NFT San Francissco Conference-Bankless DAO Involvement

Dear Bankless Dao,

The NFT San Francisco is writing to ask for Bankless Dao’s involvement in the second annual NFT San Francisco Conference that is taking place November 6-7th. NFT San Francisco is a premier non-fungible token (NFT) conference that is hosted annually in San Francisco. The conference facilitates a series of educational panels and presentations; as well as satellite events in the state of California. Some of the companies that have spoken or participated in the conference include OpenSea, Coinbase, Dapper Labs, Makersplace, eBay, Rarible, and so much more. Many of these companies have economic footprints in San Francisco.

At its inaugural event last year, the Conference was able to attract around 615 attendees. Despite it being its first event, the Conference was able to attract the attention of some of the top executives and CEOs within the Web3 community; as well as investors and developers. Some of the executives and CEOs that participated include the CEO of Rarible, the CEO of Makersplace, the Executive Vice President of Strategy at eBay, and so much more.

The Conference’s prestigious speaker line-up and substantive panel topics brought attendees from as far as New York and China to San Francisco for this event. Additionally, several companies and artistic NFT groups facilitated exciting and well-participated side events, which brought much commerce, interest, and excitement to not just locals, but others that reside within the Bay.

This year, the Conference is looking to facilitate its second annual event at the Palace of Fine Arts. The conference has already secured an amazing lineup of speakers who are executives and CEOs at some of the top Web3 companies including Origyn Foundation, Tron, and Unstoppable Domains. Several CEOs and executives are also returning for their second year to speak again which include Makersplace, Rarible, Juno, Cosmos, etc. The conference is looking to have up to 150+ speakers and more than 900 attendees ranging from founders, developers, investors, and artists. With such growing momentum and interest, the Conference will not only serve as an exciting moment for the web3 community, but also for the tech and artistic communities that still reside within San Francisco.

We weren’t able to get a hold of Bankless Dao’s reps last year. This year, we are hoping for better synergy and we would love to have Bankless Dao’s representation. Bankless Dao’s reps can learn more about the NFT San Francisco Conference using the following social media links below:



NFT San Francisco Conference

Thanks for the post @ccolas2014 . Do you have any specific suggestions on the type of involvement that the event is seeking? Is there any scope to fund one or two of our members to attend this event? In return we are happy to produce content about this event in on our socials.

Ref: ETH Barcelona Recap: Unveiling Key Moments and Insights! - YouTube

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@Jengajojo We would love to have Bankless DAO as speakers, or sponsors, or community partners. We don’t sponsor travel accommodations for the conference. Are you saying that Bankless DAO doesn’t have any locals that can participate as speakers? Please let me know.


We do not collect the location data of our members, so I do not know the answer to that question, but if there is a member who sees this, they will reach out to you directly