Hello All, my name is Jim and I just wanted to let everyone know how fascinating this project is to me on so many different levels. I am particularly excited about the egalitarian ethos of this project and how the latest developments in DAO and blockchain technology can help to level the playing field and provide hope and opportunity for those like myself who feel betrayed by the current corpocracy. Since 1975 the wealth equality in this country has declined so steadily that 1% of the population now holds the vast majority of the wealth in this Country while the middle class is being systematically wiped out. The affected people represent the thinkers and doers of this Nation who are being shortchanged by greed and corruption aided and abetted by a corrupt government that has lost sight of the very purpose of it’s existence, e.g., to serve the needs of the citizenry. None of what I am saying is new and in fact it’s becoming the legacy of our Nation. What is new and what is both exciting and fascinating, is that people like you (the creators, developers, and contributors of/to Bankless DAO) are building a ship of hope that is nothing short of a revolution in the way we live, work, and sustain life on this planet. The responsibility for securing the egalitarian nature of your mission is incredibly serious and if I can contribute in any manner, it would be of the utmost privilege. Cheers!


Hej Jambo and welcome on board! Make sure to check out the dao on discord and introduce yourself t get involved. BanklessDAO strong!

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Hiya Jim. Appreciate your sentiments. Welcome.

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Welcome – and I agree completely – and I would never disparage Ethereum, but as the saying goes, ‘Bitcoin fixes this’… The source of every issue we have in the US and likely globally, whether it be war, corruption, poverty, crime, discrimination – it all can be traced directly or indirectly back to fiat currency. Without the ability to create currency out of thin air, the problems would be minimized and it would be in the best interests of all to solve these situations. The horrible, sociopathic people that run the banking system, are in the news media, and who get into politics, would all be replaced… Good people would be able to participate without fear of being destroyed by the soul-less animals that ascend to power in the current structure…
As far as DAO’s, like this one, it is most definitely a pioneering effort & quest to find paths by which a borderless community founded on sound money and merit based rewards can organize into broader communities that serve the great good.

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Having trouble navigating my way into discourse, any tips you can share?

Of course!

First of all, you can check out our “wikipedia” page aka the Bankless DAO notion. Don’t get overwhelmed by all the links and docs, familiarise yourself with the notion step by step and start with the “Start Here” section and docs like “Getting started cheat sheet”. Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
Join the discord channel, do the first quest and introduce yourself in the “introduce yourself” channel by sharing your background and what you would be interested to do within the DAO. The bDAO members will kindly give you guidance with your next steps and help you get involved.