Operations Department Season 10 Funding Request

Authors: Rowan; 0xZFi; links
Editors: 0xZFi; links
Date: 9 November, 2023
Wallet surplus (estimated): 800,000 BANK
Funds requested: 1,507,250 BANK + 209.96 USDC
Multisig: eth:0x47F238eF7F6B9e4f8452d77228B101f7c0419733
Multisig signers: Rowan, Above Average Joe, brianl. iSpeakNerd, links, raybankless

Department Purpose & Mission/Value Alignment

The Operations Department encourages contribution towards BanklessDAO’s mission by providing tools and processes for DAO members. These tools include:

  • The weekly bDAO Community Call
  • Notion - shared wiki
  • Discord - real-time communication
  • Seasonal Planning
  • Sobol - DAO cartography
  • VaultWarden - shared password manager
  • Tally - surveys and forms

The Department has been and will continue to be a pillar of strength and reliability for bDAO. We study what has worked, what hasn’t, and make changes to our processes accordingly. We are constantly improving and defining our scope of work as well as making our current processes and frameworks as efficient as possible.

Seasonal Summary

Seasonal KPIs

Factor KPI Success Metric
Cost efficiency across Ops tools and services to ensure service costs are scaled at regular intervals to adjust to usage Service costs (e.g. subscriptions) are reviewed seasonally and adjusted to scale with active user count All service costs are adjusted based on usage metrics (e.g. number of active users)
Health status of services and tools administered by the Department # of active users across tools and services hosted by the Department Stability or Increases in the active number of users, normalized to market fluctuations (i.e. all numbers are lower in a bear market, and higher in a bull market)

Previous Season Activities

The Department went through considerable changes in Season 9, including termination of multiple prominent work streams (Mad Hatter and Bankless Rewards). Historically the Department saw expansion both in terms of budget and the number of work streams it supports, but Season 9 brought meaningful and timely exercises in contraction.

In Season 6, the MadHatter (MH) project was transformed into a work stream within the Department as MH was a bDAO native endeavor, with a dedicated team to support the continued development specific to the evolving needs of bDAO. Similarly, as the MH project team had only recently assumed responsibility for the First Quest (FQ) bot, the Department assumed responsibility for the continued funding support and development of both the MH and FQ bots.

Unfortunately, largely due to reduced capacity and incentive of developers on the MH project team and Discord features that rendered some bot functions redundant, both bots received little in terms of maintenance and updates over the course of Seasons 7 and 9. As a result, the Department made the decision to cease funding for the work stream early in Season 9.

The Department will retain the responsibility of storing the code and documentation for both the MH and FQ bots, should there be renewed interest in their development within bDAO in the future. Recognizing the important functions provided by both bots, the Department has also identified 3rd party alternatives, should the need for these functions arise.

In an effort to diversify compensation and build contribution incentive among bDAO membership, bDAO and the Department had previously partnered with ThriveCoin. While this partnership saw some success initially, it became clear in Season 9 that the current structure was no longer tenable and the Bankless Rewards work stream within the Department ceased operations. Compensation and incentive remain outstanding topics of discussion across bDAO and the Department is prepared to support any ratified direction in this respect.

Finally, with a reduction in the number of new members in previous seasons, the Department temporarily ceased the activities of the Apprentice Program. This program serves to provide newcomers with experience as apprentices to various roles within the Department, as well as a form of redundancy in skilled contributors in the event an existing role holder is no longer able to fulfill their responsibilities. The Department will consider reopening this work stream in the future, subject to increases in new, active, and interested contributors.

The Department continues to explore and take part in pilots of new DAO tooling options that might provide increased efficiency and user experience for bDAO contributors.

Previous Season DAO Updates

The Ops Department did not report to the DAO during Community Calls thus far, but plans to start doing so now.

Next Season Plan

The Department aims to ensure bDAO has high quality and reliable tools and services through acquisition and retention of mission-aligned contributors.

The Department will continue to develop governance and policy improvements to ensure optimal departmental operation and security. Some examples include progressive compensation increases for long-tenured roles, minimum requirements that any contributor must possess in order to seek election for a role, and a weighted election system where, for example, the votes of role holders and core Ops contributors may have greater weight than newer, or less experienced Ops members. These are policy developments that have been discussed over the course of Seasons 8 and 9, with careful consideration for their implementation.

The Department will continue to ensure its long-tenured role holders are accountable via a seasonal self-directed narrative debrief for collective review. These seasonal debriefs will be reviewed and voted on/approved by the Operations Department active membership. If the vote does not pass, the role will be posted for election.

Beyond the above detailed endeavors, we will continue to work to keep the DAO running as efficiently as possible and improve upon current processes.

  • Continuing to map the DAO’s activities via Sobol
  • Continuing to fund Notion Administration
  • Improve and iterate on Seasonal Planning
  • Focus on bDAO tooling solutions and public goods

Financial Implications

Previous Season Accounting & Current Holdings

Season 9 anticipated spend:

1,606,847 BANK (anticipated costs) + 200,000 BANK buffer - 288,510 BANK S8 rollover = 1,518,337 BANK

Season 9 actual* expenditures: 718,337 BANK

*Note: This is an estimate as of 9 November, 2023, prior to the end of Season 9.

Expenses were significantly lower than anticipated in Season 9 due to the closure or dormancy of work streams, as described above in “Previous Season Activities”. These realized cost savings will be carried forward into Season 10 to offset the Department’s funding request from the Treasury.

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue

The Department did not receive third-party or external revenue in Season 9.

Next Season Budget Breakdown

Note: Season 10 is to run 16 weeks plus a 7 day break. Season totals are the weekly rate multiplied by 17 as most roles and functions within the Operations Department continue through breaks.

Line Item Weekly (BANK) Season Total Notes
Notion Work Stream 159,750 BANK
Notion Administrator Role 5,000 85,000 BANK
Notion Backup Costs 750 12,750 BANK
Notion WS Coordinape / Discretional Bounty 62,000 BANK
Community Calls Work Stream 142,000 BANK
CC MC 1,000 17,000 BANK
Coordination 3,000 51,000 BANK
CC Recording / Streaming 2,500 40,000 BANK
CC Notes 1,000 17,000 BANK
Weekly Sync notes 1,000 17,000 BANK
DAO Cartography Work Stream 298,000 BANK
Coordinator 3,000 51,000 BANK
Education/Initiative Lead 2,000 34,000 BANK
Bounty Admin 3,000 51,000 BANK
Bounties 62,000 BANK
Cartography Coordinape 100,000 BANK
Seasonal Planning Work Stream 82,500 BANK
Transition Coordinator 4,000 25,000 BANK
Marketing Coordinator 25,000 BANK
Event Coordinator 25,000 BANK
Twitter Operator 7,500 BANK
Tally/VaultWarden Work Stream 85,000 BANK
VW Hosting (4 months) 37.96 USDC $9.49 USD/month
Tally Pro License (4 months) 116 USDC $29 USD/month
Administration 5,000 85,000 BANK
Heroku Billing (bots) 56.00 USDC
Buffer 200,000 BANK
Ops Coordinator 8,000 136,000 BANK
Ops Treasurer 5,000 85,000 BANK
Discord Admin 7,000 119,000 BANK

Department Members

Though there are many important contributors in the Department, the individuals below hold roles per the seasonal budget. Note that each of the work streams have roles within, and though those names are not captured here, their work is just as important and meaningful to the Department.

Name Role
Rowan Ops Coordinator / Season Transition
raybankless Ops Treasurer / Cartography Coordinator
brianl Discord Work Stream Coordinator
0xZFi Notion Work Stream Coordinator / Season Transition
anointingthompson Community Call Work Stream Coordinator
links Tally / Vaultwarden Coordinator
trewkat Dash Admin

Additional Information


  • Approve
  • Abstain
  • Reject
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@chunz don’t forget to add a poll to gauge DAO consensus please!

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gm Rowan :wave:

As you know I’m working on trying to understand more on how we use Dash so that we can downgrade to a plan that really represents the DAO’s needs.

I cannot find the cost of Dash on the proposal.

How is Dash paid? Are we selling BANK to pay for it or is it paid in USDC?

Thanks in advance.

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Treasury dept currently pays for it out of the TD multisig, and we have stables allocated for it.

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Understood, thanks!