Bankless DAO constitution

I have put this together as a kind of rough draft constitution for Bankless values. If the way to scale the Bankless movement is through allowing nodes to operate under the Bankless banner in a network, then these Bankless propagators need a document of sorts to refer to so we can all make sure that we’re aligned under the same vision.
Also it serves as a kind of standard to compare against to ensure nodes are properly realizing the mission.
As has been proposed elsewhere, entities can stake to the network using BANK in exchange for Node status. These nodes can potentially get slashed for “bad behaviour” getting their BANK expropriated back to the Bankless treasury. Obviously this is something nobody wants so if we clearly define our goals and values then there will be no ambiguity about what qualifies as a “slashable offence.”

I would like feedback on what you guys think. What would you like to add or take away? What values needs better articulation? This is an incomplete list and I could definitely use some co-authors. Let’s hash this out together.

Bankless DAO Constitution

Our mission: to help the world go bankless.
Bankless DAO is a decentralized community to coordinate and propagate bankless media, culture, and education. It’s goal is to drive adoption and awareness of truely bankless money systems like Ethereum, DeFi, and Bitcoin.
It achieves this goal through the collective participation of its community.

Bankless DAO is committed to:

  1. Truthful dissemination information and developments in the crypto world.
  2. Educating the public on Bankless money systems such as Ethereum, Bitcoin and Defi.
  3. Helping new users get started with Bankless money systems. Providing resources and information on how to take sovereignty over ones finances.
  4. Transmitting this education in as many languages as possible.

Bankless DAO is committed to:
Transparency & Credible Neutrality

  1. Being credibly neutral. Bankless doesn’t discriminate for or against certain groups and people.
  2. Being apolitical and non partisan. Bankless does not advocate for social or political causes that do not fit into the mission statement of helping the world go Bankless.
  3. Being inclusive and non divisive. Bankless aims to be a global movement that incorporates many different cultural, religious and ethnic groups.
  4. Disclaiming holdings and not abusing its platform for private gain. (Eg. pump and dump/rug pull schemes)

Bankless DAO is committed to:

  1. Creating an organization that does not have a centralized point of authority or leadership and yet still maintaining the core values of Bankless within each separate entity.

Bankless DAO is committed to:
Public Governance

  1. Having governance over the DAO seeded to the members of its community.
  2. Being the mechanism for community coordination and the executor of community sanctioned actions

I think this is looking really nice so far. I’d love to help out and collaborate with you!

I have a few typographical changes and some sentence structure changes for clarity’s sake, but I don’t think this is the time for that.

I’ve got a few thoughts after a first pass and I’m sure I’ll read it a few more times and maybe come up with some more feedback at a later date.

I think this:

might not be strictly accurate, though I understand the spirit of what you’re trying to convey. Something along the lines of “reach people in whatever languages they’re speaking” might be a more practical goal for the DAO to focus on than translating to as many languages as possible. At the end of the day, It may better serve our values to prioritize reaching more people in a given mutually-intelligible language-group than a perfectly-executed narrow-cast to a particular dialectic region or something.

I know that’s an incredibly pedantic and hair-splitty point, but every group has to have “that guy.” :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also something we should add to the decentralization section is that we stand for the rights and liberties of the individual. This idea seems quite central to the crypto-space writ large and there have been several times this topic has even cropped up in the podcast. There’s frequently discussions about things like censorship, privacy, autonomy and the role of the “nation-state” which are technically not the same as individual liberty but are simultaneously not not about individual liberty either. I live in the US and I often see the discussion of individual liberties being wrongly conflated with “politics” so by including a statement to this effect we can distinguish this issue as an independent idea.

Love what you’ve got going so far, though! Let me know if you’d like me to clarify anything I said.


Great first draft. Great perspective by all. I agree with Leemers, translate into as many languages as possible. I love to write and would be happy to contribute in any way needed. Buy honestly, this is great. Can we use a Google doc at some point so we can leave some constructive feedback/perspective?

Go Team Bankless!

Fantastic, this has my full support and endorsement

@ToteHoser @Bitsov55

Here’s a link let me know if it works. Feel free to cut and hack. This is a community effort!


Great start… Right on track…


Love this!!! I’ve been working on a similar concept of guidelines and standards like constitutions and decrees. For DeFi projects and other projects that are focused on decentralization.

It’s awesome to see a strategic approach to forming values and guidelines that unite communities in this space. :star_struck:

This is the beginning to a fantastic DAO and a resilient Bankless Nation!

If you have anything input we would love it! There is a Google doc you can access if you like.

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Looking through it now!

Love it so far! I may make some comments :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I like what I’ve read, keep extrapolating down this path. Perhaps it doesn’t need to say ‘bankless’ so frequently??

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One thing I don’t see mentioned… as a DAO are we chain agnostic?

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I thought we were all Eth maxi’s? Jk. Ya I guess because our goal is to educate the public on Ethereum, Bitcoin and Defi, technically that encompasses many different chains. So we would have an interoperable approach to education?
Is that what you were thinking?
Or more along the lines of deploying code on alternate chains?
I guess our DAO is a little unique in the way that we have people executing actions rather than autonomous code

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Yep exactly, just referring to education here. Any code deployment/on-chain actions should stay on ETH, but since we say “DeFi”, which will soon encompass other (decentralized) chains, I think it would be helpful to know if we are an agnostic group or not. I know some may be against it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an ETH head to the bone, but to be maxi anything is naive in my opinion. Since Ryan and David only focus on the ETH ecosystem, I think that creates an opportunity for content creators/educators to focus on other defi ecosystems as well such as Polkadot and Cosmos.


Great start. There’s two elements I think could be stressed more. One is financial inclusion such as “We stand for leapfrogging legacy approaches so unbanked billions become bankless”. The other emanates from concern that as success occurs existing power structures will look to this document for attack vectors. More strongly indicating “we support adherence to all legal regulations while collaborating with stakeholders to design a better future”.


Finally read this. Great stuff, I can’t wait to see the next draft.

I’m in agreement with yall on chain agnostic. Personally, I’m bullish on Polkadot.


Ya definitely! Those are great, add it in!

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I wrote a bit about baking in chain agnostic and non-maxi values here: Non-Ethereum chains - Inclusion as big as our vision

Some of this might fit in the constitution in the form of a statement of values. Let me know if there is interest in doing this.

I also think that we could refine the mission further. I like that this first section was pulled from RSA’s email introducing the DAO. I just think the mission can be distilled. RSA’s 10 Things about a DAO from May 7 distinguishes the goals of the DAO, which are narrower and focused on curation of talent and contribution, from the goals of the broader Bankless community, which has the broadest goals of equality and financial revolution.

I wonder if we could create a simple vision statement which captures the broader goals of Bankless, and then use the mission statement to specify how the DAO specifically achieves the vision.

Vision: One Billion Bankless.
Mission: Bankless DAO coordinates and curates talent and contribution to propagate Bankless media, culture, and education, driving adoption of bankless money systems including Ethereum, DeFi, and Bitcoin.

What do you think? I’m trying to pull together the threads of both of these emails from RSA about the goal of the DAO.


Yes I think that’s a great amendment to the mission statement.
I read your post on inclusion. I think it is very important and can’t be understated.
This industry changes so fast that we if we don’t have a flexible approach to new developments in this space we will miss out on major opportunities. Think of how many Bitcoin maxies missed out on Eth because of their ideological entrenchments.
Or even all the Banks who disregarded all the developments in this space and now we are on the verge of watching the power of Defi completely rock their industry. Organizations that aren’t dynamic always stagnate and ossify.
Add your bit into the Google doc, this is great stuff!

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I think this is an excellent start to developing a constitution. Having the values and mission put down in a concrete way paves the path for all things developed and proposed under the Bankless umbrella, including the proposal I brought forth regarding starting BanklessCHI - this is exactly what needs to occur before a proposal like mine can get brought forth.

Awesome start, and cannot wait to see what is brought forth officially.