Gitcoin Grants Round 18


Super cool.
In the last meeting of the IMN, @anafante and discodancin we talked about as writing :writing_hand: grant proposals as a service. We always made proposal with the intentions of helping the DAO but also the writers and reviewers, we talked about the general magic initiative that GitCoin has. Do you think it could be possible to create this in our DAO, I mean like a Pimp a Grant XD.

DAOStewards runs grants as a service for the DAO. Happy to collaborate with your ideas. Join us on the weekly sync on thursdays

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As part of GR 18 the following projects will rollover from the previous round:

  • Bankless Academy
  • International Media Nodes
  • Bankless Africa
  • Bankless Publishing

Please respond here before the 7th of August if you wish to include your project with the exact text that you want to include


Yes Jenga, we want to be included, it’s better for us to make our own proposal or embed in the BanklessDAO?

Gm. Gitcoin Governance suggests we make one proposal

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Gm our friends of Nación de Gitcoin Citizens.

We are Nación Bankless a subDAO of BanklessDAO oriented to bring the tools, content and knowledge to the hispano speakers of the world.

With the start of our work in July 2021, we are currently living our first months with teenage pants, discovering, creating and undertaking many projects and discovering the reach of each of our arms and minds in unison.

Today we have the following, which we would be happy for you to continue to support us:

1.- Nación Bankless Substack Newsletter: It has four strands: a.- Nación Bankless, newsletter of translations of BanklessHQ, Metaversal, Bankless Publishing (Merged with BanklessDAO), Decentralized Arts, Weekly RollUps. b.- Diario Nación Bankless, ecosystem news, fast and of high quality and relevance to Latin America. c.-. GM;NB, three times a week summary of all publications, news, videos, podcasts and relevant threads. d.- Locura Bankless, our most recent newsletter currently aimed at people about financial education and how not to lose their money in crypto, with risk management and evaluation of trends and indicators. Our actual viewership is near 12.3 K views per month, it’s amazing how we are growing, thanks to you and Latam.

2.- Nación Bankless AV, we have a youtube channel, currently with 1000 monthly visits, high quality content, audio and video of the same definition and standards, with the builders of the ecosystem, a space to talk and learn about everything. With news sections, interviews and projects.

3.- CoordiNación Bankless: Committee within the Bankless Nation aimed at the evaluation of emerging projects, economic direction of the DAO and voting and categorization systems. Members who will be responsible for the evaluation and oversight of ethics and governance in accordance with the bankless constitution.

4.- Comunidad Nación Bankless: Currently with 135 people on Telegram chatting every day, 14 participants on Discord, coordinated by tools such as SAFE, DeWork, Notion, Sobol, tools that allow us to achieve the highest possible number of decentralized and traceable iteration, with 2024 followers on “X” and 484 on Instagram.

5.- Proyectos Nación Bankless: Bankless Legal: Today, we have made two calls totally focused on legal and jurisprudence aspects in Latin America, in Spanish and with experts. El Club de la Pelea: this is in construction, with every penny that we had, we are going to save it, and try to help and fund projects, in rounds with Gitcoin in the near future. Public goods: We have launched proposals in Arbitrum to provide homeless people in Merida with shoes, food and transportation in nearby hospitals. In the near future, part of the funds raised will go towards cleaning beaches, onboarding new members to achieve the Bankless ethos: Work and a living wage, coupled with a universal minimum income.


Thanks @CryptoReuMD

Can you confirm that this project is not eligible for the LatAm side round? This is a separate round which does not have the same constraints as the open round

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gm gm! Thanks for dialing this in ser :pray:

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Hello this is a separate project from the round. Meta Pool submission it’s pending. =)

After the evaluation and the important conflict of interest that could happen within BanklessDAO and Nacion Bankless community in Gitcoin forums and proposal we decided to step down the process of getting a independent funding round for Meta Pool. These are the reason:
1.- In the section for Gitcoin Grants exclusion criteria’s says: “A single grant can only qualify for matching from one Core Round pool during GG18”, so we prefer to apply within BanklessDAO, as we are a sole community.
2.- For Meta Pool Grants, the intentions is to help more Latin American projects, and we are sure that are some other goods that need help for this round we are very pleased for this, and helping more projects it’s greater than their own funding proposal.s
3.- We are aligned with the BanklesDAO Constitution and ethos, it’s better for us as being a public good with no other intentions and continue helping our community than getting advantage in the matching round for LATAM, being us a already grantee team from BanklessDAO.

Matching results:

Project Votes Donations Matching bonus
BanklessDAO 248.00 749.63 9879.70
Bankless Academy 122.00 286.84 4325.75
Bankless Africa 77.00 419.06 3797.98
Bankless Publishing 54.00 192.14 1562.19
Bankless Japan Launch Proposal in Gitcoin 67.00 248.93 1385.67
BanklessUA 73.00 184.10 1170.76
Bankless Turkish 49.00 104.47 900.18
Crypto Sapiens 26.00 120.20 599.41
Global Events 36.00 72.48 477.92
Nación Bankless 38.00 114.83 468.06
Bankless Malayalam 27.00 71.23 248.27
DAOstewards 27.00 69.40 216.60
International Media Nodes 23.00 77.95 255.66
BanklessMagyar 17.00 87.90 117.04
Total 2799.17 25405.17
Compared to the previous round, the DAO and it’s projects made 2X revenue

Nice, congratulations to everyone that has mad a proposal and started this journey. Nice to be here with you friends.