Podcast Hatchery // S6 Grants Proposal

Podcast Hatchery Season 6 Grants Proposal

Authors: EriDAO, Woon Tan, Meryl, Oakfloors

Date Created: 11/10/22
Date Posted: 14/10/22

Podcast Hatchery formally requests 708,000 $BANK for the purpose of carrying out the first phase of our S6 Initiatives. We are requesting half of a season’s funding up front to renovate around a focal pivot.

Please see our S6 documentation to look for details, or enjoy the summarizations below:


  • A pivot from internal bDAO service to proof-of-product business model.

  • Half the season’s request to build our product launch.

  • New Product: Podcast Hatchery Incubator/Accelerator Cohort Courses programs

  • New pay structure, smaller bill. 4 Department heads create bounty structures for regular contributors.

First time?
Learn more about what the Hatchery is and isn’t in our S5 Retrospective and our S6 governance materials.

More familiar?
The pivot is thus: we shift our focus to a revenue generating product. Two matching and contiguous cohort courses for incubating and accelerating podcasts, paired with a longer term consultancy follow-up in exchange for a sponsorship margin deal. We are interested in expanding those follow-up services by syndicating other bDAO offerings to our customers such as PM guild retrospectives.

We will continue our relationships with first generation podcasts, putting into place concrete collaboration agreements to secure course material expertise when needed. As of the end of season 5 all the gen 1 podcasts now stand on their own, operating their own treasuries, grants requests, analytics, ops, distribution, and sponsorship.

As part of this transition we ask for a six week allotment. This half-a-season funding will bring us through our ‘build’ period where we can finally put our podcasting expertise where our mics are. It allows us to build out a product idea inspired by conversations from as far back as Season 2 to the fresh hot ideas brewing again in Seasons 4 and 5.

In this half season ‘sprint’ we will get our managers familiar with building and operating bounty structures to facilitate new processes, build the detail of the cohort courses, and fill up a customer pipeline. After six weeks we can craft a more accurate ask with our operations in place and expected revenues.

We expect by the end of the proposed 6 weeks to have a fleshed out product set to launch with customer applicants ready to buy. We will have documented administrative and operational costs. We will have put into place the necessary structures to render the product services.

Monitoring and KPIs

Our initial build period aims to produce a fleshed out product ready to start generating revenues. We think we should measure our success in this period based on our readiness to deliver the product come the middle of season 6.

KPI Menu:

Customer Pipeline Readiness

  • Number of outreach campaigns
  • Number of leads
  • Number of applicants

Product Readiness

  • Number of ready-to-ship courses in the curriculum
  • Number of course content reviews by relevant experts

Operational Readiness

  • Number of process workflows with active contribution across departments
  • Number and types of tokens/badges implemented

A last and less traditional indicator for our efforts will be the final revenue/cost balance we can propose for our podcasting product in midseason 6.

New Pay Structure

To increase accountability, performance, and empower our contributors to deploy their resources wisely, the Podcast Hatchery will be naming all our payouts as bounties. :blackflag: We endeavor through our new pay system to create a radically equitable work experience in web3.

First you will notice in the budget and in our pay structure a change to how we remunerate our role-holders.

Role holders make a standardized ‘base rate’ of 3 hours for department leads, or 1.5 hours for other roles in a weekly Downtime Bounty. Unlike traditional role-holder salary, this is paid for your unlisted responsibilities, all the crucial tasks too small or sublime to record, from replying to DMs to napkin puzzling out the latest on Hatching Podcasts while at your other workspace.

Role holders also get an allotment of optional Self-Directed bountiable hours each week, up to 8 for department leads, and 4 for other roles. This is a weekly bounty based on those predefined directives described below and ruminated on further in our transition materials.

However, the majority of ‘the work’ of the Podcast Hatchery will be carried out by Posted Bounty, your run-of-the-mill basic and interoperable unit of micro-engagement. Role Holders will be able to complete Bounties they and others create in their department but we will be encouraged to as part of our directives develop contributor bases and onboarding for each bounty structure. Lastly Ad-hoc bounties are an extra pool so we have something to award for unexpected contributions of value.

Without further ado, please review our proposed budget for the first half of Season 6. Find further reading on the proposed structure and initiatives to accomplish our goals below.

The Build Budget

Role Holders = 396,000* BANK

Role Hours Total Rate Directives:
Project Coordinator 3 Down / 8 Self-Directed 66,000 Build Admin dept. bounty structure to maintain records and reporting, interface with bDAO, and create directives.
Ops Manager 3 / 8 66,000 Build Ops dept. bounty structure to create SOP workflow mapping, track KPIs, and operate the treasury.
Sales Manager 3 / 8 66,000 Build Sales dept. bounty structure to outreach to potentials, generate leads, convert to quality applicant customers.
Product Manager 3 / 8 66,000 Build Product dept. bounty structure to develop and then to deliver two levels of cohort courses, incubation and acceleration.
Secretary 1.5 Down / 4 Self-Directed 33,000 Standardize and map our documentation and record keeping, develop contributor onboarding framework using documentation
Role Creation Pool 1.5 / 4 (x3) 99,000* Roles proposed by dept leads and approved by the governing body furthering the development or execution of the product or our organization.

*up to 216,000 BANK if unspent can go into Bounty budgeting

Bounty Pools + Tooling = 312,000 BANK

Item Total Rate Example Expected Initiatives
Admin Bounties 36,000 Meeting Notes, Documentation, bDAO project collabs
Ops Bounties 48,000 Process Mapping, Accounting, Disbursement
Sales Bounties 72,000 Outreach, Lead Generation, Contract Writing, CRM
Product Bounties 96,000 Course Materials, Course Hosting, Expert Review
Shared Misc Bounty Pool 12,000 Brand collateral, payportal/landing site
Shared Ad-Hoc Bounty Pool 24,000 Awesome people stepping up from out of the blue.
Token Protocols(Projected) 24,000 Contributor Badging, Contributor Skill Badging


See the Budget Doc for more detail:

Four departments, working in concert each with an autonomous lead apart of an agile governing body.

The Product department is the cornerstone of our work. Product focuses on the creation and innovation of our product services. In the build period, they will develop course materials for podcast incubation and acceleration cohorts. In this season they will deploy and deliver on their initial product vision for these cohorts. In future seasons Product will develop and deploy a deeper consultancy, and investigate adding a ‘done-for-you’ agency service.

What is a product without customers? The Sales department focuses on generating and building customer relations. In the build period they will establish a customer tracking method, set up outreach and lead generation, and begin to fill a pipeline funnel to our product. In the first season they will create contracts for each podcast, execute on an initial sales plan to generate customers for the product, and set up to continue customer relations development. In future seasons they will manage the whole sales and customer experience lifetimes and tokenization schema for contracts.

How will we do all this? The Ops department is here to catalog and give away the magician’s secrets of our organization. In the build period they will define, iterate, and operate the treasury procedures, as well as assist the other departments in creating workflow process maps useful for contributor onboarding to our framework of bounties. In this season they will set up standard operating procedures for all processes and bounty structures, set the precedent for a clean and operable treasury. In future seasons they will employ equity token strategies as part of payroll.

Every beast has a head. Ours is the Admin department. Lead by the Project Coordinator, the admin department takes on accountability for the mission and vector of the entire project. In this build period, Admin will standardize the minimum viable document procedures for governance and ongoing operations, as well as set the standards for asynch and synch’d comms around meetings and projects. In this season Admin will document and make accessible all the agreements held within and by the individuals as a part of the Podcast Hatchery. Admin will also establish initial bDAO collaborations for talent sourcing and joint-offerings. In future seasons Admin will go on to drive product and operational innovation toward the long term vision, as well as building better contributor onboarding frameworks and human resource tracking.

Here are some additional operational details we will innovate in and across departments:

Tokenization Initiative:

A big initiative to develop employable web3 practices to hand off to cohort classes means the Podcast Hatchery will be diving deep into tokenization practice. Here are some of ideas collected from across Hatchery-time.

  • Meeting POAPs
  • Contributor Badges
  • Contributor Skill Cert Badges
  • Project equity share tokens
  • Cohort Course Cert POAP Badges
  • Permaweb living contracts with nft tokens that have the link to it to hold in your wallet
  • Episode NFT templates

Making Concrete Agreements

Writing up more actual contracts like what we have with Bounty Hunter for sponsorship margin sharing, and putting that in place to offer to cohort participants. Smart contracts for incubator cohort participants to ensure received grant funding is shared? More will be revealed as our Sales team digs in.

We will create discrete collaboration agreements with generation 1 clients:
Making Bank, Bounty Hunter/Quorum, and Bankless Africa podcasts

Midseason Product Launch Phase Outlook

Budget estimates 800,000+ BANK

We will need slightly more tooling, maybe able to pull back on operational costs to compensate.

Projected KPIs:

  • Number of applicants
  • Number of course graduates
  • Number and type of token badges issued

Long Term Vision Tie-In

We aim to turn the Podcast Hatchery cohort classes service into the first product in a Market Network for web3 podcasting. Think Fiver but for podcasting, and its all wallet integrated with affiliate links to all the actually useful tooling for what you’re currently doing/looking for on the site.

Every engagement on the network nets some tiny but numerous cut back to the Hatchery to make for profits over the cost of website and blockchain maintenance

Once again you can see more resources on our transition to this new governance and departmental structure in EriDAO’s s6 transition roadmap.

Thank you for reading! Please leave us comments below.

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