Goodghosting BanklessDAO Pool proposal

Title: Goodghosting BanklessDAO Pool proposal

Read the proposal: Discord introduction

Authors: @Grendel #3875 , @Eagle_lex Bartolus

Date: Aug 16, 2021


GoodGhosting is a DeFi savings game. Through its smart contracts you can compete with others and get higher interest rates than when you would save by yourself. Deposits are made in stablecoins (i.e. DAI) to a savings pool smart contract. This savings pool runs for a fixed time duration (e.g. on month) during which players have to make regular deposits (e.g. weekly). Meanwhile interest accrues in audited DeFi platforms such as Aave. At the end, everyone gets back their initial deposit. But interestingly: the interest (as well as additional rewards) are only shared with the winning players that made all their deposits. This way regular savers get rewarded extra, while no one loses any money.

GoodGhosting would like to launch a BanklessDAO-exclusive savings pool. This will accept DAI on the Polygon PoS network.


Deepcryptodive | GoodGhosting#1044, representative of GoodGhosting and BanklessDAO member himself, contacted the DAO at the end of June and then in mid-August to offer the possibility of creating a pool dedicated to BanklessDAO. GoodGhosting also offers to sponsor the pool with at least 1250 DAI (coming from a grant by Aave). GoodGhosting is part of the Social DeFi Alliance supported by the BanklessDAO.
Since the pool can be limited to entry, participation could be allowed only to those who hold more than 35,000 BANK (or the equivalent in LP tokens) or a Bankless Badge.

Supporting documentation:


The proposal makes it easy and possible to save crypto in a social setting with fellow DAO members. Using the GoodGhosting protocol could be therefore considered as an educational initiative, to promote sound financial habits. GoodGhosting is fully aligned with the Bankless ethos: it is fully non-custodial, open source and does not take a fee on the rewards that are generated.


Upon acceptance by the DAO, GoodGhosting will proceed with the implementation of the pool with the specifications that will be agreed. Once ready, the pool will be accessible by all members who meet the minimum requirements of BANK or LP tokens or Bankless Badge owned (if possible).


GoodGhosting intends to offer to sponsor the pool with at least 1250 DAI. BanklessDAO could co-sponsor the pool with the same dollar-value in BANK tokens.

The pool will not generate revenues for BanklessDAO, only users will be rewarded.

Support marketing actions are envisaged which can be summarized as follows:

  • campaign coordinator: 8 / h
  • content creators: 20 / h
  • analyst: 6 / h


The pool will carry the name of BanklessDAO. Each marketing action will be agreed with the counterpart in order to comply with the branding and ethical guidelines.


The success of the project will depend on the number of members involved and the enthusiasm the initiative will generate.


Communicate acceptance to GoodGhosting
Establish the specifications of the pool & co-sponsorship
Define the support marketing campaign
Create the content for the marketing campaign
Start the marketing campaign
Start the pool

  • I agree with the proposal
  • It needs more work
  • I disagree with the proposal

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Could Bankless DAO get some ROI even if small?

This is an interesting idea and, along with Pool Together, highlights benefits of DeFi to new users while being educational and rewarding on many levels.

I would be interested in helping create content and being involved in the marketing.

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cool. this is like pooltogether right?

Maybe after a while, we are going to do it the way.

One click deposit, it will go to pooltogether, goodghosting, balancer pool, sushiswap and NFT raffle hahahaa…

Bankless DAO ultimate one click farm LOL.

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GoodGhosting team checked and confirmed fee can be collected and redistribute to the DAO at the end of the game. I am for it, this way all the DAO will gain from it.

Of course. When you have time, please introduce yourself in the marketing guild

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Awesome. Switched to yes.

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Hi, I filled out the form on Discord for the marketing guild. Thank you.

It is somewhat like PoolTogether yes, but one big difference is that GoodGhosting is focused on predictable and steady gains instead of one big lottery win. People get rewarded when they save money on a regular basis, rather than having to get lucky. You’ll always come out on top, if you stick to your goal.

There are also allot more gamification and social elements coming to GoodGhosting (e.g. leaderboards, NFT avaters, etc).


After 8 days 100% of the feedback was positive, I proceed with the creation of the channel and the start of the project.
Thanks to all those who voted and gave useful information to improve the idea.
BanklessDAO is awesome


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