Mad Hatter MGMT Season 5 Proposal

Thank you, @LordRanchoatos1813. I agree, there is so much potential here. I’m looking forward to seeing how Mad Hatter may further support the DAO, should this proposal be funded. I appreciate your support! :pray:


Thank you for your support, @Mofiyin :pray:


Thank you for your support, @McEal :pray:


Thank you very much, @Crown :pray:


How so, @ernest_of_gaia? I suggest that the guest pass automation, username spam filter automation, and coordinape sign up delivery features alone are worth pursuing continued development. Could this just be a matter of lack of awareness of what Mad Hatter is capable of that leads you to believe this project shouldn’t be funded? If this is the case, then I argue that the educational concerns addressed in the proposal will help you and others become knowledgeable on it’s many use cases.

Or, in your estimation, should the bot be shut down? And if so, why? This bot is arguably not extraneous to bDAO operations. And without funding, there is no bot. Deployment costs money, and maintenance takes time and effort.


This is one crucial automation system within the DAO and has helped a lot, lets keep this up.


Awesome! Thank you for your support, @israelrex :pray:


And here i was thinking MadHatter never really served a meaningful purpose other than send random replies to messages and make random jokes. To think it does this much, i can rightly connect the dots now and see how beneficial and important its presence is in bDAO.

I will totally agree with Tony on having an amount set aside for managing the bot, rather than having to apply for funds.

This project, I’m in support of.


Thank you, @Leahpar! I’m happy to read that this has changed your perception of Mad Hatter! Much of what the bot does runs behind the scenes, so aside from the snarky asides the bot occasionally drops, there is quite a bit it manages regarding our Discord server. I appreciate you taking the time to understand Mad Hatter better, and appreciate your support of this project :pray:


Agree,the bot has always been useful, so this is welcome.


I spoke to @ernest_of_gaia on this topic and you are right about the improve education on MadHatter. Ernest also pointed to the idea of bDAO members being able to submit feature request, as this will bridge the communication barrier between the members and the development team.

I just learnt about the wenHelp team in charge of this communication, I think this team also needs better exposure.

P.S. Ernest also made the post to spark discussion on the MadHatter topic


mad support here!! mad hatter literally my fav bot

This shouldn’t be debatable, The Dao at large needs Mad Hatter and We Know It!!! Great project

yeah exactly, actually a crucial and highly memorable part of the dao

Appreciate the time and effort that went into this proposal. My curiosity is around the PM role and how it integrates with the PM Guild. If the PM isn’t sourced from there and there isn’t an application process how can we create alignment in the practices to be followed.

Mad Hatter is a wonderful project, I support the development. It is a useful tool in bdao.


To save on development work, I suggest Crew 3 provides superb features, and could be adapted to take account of squad building needs.

For me it is step two on the ideation process, so I’ll happily get involved, I want to work on this anyway.

My plan is to build all of the following on distinct Crew 3 modules, I’d love to join a crew on this.

Ideas :arrow_right: Team Building :arrow_right: Proposal :arrow_right: Project :arrow_right: Product :arrow_right: Data Analytics :arrow_right: Sustainability :arrow_right: Growth Strategy

I would be happy to support this fully if the Guest Pass aspect is reviewed entirely.

Guest Pass labelling is wildly misused, because there’s no distinction between folk who have been through onboarding and folk who haven’t.

Bank account balance is not the way to tell.

My own proposal needs more work, but suggests that GP needs rather more thought than this.

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Could you elaborate.

Folk use the tags Guest Pass to notify folk they think still need onboarding, when many have already been onboarded.

I don’t want to get loads of notices through for things I don’t need and / or have already done.

As a media DAO, we can do much better on targeting messages, seeking opt in options, rather than second guessing folks interests based on their bank levels.

I also think there needs to be an L1 club, or thread, for new L1s to decide what to do next. I qualified, and then hit a vacuum.

And I’m not sure I want L2 because of the admin looking after Guest Passes, it’s a disincentive for me. Hence my strong feeling there are better ways to manage onboarding in bDAO.

This lack of attention from bDAO must surely be a factor as to why interest wanes for some L1/L2.

@links @LiviuC

You’ve been very helpful or offered, I’d like if nothing else to simply register my feelings on this, and any action that can be suggested or taken will be a real bonus.