As such, Decentralized Arts has decided to take on the responsibility of the team’s funding, as a separate project vis a vis Decentralized Law. Decentralized Arts will work over the next few seasons to become self-sufficient.


Decentralized Arts acts as a weekly meeting point for all fans of non-fungible tokens the world over. Per the BanklessDAO mission, “going Bankless means adopting decentralized, permissionless, and censorship-resistant technology. Through these means, we will achieve financial self-sovereignty, security, and prosperity.” Because NFTs represent a large part of this technology, and their adoption by institutions both large and small are becoming a vital entry point for many into the world of web3, the distribution of news in this sector is vital for newcomers to make the best decisions for themselves as they explore the potential of this technology. As such, Decentralized Arts seeks to become the premier newsletter for disseminating this information and spreading the Bankless message with regard to NFT adoption and utility.


During the Season 6, Decentralized Arts will inform and educate readers about NFT adoption and utility, and the expansion of the metaverse; collaborate with new authors and communities; and promote the values underlying BanklessDAO.

The following funded roles will facilitate production:

Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief

  • Maintain a weekly agenda and content calendar.
  • Ensure consistent delivery and distribution of content.
  • Represent the newsletter.
  • Coordinate writers, editors, and designers.
  • Coordinate interview and draft questions.
  • Final edits and tweaks of the article for quality control and SEO.
  • Help authors choose articles and news summaries for the given issue.
  • Partnerships and Sponsors
  • 8000 BANK / week

Treasurer and Deputy Editor-in-Chief:

  • Co-Coordinate writers, editors, and designers
  • Co-Represent the newsletter
  • Ensure consistent delivery and distribution of content.
  • Tracking and recording bounties.
  • Responsible for paying contributors.
  • Collection of contributor payment information.
  • Responsible for partner and sponsorship funds collection
  • 6000 BANK / week


  • Provide developmental and content edits to all submitted articles and summaries.
  • Provide copy edits to the newsletter prior to publication.
  • Ensure production schedule for each issue.
  • 5000 BANK / week


  • Social channels management
  • 2000 BANK / week


  • Headline piece (min words: XX)
    • 6000 BANK
  • Secondary pieces (min words: XX)
    • 2500 BANK
  • Weekly news author
    • 2000 BANK
  • Weekly Design for headline piece
    • 5000 BANK
  • Weekly comic
    • Externally funded


Decentralized Arts leverages the BanklessDAO brand by shipping under its name and it uses the brand for marketing and promotional materials.


Subscriber Count:

  • Season 6 Goal: +20%
  • Sub count at the start of Season 6: 17,200
  • End of Season Goal: 20,600

Open rate:

  • Season 6 Goal: +7%
  • Season 5 average open rate: ~40%
  • End of Season Goal: ~43%


  • Grendel#3875
  • Kouros#2107
  • nonsensetwice#3475
  • Frank America#0610
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Looks great @Grendel, the only thing I don’t see is any mention of revenue generation or sponsorship opportunities.


We are still working on them, the current market is not helping at all

We all love Decentralized Arts, you ppl are doing a great job. =)


Thank you free, you made my day :slight_smile:

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