Helix.im AI Chat Support - Trial


Let’s install a free trial of Helix.im AI chat bot in the BanklessDAO Discord server to help us onboard new users to our DAO.

See the recent Helix demo we hosted here: Web3 Project Demos - Helix - YouTube

Visit the Helix website here: https://helix.im


Helix is an AI powered chat bot + community engagement tool. Helix integrates directly into a Discord server or website to answer community questions based on existing documentation (e.g. our Notion pages). If the user requires further clarification, or if the bot can’t sufficiently answer, the user can request human support. The human support stage creates a ticket in Discord where community experts can respond directly.

If accepted, BanklessDAO will begin a 1 month trial of Helix.im and start designing a robust community support system that works in all Discord channels. Community experts will earn contribution points which can be rewarded retroactively, if funded.


This community support initiative helps support the BanklessDAO mission and values on multiple levels.

  • Ease the onboarding process for new members - people with basic questions (like “how do I collect my POAP” or “how to I connect my wallet”) will get instant responses from the chat bot, therefore reducing bounce rate due to lack of engagement
  • 24-7-365 support - Helix AI operates continuously
  • Enable a community of experts - community members can apply to become “experts”. Experts will be able to answer advanced questions. A ticketing system will be used to manage user questions and expert answers.
  • Reward participation - the goodwill of experts can be more closely tracked and rewarded on a regular basis. These metrics will also be composable with other existing tools like Thrivecoin, creating a robust and automated engagement flow.
  • Network effect - Helix will be automatically integrated with all guilds, departments, and projects building in the BanklessDAO Discord. Sub-DAOs will get free access.


Helix is a Discord bot integration provided by Helix.im. If approved, the BanklessDAO ops team will integrate the Helix bot and create a ticketing channel to manage community support tickets.

BanklessDAO will be provided with a dashboard on the Helix.im website to manage and rate experts, view questions and answers, and tweak outputs.


This is a free one month trial. Once we have successfully installed the chat bot, we will gauge initial implementation and submit a formal proposal for a paid implementation

Monthly cost after free trial is estimated at 5,000 BANK per month.


After our free trial Helix.im will feature BanklessDAO on their website and reference our community in case studies.


We will measure success based on the following:

  • The bot being used on a regular basis
  • Helix is providing relevant and helpful answers
  • Experts are able to engage community members in a more efficient way


Should this proposal be accepted, BanklessDAO ops department will integrate the Helix bot and create a ticketing channel to manage community support tickets.


NF Thinker - core BanklessDAO contributor and member of multiple projects and initiatives

Links - core BanklessDAO contributor, recently reactivated Grants Committee member, Bankless Card champion, and member of multiple other projects and initiatives


Please be aware, Helix.im is not a competitor to the recent Mosaic project posted by @manuelmaccou. In fact, once operational, Mosaic could be a great way to qualify experts before allowing them to participate in Helix.im question answering.


  • Yes - let’s do it!
  • No - I’ve left a comment below
  • I suggest something different

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So here’s what’s interesting.

I know of some other projects, DAOLens, Catapault, and others, that I personally know more of, yet helix, I do not know.

I believe there was a walkthrough of this last week?

What was the sentiment of that walkthrough?

I think that unless we are giving time to try out different options, I wouldn’t be able to vote yes on this, BUT! That’s not because I think one way or another of helix, but potentially because we could do a trial with other options, either before helix, or at the same time, and do a bit more of an experiment.

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if people aren’t reading the notions and help that is already available i doubt folks will read what an AI tells them

I didn’t think DAOlens had an AI chat bot, and I don’t think I’ve heard of Catapult before. Could you post some links to their parity features?

I agree looking at all available options is a great way forward, but we should also avoid choice paralysis.

Edit: the demo feedback was solid


I respectfully disagree. Spoon feeding answers in a discord message is a much lower barrier to entry than asking people to find a needle in a haystack.



Perhaps there could be a bit of a mix of tools if need be.

Alright. You’ve changed my mind

But maybe the approach could be different using various tools at a time, instead of them all. Let’s see what this helix trial shows us!

Hi NF Thinker, Catapult has stopped onboarding new communities at the moment :cry:. So not a viable option at this point.

Helix sounds interesting!

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Welp! But this is still a good idea with helix. @NFThinker , you’ve sold me.

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I definitely see a good opportunity between this and my Mosaic proposal. A couple communities are exploring ways to use Mosaic to create greater participation among their members. One way I see this working with Helix at BanklessDAO is when you determine who your experts are, give them the role of “Ambassador”, or something similar. You can reward ambassadors for answering questions from the broader Web3 network on Mosaic as well as Helix. I’m exploring different badging systems and credentialing to represent an individual’s expertise. I’d be happy to experiment with you all on this if you go with Helix.

Yes for sure! I see ways of integrating and benefitting from both Helix and Mosaic.

Personally I can see Mosaic users earning cred through answering community questions. Those creds could give them “expert” level access in the Helix ecosystem.

Loads to explore there, and looking forward to getting you and Ashu in a conversation.