[Partnership Request] DappBack -- A system that incentivises micro-actions by users

I’m posting this on behalf of JJ | DappBack#4871

Hey BanklessDAO community! I’m JJ, co-founder of DappBack, recently backed by XRC Labs (Puul — XRC Labs: Retail Tech & Consumer Goods Accelerator) to build an interactive Web3 community-driven education platform.

I have already worked with @angyts.eth :singapore::black_flag::bomb::sos: to finish the launch version of BanklessDAO’s Task Page! Your Task Page consists of simple tasks and rewards distribution for your community’s contributions. We would love to work with your team to consistently build and release more off-chain and on-chain tasks to engage with your community.

We are launching very soon with other large web3 projects and DAOs like MakerDAO and Bancor. For a more visual reference: here are their Task Pages:
Bancor Task Page: Dappback
MakerDAO Task Page: https://dappback.com/task/0x9f8f72aa9304c8b593d555f12ef6589cc3a579a2

We would love to include BanklessDAO in our launch! If you’d like to build a long-term partnership with us, your Task Page will also be exposed and suggested to our other partners’ communities - meaning you will acquire, engage and educate new users from the communities of MakerDAO, Bancor and our other launch partners.

We are more than happy to include the launch version of BanklessDAO’s Task Page that @angyts.eth :singapore::black_flag::bomb::sos: created with us at NO COST. In return, all we ask for is your community’s continued feedback and to share BanklessDAO’s Task Page with everyone in Twitter, Discord, Telegram, etc. on Launch Day! :wink:

Excited to work with your team and please let me know if you have any questions and ideas!


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New approach, new ways to reach 1 billion. Can feel the momentum of adoption. I may be old, but not stupid. No, I can not see all of the downside risks but know and trust the educational work and excellent approach of angyst as his consistent dedication and approach since day one here in bDAO has been incredible. We are so lucky to have assembled such talent. LFG. Get 'er did.


That’s the way to do it. Building bridges. I don’t have negative or constructive critics to share, just positivity. Well done angyts :clap:


A very innovative way to go viral, genius view to marketing trends in web 3 @JJ how can we collaborate my discord handle is morte-ch#8200 lets talk. i fully support


I reviewed the Maker DAO page and it’s well made. This is much needed. It will give our anon / newcomer community more ways to participate while gathering data, their actions recognized with Bank earned, and I think this would be fantastic coupled with First Quest / NJS. Great job Angyts.