Decentralized Law Season 5 Budget Proposal

Decentralized Law Season 5 Budget Proposal



Date: July 6, 2022


Decentralized Law is a project team with strong connections to the Legal Guild. Historically, it was BanklessDAO’s most-viewed newsletter, and it continues to break ground in terms of format and quality of presentation.

Decentralized Law is working with designers to build out a website, separate our articles and interviews, and make them searchable by subject matter. The focus on Season 5 will be to continue to publish a best-in-class crypto-legal newsletter while using that content and our new website/brand to attract advertisers and begin to earn revenue, putting us on the path to project self-sufficiency.


Founded during Season 2, Decentralized Law currently ships a thematic crypto-legal newsletter each month on such topics as decentralized finance, non-fungible tokens, and DAOs. Decentralized Law has averaged the most views and user engagement of all of our newsletters and it sets the standard for high-quality crypto-legal articles.


Decentralized Law publishes high-quality articles designed to inform, investigate, and educate the crypto-legal space and bring awareness to bDAO’s brand. Decentralized Law fosters the DAO’s values of education, integrity, and culture through a focus on talent mentoring, open workflows, and consistent standards.


During Season 5, Decentralized Law will continue building on its successes as it seeks to highlight new voices and industry leaders in the crypto-legal space.

The following funded roles will facilitate production:

Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief
(8,000 BANK per week x 13 weeks) = 104K

  • Maintain a weekly agenda and content calendar.
  • Ensure consistent delivery and distribution of content.
  • Represent the newsletter at the weekly Legal Guild Meeting.
  • Coordinate writers, editors, and designers.
  • Coordinate interview and draft questions.
  • Tracking and recording bounties.
  • Final edits and tweaks of the article for quality control and SEO.
  • Help authors choose articles and news summaries for the given issue.

Deputy Editors
(4,000 BANK per week x 13 weeks) = 52K Each

  • Provide developmental and content edits to all submitted articles and summaries.
  • Provide copy edits to the newsletter prior to publication.
  • Ensure production schedule for each issue.

(1,000 BANK per week x 13 weeks) = 13K

  • Responsible for paying contributors.
  • Collection of contributor payment information.

The following bounties will be payable for contribution:

Writer and Designer Bounties

(Up to 64,000 BANK per Month x 3 Issues in S5) = 192,000 BANK

Writers will be paid a flat rate of 8,000 BANK per article for published pieces.

Each newsletter aims to have eight articles, for a total BANK payout of up to 64,000 per issue.

Cover Designers
(5,000 BANK per Month x 3 Issues in S5) = 15,000 BANK

Banner Designers

(5,000 BANK per Month x 3 Issues in S5) = 15,000 BANK



Decentralized Law leverages the BanklessDAO brand by shipping under its name and it uses the brand for marketing and promotional materials.


  1. Continue growing, along with our other newsletters, our subscriber count:
  • Season 4 Goal: +20%
  • Start of Season 4: 12,200
  • Goal End of Season: 14,500
  1. Complete Website
  2. Pursue sponsorship leads for Website


Next steps will be to continue creating and shipping a best-in-class crypto-legal newsletter and working on monetizing that content.


  • hirokennelly.eth
  • Trewkat
  • COYSrUS.eth

Our three squad members have worked together on Decentralized Law since Season 3. Hiro and Trewkat have worked on Decentralized Law since its inception during Season 2, and COYSrUS.eth since the beginning of Season 3.



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Proposals need polls please

Thank you, Ernest. Discourse is making me alter my text from a similar response in the EPA budget…My reading of the most recent funding spec is that previously funded projects do not require polls.