Gitcoin Grants: Beta Round

GM BanklessDAO

These are the dates for the next round:

Beta Round Dates :spiral_calendar: and Info:

  • Create and edit grants: April 4th - 17th.
  • Submit grants to Core or Featured rounds: April 11th-17th
  • Grant review period: April 17th-24th
  • The Beta grant round: April 25th - May 9th, 2023.

There will be 5 separate Core Rounds— each round is open to grantees who meet both the general and round-specific Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Zk Tech
  2. Open Source Software (OSS)
  3. ETH Infrastructure
  4. Community & Education
  5. Climate Solutions

There will be at least 5 separate Featured Rounds— each round is open to grantees who meet the round-specific Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Supermodular
  2. Token Engineering Commons
  3. DeSci
  4. web3 Social
  5. More to be announced

The current BanklessDAO projects application [Gitcoin | Grant Explorer] includes three projects. If any project is interested in adding themselves here, please paste the exact text that you want to include.

Please DM me for further comments.


Hi @Jengajojo would it be okay to enable comments/questions here?

Yes. I don’t think it’s possible to stop anyone from commenting afaik

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DM incoming ser, thanks for being on this

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  1. Folks who donated in the last round above a minimum threshold are now eligible to collect their hypercert via

Hypercerts are a new token standard for tracking and rewarding positive impact.

Each hypercert represents a unique impact claim capturing the following information:

  • a scope of work and its corresponding scope of impact
  • a set of time frames for both the work and its impact
  • a set of contributors – the organization or people behind the work
  • a set of rights you get by owning a hypercert

The hypercert itself is an ERC-1155 semi-fungible token with the information above stored as metadata on IPFS.

More info: What Are Hypercerts? | Hypercerts

  1. Projects who wish to be part of the beta round, please submit your text before 15th, so we have 2 days to compile and ship the application

IMN and Bankless Africa maybe also be eligible for DEI Round Explained - Gitcoin support along with the OSS matching round. Application submitted :crossed_fingers:

The matching results are out: check out the gitcoin post [Discussion & Proposal] Ratify the Results of Gitcoin’s Beta Round and Formally Request the Community Multisig Holders to Payout Matching Allocations - 🌱 Grants - Gitcoin Governance

We expect 6754 DAI as matching bonus to be divided between 5 participating projects

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