Proposal of agreement between BanklessDAO and

Author: Grendel#3875
Discord channel: mask-network

I hereby propose to enter into a partnership agreement between BanklessDAO and (, with the following purposes:

  • Let DAO members learn about and use its features
  • Increase the visibility and awareness of BanklessDAO and by publicizing the agreement
  • Increase the level of adoption of the tools by DAO members

This agreement could lead to the implementation of a BanklessDAO dashboard that includes some of the following features:

  • Snapshot voting
  • Red packs / botnies on Twitter
  • Rarible integration
  • Gitcoin Grants

And some Twitter integrations using

  • POAPs display on Twitter profiles
  • Encryption of messages

Additionally, Web3 features may be integrated into the DAO website.

The success of this initiative will depend on the number of installations of the Mask app and the frequency of its use by BanklessDAO members.

In order to increase the visibility of the initiative and push its adoption, was proposed to organize an airdrop to BanklessDAO members of token, following the selection criteria that will be defined, while maintaining the desire to make it as broad as possible. .

The rep Taylor Zhang agreed with the airdrop proposal (pending community review). asks the DAO to be promoted in the social channels of Bankless LLC (which will be contacted in this regard) and BanklessDAO for:

  • Promote the agreement through a dedicated marketing campaign
  • Interview with the founders of

LLC and DAO are separate entities. DAO does not and will not act on behalf of LLC.
Contacts with LLC are not mediated by the DAO.

Please comment this proposal and share your thoughts.


I really like and how easy is to use and how well integrated is with web2. It’s a match made in heaven.

This proposal has my backing 100%


Not smart and experienced enough to know but do notwant Grendel to quit writing great proposals. All good so far. No way am I going to question or argue against talent like kouros and if he is for it 100% I am for it 94.3% without knowing much about it. Great looking features and possibilities with Press on.


Let’s move forward with this. What’s a dedicated marketing campaign look like? Will there be regular ad space involved, and will it have an expiration? Should we download now or is there some metrics he’ll be looking for that we should stick to for analytics?
All ahead full!


Ive been using MASK.IO from day one and saw how they are working… honestly they are good and unique in their own way… i would like to see this partnership.


Greaat coopperation.Mask is really useful in twitter,hope both of you succeed.


I will draft some ideas for the marketing campaign and discuss them in the Guild (and with of course).
We should first check LLC idea about it ( asked about their involvement) before proceeding, I will go on with it today.

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Any step towards making the DAO and all its features more user friendly is only a plus. I would love to see this partnership go ahead in the hopes that TradFi users and the non-banked find it easier to onboard and participate in the ecosystem.


Super idea. Would love to see this move forward.


I definitely like the direction, but I want to caution us against making promises on behalf of the LLC. Naturally, we’ll ask the LLC but it still puts them in a position to accept or deny something the DAO wants. If we set precedent that working with the DAO is a backdoor to get onto the Bankless LLC network, we’ll diminish our own value. Thoughts? @0x_Lucas @luke_spotlong

Marketing guild will help with the campaign 110%


I completely agree. I probably should have emphasized more that the LLC and the DAO are distinct and independent entities, which can share many purposes but not necessarily interdependent.
My wish was to indicate fully what was requested to the DAO and clarify that, regardless of the independent decisions of LLC, the DAO would find a point of agreement

I therefore want to reiterate these fundamental points:

  • BanklessDAO and Bankless LLC are separate entities with distinct and non-interdependent decision-making processes
  • Regardless of the decisions of LLC, the DAO (given the overwhelming support obtained by the proposal) will try to close the agreement with
  • the added value that BanklessDAO would bring to is enormous regardless of the possible involvement of Bankless LLC, for which I acted as a messenger without requiring any commitment

Thanks @Grendel for this proposal!

The DAO is more than welcome to move forward on this (obviously).

On the LLC front, we will discuss this internally over the next week. I’ll dm you on Discord but we’d probably need a more detailed outline of the promotion you’re looking for from the LLC.

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Ah I see. If this is a general partnership with Mask and the DAO, then definitely. Taylor has been actively engaged in our DAO for a while and the product is awesome.

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Taylor from Mask Network here, great to see the enthusiasm from the bankless community. Also good to learn the distinction between the dao and llc. Let’s make this happen together!


sorry im a crypto noob, never used, but sounds like a totally good idea.

Later on, we can also build on some modules to share with users how to use the app on our education guild learning web app.

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Great(太棒了), Great to see to collabrate with Bankless DAO, I got some friends from

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Great proposal. I would love to see this move to the implementation stage, will gladly give a 100% backing to this proposal.

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Haven’t used Mask either @angyts - maybe someone familiar can give a quick overview of how they are using day to day? This will help frame the proposal a bit better for those unfamiliar with the protocol.

I just noticed this doesn’t follow the proposal template. I’m going to move this over to #general

Thanks for the support. This proposal will be reformat in order to follow the template.

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