Design Guild Season 9 funding proposal

Authors; Editors: Reinis BanklessLV
Date created: 20.07.2023
Date posted: 21.07.2023
Wallet surplus: 180,000 BANK
Funds requested: 656,320 BANK

Multisig: eth:0x8a771e2874B1e8a38cb08eBCB6e1058d27Fa64c0

Multisig signers: Reinis#8935; ab_colours#3481; fiyin#4950; NFThinker#2814; e_Praiz#3031; zara#3499

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Guild Description

Design guild is a community of skilled designers who collaborate to produce high-quality visuals that communicate BanklessDAO’s message and values to the world. The guild members are passionate about graphic design and have a deep understanding of BDAO’s goals and target audience. They work closely with other BanklessDAO teams, such as marketing and social media, to create visually compelling content that resonates with BDAO’s’ audience.

Past activities

In Season 8 Design guild focused on already started initiatives like: Learning sessions - 2 times every week Design guild holds learning sessions where members can improve there skills in many different areas of graphic design, DrawingBoard project - as the website has been completed, this season the guild focused on creating a pitch deck in order to be able to reach out to clients and offer services, Weekly Community call POAPs - as it has been for the past many seasons design guild members make sure that there is a POAP ready every week for the community call, Internal governance - this season as well as previous seasons the guild is continuing their previously started effor to restructure internal operations in order to adapt to current DAO standards, changes to take place for season 9 are as follows - Shortening role holder positions from 2 to 1 in roles such as Talent coordinator and Project coordinator, Moving away from guild coordinape and introducing an activity bonus (when a member fills an activity check that is up to standards they receive a bonus from previously allocated funds to coordinape)


By having a dedicated graphic design guild, BDAO can ensure that its branding and messaging are consistent and visually appealing across all channels. This helps to establish BanklessDAO as a professional and trustworthy organisation in the eyes of its audience. Additionally, the guild’s expertise allows Bankless to stand out from other DAOs, demonstrating the importance of design in communicating complex ideas to a wider audience.


Guild Funding Formula

Season 8 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770 * #26)

→ you can find the formula breakdown here.

Budget Breakdown

656,320 BANK + 180,000 BANK (surplus)

257,000 BANK - Activity Check Bonus

330,000 BANK - Guild Roles (per member funding formula)

49,000 BANK - Guild Roles (extra assigned hours to role-holders)

200,000 BANK - Internal projects, Educational efforts and guild sponsored bounties

Current holdings

Third party funding, sponsorships, external revenue



#Deanerous8416 Bankless card UI design.
Gahbby#6647 Designed Carousels for Marketing Department
hypolithe#7391 Drawing board website
RedCrystalDragon🏴#4188 2 POAPs for Birthday celebration, Design Guild Community call POAP coordination
Lexes#2615 I participated in few competitions
— — —
Og#1963 Did the community call poap design #104
DEVALEX#6277 Actively participated in the Guild meetings, election processes (Contested for the position of project coordinator), Designed POAPs for Dev guild weekly call meeting
BOBO​:rocket::black_flag:#7705 made some 3d card designs for the bcard team
Cyoot#4852 CC POAP #106
Dane#2837 Poaps this month (June) for cc. Working on some ideas for Making Bank podcast, (logo, headers and nft) but still in workup phase. Another long-term project that may launch S8 or S9. And “contributed” a few votes and encouragement.
Samuel BG Talent Coordinator
Soterium None
ab_colours#3481 Accountant—Sheet1-1-.csv
Cisco#7413 Currently working on UI for a Dev guild project
Zara#3499 Carousel post for marketing department.
fiyinx20 Talent Coordinator
israelrex Governance Coordinator
chameleon3683 Project Coordinator
jasuvictorio Project Coordinator
kolaaade Notion admin
rkalnins Guild Coordinator
jarvis8761 Design during learning sessions
paulitobankless Drawing board twitter header
ETrinity007#7414 Education token (EDT)
CĂ«llevista#0335 Pm guild design and daolationships
— — —
trewkat POAP for July 14 CC
Ximpli_ana#3357 LinkedIn banner for marketing guild
  • We conduct an activity check every month, to gage which guild members have been active during that month, and ask them to submit a contribution.

  • At what intervals is this updated?

  • Every month on the last day

  • How is active membership status gained, tracked or lost?

  • Every season, if a member has not been active during the season, they lose their artisan tag.


(Provide where applicable)

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