Operations Department Season 9 Funding Proposal

Authors; Editors: Rowan, 0xZfi, McEal, anointingthompson, links, raybankless
Date created: July 15, 2023
Date posted: July 21, 2023
Affiliation: InfoSec, Governance, Treasury
Funds requested: 1,518,337 BANK
Department wallet: eth:0x47F238eF7F6B9e4f8452d77228B101f7c0419733


Department Description

Main responsibilities include: bots, cartography, communications, tooling, DAO-wide member compensation (formerly via Coordinape), membership perks, community management, documenting efficiencies between Guilds and DAOs, seasonal planning, surveying and analyzing behaviors and sentiments within the DAO.

Past activities

Notable elements of S8 include: continuously refining and improving Ops Department processes, receiving tooling collaboration requests and implementing pilots (e.g. Otterspace / Collab.land Badge Program, ThriveCoin), implementing new roles and work streams as they are needed, and acting as a hub for the DAO, providing value via ongoing support.

Beyond the notable elements above, the Ops Department has seen some significant changes to the MadHatter work stream in Season 8. The MadHatter bot project was incorporated under the Ops Department as a work stream in Season 6 but after discussion that took place in Season 8, the MadHatter team has decided to cease development of the MadHatter bot, which will be deployed to the Ops Department who will take on the responsibility of maintaining relevant features for the foreseeable future. The MadHatter bot provided a number of features tailored to the needs of bDAO including, but not limited to, Guest Pass allocation and renewal. The Ops Department will assume responsibility for this function and is exploring 3rd party mini-apps via the Collab.land marketplace that provide this functionality.

Prior to the decision to cease development of the MadHatter bot, the First Quest bot had been deployed to the MadHatter team for further development and support. Similarly, the Ops Department will assume responsibility for any future development of the First Quest bot and/or sourcing 3rd party apps that fulfill the same function.

Throughout Season 8 Ops members have continued to diligently fulfill their responsibilities and make sure the tools bDAO needs are available and working, and Ops Department contributors continue to develop policies and governance processes.


The Operations Department has been and will continue to be a pillar of strength and reliability for the DAO. We study what has worked, what hasn’t, and make changes to our processes accordingly. We are constantly improving and defining our scope of work as well as making our current processes and frameworks as efficient as possible.


Season 9 Anticipated Spend: 1,606,847 BANK + 200,000 BANK buffer

BanklessDAO Treasury Ask: 1,806,847 BANK - 288,510 BANK rollover = 1,518,337 BANK

For a detailed breakdown of the Financial Implications, including role and work stream allocations, please see the detailed proposal.


In Season 8 the Ops Department assumed responsibility for the functions of the MadHatter and First Quest bots and will continue to explore in-house and 3rd party options to ensure the functions of these bots are fulfilled.

The Ops Department will continue to develop governance and policy improvements to ensure optimal departmental operation and security. Some examples of said governance initiatives include progressive compensation increases for long-tenured roles, minimum requirements that any contributor must possess in order to seek election for a role, and a weighted election system where, for example, the votes of role holders and core Ops contributors may have greater weight than newer, or less experienced Ops members.

Should the Operations Department decide to implement progressive compensation increases for long-tenured roles, a compensation structure will be developed that includes a base rate along with maximum increases across the time duration for evaluation (likely seasonally). Maximum increases for each cycle likely won’t be guaranteed and will be based on the role holder’s performance.

The Apprentice Program will serve as a training and redundancy mechanism in an effort to ensure the Operations Department maintains a pool of skilled contributors.

The Ops Department will continue to ensure its long-tenured role holders are accountable via a seasonal self-directed narrative debrief for collective review. These seasonal debriefs will be reviewed and voted on/approved by the Operations Department active membership. If the vote does not pass, the role will be posted for election.

Beyond the above detailed endeavors, we will continue to work to keep the DAO running as efficiently as possible and improve upon current processes.

  • Continuing to map the DAO’s activities via Sobol
  • Continuing to fund Notion Administration
  • Improve and iterate on Seasonal Planning
  • Focus on bDAO tooling solutions and public goods


Survey Analysis
(NPS) is a widely used market research metric that typically takes the form of a single survey question asking respondents to rate the likelihood that they would recommend a company, product, or a service to a friend or colleague.
Note: This work stream has become dormant as it previously relied on bDAO use of Coordinape as a means to gather feedback from members. This work stream has proven to be a meaningful and valuable tool for feedback from bDAO membership and other avenues for feedback mechanisms are currently being explored.

Survey Results Implementation
Working with the results of the NPS, the Implementor will ensure feedback and requested changes are considered and acted upon.
Note: This work stream has been placed on hold as it previously relied on bDAO use of Coordinape as a means to gather feedback from members. This work stream has proven to be a meaningful and valuable tool for feedback from bDAO membership and other avenues for feedback mechanisms are currently being explored.

Community Calls
Coordinate the weekly Community Calls, including MC, speakers, roundtable, and streaming/recording.

Notion Administration / Documentation
Keeping all administrative and instructional documentation updated and easily accessible is important to all guilds and projects. Also important is the safety and integrity of this core documentation.

  • Documentation Administration
    • Create general DAO documentation (documents meant for DAO-wide consumption)
    • Ensure general DAO documents are accurate and up-to-date
    • Create how-to technical documentation
  • Notion Administration and Coordination
    • Coordinate with guilds to appoint Notion administrators
    • Review permissions and groups setup with guilds
    • Create best practices for Notion workflow
    • Respond to any security concerns/breaches with Notion workspaces

Seasonal Planning

  • Establish dates and surface processes for proceeding with the next season
  • Gather Project and Guild budgets
  • Grants Committee rotation
  • Incorporate seasonal changes into Seasonal Spec
  • Iterate on Seasonal Spec processes, as per DAO feedback and governance changes
  • Upload to Snapshot
  • Season Kick-Off Event with BanklessHQ on Twitter

Discord Administration

  • Bot integrations and management
  • Category & Channel management
  • Permissions management
  • Documentation in Notion of Admin processes for level 2 guidance of decentralized expansion
  • Spam mitigation
  • Moderation and violations of community standards enforcement (Bans)
  • Role management
  • Role selection management
  • FAQ synchronization
  • Announcement posting


  • Maintain member DAOrectory
    • Integrate effectively to onboarding practices so new members fill in profiles
    • Maintain SobolBot in the Discord server to map Discord role-tags to Sobol user permissions (and soon guild/project membership).
  • Maintain an up to date DAO Community Map
  • Continuously explore ways our DAOMap can be enhanced to improve:
    • Team and Role information tracking
    • Work coordination
    • Funding accountability (e.g. Milestone reporting for funded projects)
    • Treasury Transparency and Management

Tally/VaultWarden Administration

This workstream centers around giving DAO contributors access to Tally Pro (for surveys) and VaultWarden (for password management).

  • Administration and Documentation
    • Create how-to documentation to make it easy for DAO members to use Tally Pro and VaultWarden
    • Add users to Tally Pro and VaultWarden as needed
    • Provide product support to DAO users
  • VaultWarden Hosting and Maintenance
    • Coordinate with Infosec to keep VaultWarden secure and reliable
      • Potentially pass hosting from Ops → Infosec
    • Create maintenance documentation to make it easy to maintain


  • Tally groups: 21 (+130% from Jan 2023)
  • Tally users: 50 (+56% from Jan 2023)
  • VaultWarden groups: 21 (+40% from Jan 2023)
  • VaultWarden users: 72 (+50% from Jan 2023)

Ops Apprentice Program

This program serves to provide opportunities for newcomers to learn and contribute, and to provide redundancy to these roles in the event one of the role holders should need to step down.

bDAO Branding Coordination

An effort to create unity and consistency across the DAO in the use of bDAO branding elements, and for continued updating of these branding elements. It’s essential that the DAO maintain a coherent and professional external expression, this workstream serves to ensure that happens.
In the past the Operations Department had allocated funding to this work stream in an attempt to promote better coordination and direction but it became apparent that further discussion on the purpose and application of this work stream. Should funding be required for a position of formal coordination or other compensated roles, the Operations Department is prepared to accommodate, subject to consensus within the department.


Factor KPI Success Metric
Policy & Governance Developments # of ratified changes to Department Policy and Governance #≥2
Work Stream Support of bDAO # of fulfilled active Work Stream functions (e.g. Discord Work Stream successfully supports bDAO Discord needs) #≥7



  1. Disburse funding to Operations Department Work Stream multisig wallets per the budget in this proposal.
  2. Continue standard Department operations and support of bDAO.


  • Approve
  • Abstain
  • Reject
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Gm @chunz and Ops, I’m the Grants Rev for Ops this season and am trying to understand the exact costs. Can you provide us with a detailed brake of tooling and Admin costs (people facilitating these roles)

We are also collecting infra cost to facilitate the functioning of the DAO,
would appreciate if you could provide that too.

Hey @0xbaer - just wanted to let you know we’re working on it and will provide the requested info asap. :pray: