Operations Department Season 6 Proposal

Operations Department Season 6 Proposal

Author: Rowan#3669
Date Posted: October 13, 2022


Main responsibilities include: bots, cartography, comms, tooling, member compensation, membership perks, community management, documenting efficiencies between Guilds and DAOs, seasonal planning, surveying and analyzing behaviors and sentiments within the DAO

Highlights of S5 include continuously defining and improving Ops Guild processes on an continuous basis, creating and implementing new roles and workstreams as they are needed (i.e. Tally/VaultWarden), and providing value to the DAO via ongoing support.

A number of new workstreams were defined in Season 5, including an Apprentice Program and bDAO Branding Coordination. The Season Transition Workstream was also significantly expanded and developed to reflect actual time and work investment, as well as to include funding for Marketing Guild contributor efforts as a fee-for-service model where Ops hires Marketing Guild for season transitions.

Operations Guild has and will continue to be a pillar of strength for the community providing public goods for the health and well-being of the DAO. We study what has worked, what hasn’t, and make changes accordingly through the B-dip standard. We are constantly improving and defining our scope of work as well as making our current processes and frameworks as efficient as possible.

Season 6 Anticipated Spend 1,919,985 BANK + 200,000 BANK buffer

BanklessDAO Treasury Ask: 2,119,985 BANK - 250,000 rollover = 1,869,985 BANK

Season 5 Budget Summary

S5 total budget was 1,250,000 BANK
Extra BANK identified in the multisig from previous seasons: 170,000 BANK
S5 total allocated as of 14 Oct 2022 was 1,153,928 BANK
S5 Anticipated Rollover = 266,075 BANK

Season 6 Plans and Goals

In Season 6 we plan to fully implement the planned Apprentice Program, providing clear opportunities for newcomers to learn and get involved, and provide redundancy in the event existing role holders need to step down.

Perhaps most significantly, as part of this proposal Ops proposes to absorb the MadHatter project as its purpose is to provide support solely to bDAO. This may set a precedent for bDAO and warrants careful consideration. The intent would be that MadHatter continue to be considered a Project, though Ops would assume its reporting and accountability responsibilities (e.g. KPIs). These KPIs or adapted accountability requirements could be shared as part of Ops’ seasonal funding requests.

In Season 6, Ops intends to partner with Otterspace and collab.land to explore opportunities for establishing automated protocols for permissions and access to things like compensation and election participation. This pertains to one of the poll items in the Season 6 Community Vote regarding Verifiable Credentials. More details to come as Season 6 unfolds…

Beyond the above detailed endeavors, we will continue to work to keep the DAO running as efficiently as possible and improve upon current processes.

  • Continuing to map the DAO’s activities via Sobol
  • Continuing to fund Notion Administration
  • Operating regular Coordinape Rounds
  • Scope and integrate Community Manager Role
  • Improve and iterate on Seasonal Planning
  • Scope out Revenue Generating Projects for the DAO.
  • Heavy focus on B-DAO Public Goods for the betterment of all

For more detail, please see:

  1. Operations Department Detailed Proposal
  2. Operations Department Detailed Budget Estimate
  • I have no concerns and consent to the Ops budget as-is
  • I feel the budget needs revision and will provide details in the comments below

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Proposals need Polls


No poll for the proposal?

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I based it on the post from S5 and didn’t see a poll when I looked, but I’ve since added one here.

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I have concerns on including madhatter as a work stream in the department.

MH team has decided to be a bDAO native product but did DAO agreed to that also? Sorry if i missed something on this but i did not see any polls for madhatter to be a constant part of the DAO. It has a project proposal for S5.

I think we should have a forum post poll for MH to become a constantly funded public good for the DAO before we can include it in the department.

from other project proposals, i am now reading that the projects which are approved once before on the forum do not need to poll again. If that is the case, my question becomes redundant. I couldn’t find where this is written in our governance but asked around and it seems so.

Just to be clear, it was me who was encouraging the Mad Hatter team to do this, it was not of their initiative.

As part of the Grants Committee ongoing review process, I asked the Mad Hatter team if they ever planned on being self-sovereign, and the response was that project had been initiated early on as a bDAO-only project, only to morph into DEGEN which became external-facing. With DEGEN leaving the DAO, the Mad Hatter team was seeking to go back to the original idea: to make a discord bot specifically for bDAO. All of the functionality created by Mad Hatter (Guest Pass, coordinape signup, and much more) would not easily be transferrable to external DAOs.

Since they never intended to be self-sovereign, I suggested they seek to merge into Ops Department as a workstream. I brought this to you and @chunz in Discord and we went back and forth on how to do this. Finally it was decided to put it on the forum and see what the DAO thought. Discord chat for reference (Discord)

So I am glad you brought this up, as THIS is the time for the DAO to discuss whether or not this is appropriate. If the DAO indicates that this forum post is not sufficient, we can certainly add more consensus mechanisms. Let’s consider this the start of the conversation with the DAO-at-large.

Re: Sobol: do we have unique user numbers for this? How many people are using Sobol in the DAO beyond just the DAO cartographers?

asked @Bpetes for the stats, i don’t have that much reach in to sobol

Another Season 6 proposal with a big jump in the ask for $BANK.

I’m all for building, but I am not for building at any cost.

Hey @DoubleB , it’s a good point. I believe that the jump in cost was mainly by merging Mad Hatter into Ops (600K BANK), so it’s not really a jump so much as a structural change. Whether or not Mad Hatter is part of Ops, it would still be asking for the same amount of funding.

Having them part of the Department sends a signal that they are a bDAO-only tool AND binds them to the same stringent accounting requirements as a department.

There was also an increase of ~69K BANK for centralizing our Tally Pro/VaultWarden accounts. Those two items account for the bulk of the increase IIRC.