Draft Education Guild Creation Proposal in Season 6

Author: Ernest of Gaia
Co-Author: thinkDecade
Date Posted 10/14/2022
Original Notion Draft


The purpose of the Education Guild is to attract, retain, and upskill Educator talent.


most of the operations only need a clear scope established for the roles so we have an idea of what we will be doing

attract talent through a high touch welcoming onboarding experience

retain talent by providing a diverse, participatory, and engaging work environment with connections to opportunities in web 3 education

life-long upskilling in developing members capacity to educate others.

How do we define and track Membership?

  • The Education Guild Talent Coordinator has a 1 on 1 onboarding call with new members joining the guild. We have detailed information about what education guild is all about, the missions and vision of the Education Guild, how to contribute to workgroups and how to champion initiatives. New members are also been taught what guild level contributions are e.g, how to use coordinape & how to write meeting notes. Active Members are Vouched For via Coordinape.

Our Monthly Task Reports give us the means to track “actual participation” through tracking tasks or bounties. We will look to develop Membership Reports in addition our task reports in Season 6.

Current Contributions that qualify as active participation.

  1. meeting attendance
  2. actual participations during meetings via sharing ideas, giving updates
  3. working on workgroup bounties

Season 5 Success Summary

Education Guild Live Sessions Calendar
Knowledge Sessions

The guild designed and held 6 Knowledge Sessions in all, covering topics like Liquidity and Liquidity Pool 101, Stable Coins, Bank and Balancer, Uniswap and Bank, Hodl and Staking, and Lido.

How to sessions

The guild successfully designed and executed a total of 12 how-tos, including How to: Wallet/Security; How to Notion; How to Sesh; How to Sobol; How to Governance; How to Gnosis; How to Collabland; How to Bank; How to Gitcoin; How to Coordinape; How to Discord; and How to Etherscan.

New Joiner Session

The guild has organized over 4 successful onboarding sessions for new members throughout season 5. Education Guild has made the New Joiner Session a one-stop, easy to get plugged-in, platform for all new DAO members and also old members who have been overwhelmed with activities and couldn’t effectively contribute.

Self Study Course
Education & Design Guild Members in cooperation with Bankless Africa members designed and developed the Notion Ninja Course and NFTs

During Season 4 and 5 Education workgroup structured an education initiative to create live session to teach new member the tools of the DAO. That initiative grew to include Knowledge session in Web3 Protocol and how to make up use of the Bank in Uniswap and Balancer. This is the structure that we are proposing to become a Department going forward,

Goals for Season 6

  • attract talent through a high touch welcoming onboarding experience
  • retain talent by providing a diverse, participatory, and engaging work environment with connections to opportunities in web 3 education
  • life-long upskilling in developing members capacity to educate others.

Budget Calculation for Season 6

We are requesting a total funding request of 583,000 BANK

number of active members based on 30 coordinape payouts minus the 2 bots.
Coordinape Epoch 8 Data


I have participated in the Edu Guild since it was first formed and been pleased at the progress and continued growth. Each season has seen remarkable improvement in educational offerings. Season 5 was the strongest yet and deciding to focus in season 6 as a true talent pool will continue the move toward educational excellence.


Why is there an Education Guild and Department. I didn’t see anything in either proposal for the split. I don’t believe the intention of having a Guild choose one form or the other was to allow them to choose both.

This comment is also for @0xZFi.eth and the authors of the Education Department post.


Hi, RunTheJewelz. Thanks for asking.

We understood that Guilds, as defined for Season 6, could not include any projects funded by the guild, and should instead focus on talent development only. Because we have multiple projects that have been running within the Education Guild but to the benefit of the DAO broadly, we felt that these day-to-day educational operations would be more appropriate if batched and spun out as a department. Combining the projects together and applying for funding as a department allows us to show the expense projections in detail, retain these systemically important workshops, and trim any unnecessary or unaccountable funding from the books.


the majority of work done in the education guild is out of scope for the current structure of guilds. There needs to be an education department that is providing educational services for DAO members. While there are clear guidelines that give guilds the first opporuntity to develop departments there is nothing preventing any group of folks in the dao from creating a department project.

So why have a guild at all? I’m not necessarily against it, but from what you have described in the post and comments, the majority of the work previously done by the guild is going to be done in the department, so what will the guild be doing?

The three bullet-point goals you have in your goals section are pretty broad, can you tell us more about what you’d like to accomplish?

Having been in the Education Guild since season 0 or when we started as a media and education DAO. I believe I have a long enough history and perspective to reply in support of retention of this guild. This bDAO is an experiment. It took 3 seasons to become a somewhat effective education guild IMHO. We had a break off of the so called “flagship project” Bankless Academy. We had a much more structured internal facing educational offering in Season 4 with 4 work areas.We spawned the 1st Quest project, talent coordinators, the New Joiners sessions as well How To and Knowledge sessions.Now we are asked to examine our critical role and functions which we have done choosing to organize into a functioning role delivery mechanism as a Department but retain those critical functions of the Guild developed over 5 seasons. I fit and thrive at age 78 in the Education Guild. I can recruit, on board and assist in training educators but I am not a game player or technically qualified to teach which I understand will be the primary purpose of the Education Department, content development and delivery. I think our education experiment in season 6 warrants this effort and hopefully there will be a Season 7 to adjust it if it does not prove fruitful.


Yup, we have move all projects/activities to the department to focus solely on talent development. Without the guild, the department might find it hard to operate, unless the department incorporate talent development in there which is a guild thing now.
In short the guild aims to ship educators to the department and other places in the DAO that needs educators.

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Because all of the Guilds need Educators. And the Guilds focus will be on educating educators.

Once we have more info on active members and how they want to learn and develop their skills we aim to create a talent pathway that students will be able to follow so they can get the education they need and documentation to track their achievements. Most likely a mix of online, live, and industry periodicals.

We also have to get an understanding for what skills Guilds need in their Educators.

Because of our desire to be included as an educational department in the Season 6 snapshot vote, the education guild will probably suspend operations until the Guild can reform and submit its budget and plan of operation during season 6. The guild is working on gaining consensus at this time but I feel strongly that an Education Guild for an Education DAO is a continuing requirement. We need a talent pool to train our teachers to educate effectively.

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