Developers Guild Season 7 Funding Request Draft 3

Developers Guild Season 7 Funding Request

Authors: Freedominant; Cisco, Jaux, Paulito, LordRanchoatos

Date posted: 20/1/2023

Total amount requested: 573,000 BANK


  • To support the developer’s guild members’ growth.
  • To upskill talent and make them useful for operations within and outside the DAO.
  • To encourage participation and contribution of developers within the DAO.
  • We have a core vision to help members build crypto products aligned with banklessDAO value.


  • We continued with the knowledge session to upskill dev guild members. We also had smart contract book club sessions.
  • We also have the Madhatter project from the Dev Guild, which is still ongoing.
  • We hosted several meetings discussing development, governance, project operations, guild membership tracking, and guild operations and initiatives.
  • We had a partnership with alchemy (a distribution of dev courses to interested active members in the guild).
  • The guild was able to come with a project idea,that would serve as good tool for the dao at large but it is still at the early stage

Here is the link to the project information:

  • A proposal from the talent coordination aspect of the guild on how to improve and get better

Here is the link to the proposal and discussion: DEVELOPER'S GUILD PROPOSAL - Google Docs


  • Continuity of our ongoing projects (knowledge session, Smart contract book club and the project idea)
  • Create a suitable system that will provide priorities for our developers.
  • Try to create more partnerships outside BanklessDAO.
  • Sustainability and proper management of the guild at a higher level.
  • To onboard more developers to contribute and participate in projects that will be beneficial to the guild and DAO at large.


Our metrics are designed to enable the growth, coordination, and idea development of the Dev Guild.


Number of:

  • Members participating in meetings, knowledge sessions, hackathons, and projects.
  • New members coming into the guild.
  • Demos during meetings.
  • Number of devs placed on projects compared to requests for devs.

Key Results

  • Hold two weekly Dev Guild meetings, grow attendance.
  • Bi-weekly knowledge session meetings that train developers in Javascript and other stacks that will be of interest to the Dev guild members.
  • Smart contract book club for devs.
  • Help projects improve their goals by demo-ing new features and providing feedback testing also.
  • Form at least one hackathon team from the Dev Guild and complete a hackathon.


  • We have created a framework to assign tags to active members which is grouped into 3; the coder, Shadowy coder and the Shadowy supercoder.


We have three membership levels, which include Coder, Shadowy Coder, and Shadowy SuperCoder.

Below is the definition of the membership levels and the criteria that need to be met before you are assigned the tag.

Coder (Level 0)


  • No requirements


  • Developers Guild Discord flare (general tag in the role-select)
  • Attend meetings
  • ​​Access to bounties
  • No access to the guild’s coordinape round.

Shadowy Coder (Level 1)


  • 5 Dev Guild POAPs or nomination from an existing L1 for dev project contribution
  • Contributing in the guild by doing a task (Note-taking, claiming bounties etc)


  • All Level 0 perks
  • Start and champion a project
  • Vote in governance
  • Will have access to the guild’s coordinape round.

Shadowy Supercoder (Level 2)


  • 20 Dev Guild POAPs or a season of dev project contribution with an L2 Nomination


  • All Level 1 perks.
  • Run for elected office.

Guild coordinator

  1. Facilitate guild meetings twice a week.

  2. In charge of the guild’s governance.

  3. Keep track of ongoing guild projects.

  4. Manage the guild’s notion page.

Talent coordinator

  1. Onboard new members

  2. Provide structures that aids talent growth, development and retention within the guild

  3. Attend weekly syncs and provide updates on Talent Coordination duties (including newly onboarded members)

  4. Update interested members on available dev related tasks, opportunities and bounties

  5. Facilitate Office Hours calls and follow-ups at least once a week


  1. In charge of keeping track of tasks and bounties done by members.
  2. Responsible for initiating role holder and bounty payouts.
  3. Keeping the financial records of the guild.

POAP Manager

  1. Keep track of members attendance
  2. Design and distribute POAP to members who attend weekly meetings


Season 7 Guild funding = 260,000 BANK + 13,000 BANK + (30) x 10,000 BANK
= 573,000 BANK

Link to the budget breakdown:



  • This was extracted from the Dev guild’s attendance list for Season 6
  • All project champions are active members.
  • Contributors to the knowledge session are active members too.

Meeting Quota for Activeness: The quota is attendance to a minimum of 7 meetings.

S/N Active Members
1 LordRanchoatos
2 Great
3 Paulito
4 Og
5 ab_colours
6 Cisco
7 Steff
8 Chameleon
9 Mceal
10 activate-glacier-instinct
11 e_Praiz
12 MantisClone
13 Warrior
14 vickyone
15 Martinblu
16 Emmanuel
17 Deewon
18 Etrinity007
19 0xzh
20 Jaux
21 freedo_minant
22 spiritedF
23 Arunacone
24 samuel BG
25 anointingThompson
26 jih2n
27 Marvelous
28 jameswmontgomery
29 nonsensetwice
30 Icedcool

It sounds like there is not much happening aside from meetings and you are trying to bring more people in to have thise meetings with?

I think supporting peoples growth is great but Personally I would like to see dev guild members eventually contributing to dao projects. Could that maybe be part of the indicators?

Also wondering about the 31 x 10k BANK, could you explain that a bit more? It looks like paying members for meeting attendance.


There are actually things happening other than attending meetings. If you come to the guild, you will be able to see for yourself.

Developers are always encouraged to take part in Dev related projects going on in the DAO. When we have request from project leads we bring it to the guild and make announcements so that anyone who is interested can pick up the bounties.

The calculation was gotten from the member based guild funding proposal.
Here is a link to the details of the proposal:

it would be nice to see the membership level of the 31 members, how many of them are Level 0 and should level 0 be included in your funding formula?


I’m sorry to say, but for the funding this Guild is requesting, this proposal is way too obnoxious, below par, and needs a lot of work. You can’t just copy paste the Dev Guild constitution to make it look like there’s a lot going on in here. I would like to see more quantitative and qualitative metrics on the initiatives that happened for this season and why it is beneficial to continue such things for the benefit of not just individuals of this Guild, but for the whole DAO.


How about a breakdown of what the 310k BANK will be used for? I see it can be allocated as the guild wants to, but it should still be specified or not? After skimming the linked member based funding proposal I understand the idea, but if you don’t specify what the BANK will be spent for it can actually disincentivize participation in the guild (because my participation could ootentially lead to 10k BANK getting wasted). Here is an idea: spend it to fund bounties in active bankless projects. That way some of the guild members will be able to directly benefit from it, while upscaling their skills and contributing to projects that will generate revenue for the dao which is what we all would benefit from.


Hey steff, thanks for your feedback…
But few things were included that went on in he guild that you missed in the proposal….
Knowledge sessions to upskill members and encourage participation, proposed projects by the guild that is currently at its startup stage that would be a great initiative for the guild and the dao at large and then smart club book contract being hosted by activate glacier

Hey ernest, thanks for your feedback…
The active membership list are based on members that has contributed to the guild and they have at least 5 POAPs this season to show for it……
Meaning the list are for members from the level 1
Shadowy coder…
Contributions which involves championing a project, taking meeting notes, participation in governance(voting, helping out in decision making), participation in knowledge sessions and claiming bounties

Is there a reason one of the goals for S7 doesn’t include actually developing or prototyping a tool? Knowledge sessions and book clubs are cool but they don’t mean much if there’s little to no implementation of said knowledge. As a guild of developers, I think it’ll be nice to see some dev kind of work happening.


Great job writing this proposal.
I am wondering if there is an aggregated list of your active members (like a list of the members that attended 7+ meetings/month.)
I am also wondering what the mandate of the Guild is. It looks like it has changed over time.
I see that you haven’t followed the guidance for member based funding. That has left you all paying 90% of your budget for administrative tasks/overhead.
This may be the cause of No Dev-like output from the guild.

@Freedo_minant Can you help me understand the output from Season 6?
Also could you direct me to a list of poap receivers please

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@Steff did you attend 7 meetings in Dev Guild season 6?

Thanks for the response,but that’s the reason for the projects we are working on

It was stated in the proposal, asides knowledge sessions the guild it currently working on a project that might soon be used as a DAOwide tool….
It’s more like a website that keeps info,track active membership, keep records of contributions and many other initiatives that will come from it……
It’s currently in the early stage

Steff wasn’t able to attend up to 7 meetings,but the active members list are not based on claiming POAPS alone,but also active participation in the guilds and showing support to improving the guild well being which steff has been a part of

I’m unsure why I am included in the active members list . I have not attended meetings or done any tasks for dev guild.


Hi Dev Guild, the BANK in the dev guild multi-sig is 36% higher than the S7 ask. Is there any reason why that BANK is not being used to fund guild activities for S7?


You know what? Among all guilds, I have no doubt that this guild could go so many places. This guild has been funded from inception and has been building awesome and freaking cool stuff such as DEGEN (which is gone), Bounty Board, Bankless Loans, First Quest and DAO Dash. Why is nobody thinking of taking all of these features up and finish them up instead of building new ones as “start-up projects” when we have very viable products we can offer out there and start making money right away? For the next Dev Guild Coordinator, I would be expecting more than just meetings and a lot of talking and instead continue building and going out to market. We’ve had enough planning. Time to execute!

If we have to use our funds to collaborate with our own Marketing Department to make ourselves sustainable while educating more developers through our Knowledge Sessions, then why not?? What’s missing? What is needed? Don’t we have a vision aside from always asking money from the Grants Committee every single season?

Look around people, we’ve already built many cool stuff. Time to get out of our own shell and start gaining users that can pay what we’ve built.


Dev-related project champions are also identified as active members. As a result, your name appears on the list of active members.

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Yes, firstly the payments for bounties and role holder payments have not gone out for this month.
Secondly, there are tasks that have been done by past Dev guild members that have not been remunerated, resulting in the massive redundancy of funds you see in the Dev guild wallet.