Developer's Guild Season 9 Budget Proposal

Title: Developer’s Guild Season 9 Budget Proposal

Authors; Editors: Cisco; freedominant, paulitobankless

Date Created: July 20, 2023

Date Submitted: July 21, 2023
Date Resubmitted: August 07, 2023

Wallet Surplus: 211,500 BANK

Funds Requested: 220,500 BANK
MultiSig: eth:0x623a12CA60D378705fd170A47b6d32C74367501D

MultiSig Signers:@paulitobankless, @Cisco, @Freedominant, @Icedcool, @Jaux, @Jamemontgomery

Working Document: Google Doc

Table of Contents



The BanklessDAO Developer’s Guild serves as a focal point for developer talent and developer related activities that support the growth, value, and initiatives of the BanklessDAO community. The guild also serves as an on-ramp for developers into a number of projects and initiatives within the DAO.

Past activities

  • Cohort Sessions

One key focus for the guild this season was to kick-start the Cohort sessions; which are essentially knowledge sessions categorized based on developer interest and experience. Its purpose was to drive activity within members of the guild, while encouraging learning and personal development. The sessions were essentially divided into three categories based on interest; Front-end, Web3 intermediate, and Web3 advanced. This season saw the start of the Front-end cohort for developers interested in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, with members coming in to share ideas and resources, as well as learn and improve on their skills. Here is the link to the channel Discord where the conversations are ongoing.

  • Talent Coordination

During the course of season 8, the talent coordination office discovered that during the previous seasons we had more non developers than actual developers,so we created a strategy to streamline the guild towards developers alone by creating a first quest that involves the use of codes and can only be completed by actual developers or members interested in the development journey. Here is a link to the first quest that shows the details of these projects.

Asides from frequently attending 3-4 meetings weekly (weekly sync,governance call,onboarding sessions, and cohort sessions), the talent coordinators of the guild have included the use of dework to create and track bounties being completed by members and also put members through the completion of the first quest stage.

  • Internal Project

BanklessStack Project

The B-Stack project is a web-based platform designed to, in its initial development, serve as a comprehensive portfolio and hiring platform for developers of all stacks and experience levels. The platform aims to bridge the gap between project owners and skilled developers, providing an opportunity for developers to showcase their expertise and for employers to find the perfect fit for their projects. It is tied to the current Developer’s Guild First Quest Task. The project has a ton of exciting prospects (including Discord bot integration, and onchain credentials) and room for expansion as we continue to build.

Notion: Link
UI: Prototype ; Figma

Development : Repoitory

  • External Projects

-DAOstewards website: Discord Thread

-Development of TLBank webapp

  • Hackathons

NAVH by Consensys

Mission & Vision Alignment


To support the growth, value, and initiatives of the Bankless community and its DAO.


-Drive Growth

  • To support the member growth (and proselytization) of the community and its DAO.
  • To make onboarding obvious, seamless, and desirable in order to help the rest of the community in claiming/acquiring their BANK and use it in governing.

-Contribute Value

  • To support community-backed proposals and the work required to achieve them.
  • The guild will continue to serve as a point of contact for developer related activities, inquiries and help throughout the DAO
  • To add value to the Bankless community and the BANK token

-Educate Everyone

  • To educate as many people as possible about the merits and opportunities of going bankless.
  • To support translation efforts and any other effort to reach different subgroups where they commune.

Financial Implications

Financial Implications


Season Guild Funding = 16 * (21000 + 770 *13)

= 496,160 BANK

Budget Breakdown

Dev Guild Roles: 248,000 BANK

Guild Organizer - 80,000 BANK

(5 hrs per week at 16 weeks = 80,000 BANK)

  • Point of contact between the the guild and the rest of the DAO

  • Keeping in touch with ongoing projects

  • Hosting weekly meetings

  • Hosting Governance calls

  • Setting up polls

  • Represent the guild in the CC calls

  • Manage and Update notion page

  • Support in hosting weekly and governance meetings

Talent Coordinator - 80,000 BANK

(5 hrs per week at 16 weeks = 80,000 BANK)

  • Create and Manage bounties on dework.

  • Connect Devs to available external bounties outside the guild.

  • Bring feedback during the weekly sync on ongoing projects.

  • Updating the Dev-start-here channel

  • Welcome and onboard new talents into the guild.

  • Ensure new and existing members complete the dev guild’s first quest.

  • Availability to provide quick responses to members’ questions.

  • Assign dev membership tags after the first quest’s completion.

Notion Admin - 16,000 BANK

  • 1 hour per week at 16 weeks

Scribe - 16,000 BANK

  • 1 hour per week at 16 weeks

Treasurer Role - 40,000 BANK

  • 2.5 hours per week at 16 weeks

Dev Guild Benefits: 200,000 BANK

  • Bounty Pool - 200,000 BANK

Total BANK = 432,000 BANK

Ask for S9 = 432,000 - 211,500 = 220,500 BANK

Current holdings

Guild Members

1 Cisco
2 LordRanchoatos
3 Paulito
4 Freedo_minant
5 Jaux
6 Gahbby
7 Kutubu
8 34z1
9 Og
10 SamuelBG
12 Chameleon
13 Oge

Activity within the guild was determined based on meeting attendance, with 70% availability being the minimum requirement. Guild members who have also taken time to claim and complete any Dework bounty, activity in the cohort sessions, as well as activity in any active

Developer’s Guild projects are also included.



Next Steps

-Cohort sessions

Next season, the guild aims to improve on the Front-end cohort sessions and also kickstarting the Web3 Cohort group.

The cohort sessions stand to invigorate and revitalize the guild if they are executed well. The sessions will become fundamental moving pillars on which the guild will function next season. Cohorts are structured in a way that they become basic requirements for every guild member in addition to completing the First Quest. The two major cohort groups we look to get active next season (Front-end & Solidity) will bring in improvements in terms of activity levels, guild engagement, and value.
Some key outputs expected from the Cohort groups are:

  • Content creation - Biweekly coding articles on key technical coding problems (via Medium, substack etc.)
  • Weekly bounty and challenges - Weekly/ biweekly cohort session syncs will be accompanied by bounties and quests each participant has to complete.
  • Seasonal Project - There will be a seasonal project requirement for the cohort teams, which will enhance collaboration, improve skills and also determine actual impact.
  • Participating in external programs as a team - Each cohort team could collaborate and participate in external funding programs such as hackathons.
  • Support
  • Abstain
  • Do NOT Support
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