New Joiners Session Moving to Education Guild

Authors : thinkDecade and Angyst.

Hello wonderful DAOers. Here’s a quick temp check and announcement to the entire DAO of New Joiners formally being moved to the Education guild.


The new Joiners session is the DAOs human-friendly onboarding program for all new members joining the DAO. launched and piloted in season 3. The program has onboarded a lot of many new contributors who initially thought getting involved in the DAO was intimidating and almost reserved to a certain category of people. The new joiners session primarily dispels this feeling by making new joiners feel humanly connected and develop the mindset of everyone can contribute at anytime. The program has largely been administered by education guild members with support from folks from other guilds. While this has been the case, the funds and discussions around the project has been limited to first quest multi-sig and channels respectively. The program returns in season 4 with full force. In anticipation of this, moving the program to the education guild will ensure proper alignment and be directly shepherded by the Education Guild. The program will still operate in an open way. Meaning, members and talent coordinators from all over the DAO will be require to help onboard new folks joining the DAO.


  1. Make announcement to entire DAO
  2. Move New joiners remaining funds to Education Guild multi-sig.
  3. onwards to season 4 New Joiners Session​:rocket::rocket:.

Education guild multi-sig

Safe link

That’s all.

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Love the maturity of NJS and logic behind the move, I participated in all 4 of the previous sessions and each improved in organization, content and facilitation. This offering is in high demand an was conducted every 2 weeks. Our on boarding contributes to our growth and success. It is well worth the investment.