🎙️Podcast Hatchery Season 5 Proposal

Title: Podcast Hatchery Season 5 Proposal
Authors: WoonTan#2967
Squad: EurekaJohn#2094, Droste#0063, WoonTan#2967, Elemental#7854l, Liquidiot#5975, ZimTeemo#1909, Eridani#7377, Infinitehomie.eth#4930, Whales#7970, Salmanneedsajob#6938
Date Created: 6th July 2022
Date Posted: 12th July 2022

Podcast Hatchery formally requests 1,656,000 $Bank for the purpose of carrying out the Season 5 initiatives.


  • Podcast Hatchery supports podcasters aligned with the Bankless DAO mission with a way to launch and scale a top quality podcast that creates income and impact while embracing the opportunities in the web3 and DAO ecosystem.

  • In season 5, we plan to continue to grow the current shows of Making Bank, Bounty Hunter and Bankless Africa.

  • Each podcast with their own core team will continue to publish more new episodes and grow the audience. In season 5, each podcast will continue to refine production and marketing.

  • Hatchery team will work towards revenue generating income streams starting with sponsorship. We will be packaging our editing and publishing services into products. At the same time we will be onboarding new squad members and develop bounty tasks for podcasting work.

  • Unlike previous seasons, we will pause applications to incubate new podcasts to focus on growing the current shows, processes and team.

  • Each podcast will have different routes to becoming financially sustainable, they will seek to develop a mix of grant funding, NFT subscriptions, sponsorships and affiliates in future seasons.

KPIs achieved to date:

  • 3 podcasts launched
  • Total number of episodes published 44 episodes
  • Total downloads across all episodes 3000 listens

Season 5 Plan, Objectives and Metrics

The success of Podcast Hatchery for Season 5 will be judged on the success of the growth of Making Bank, Bounty Hunter and Bankless Africa Podcast.

Objective 1
The primary objective is to create consistent podcast episodes at sufficiently high quality.
Consistent podcast release is key to growing podcast audience numbers. Each podcast have desired to increase production rate. With download numbers still small this early group of listeners are highly valuable. Based on research we are comparable to DAO based podcast content.
We want to keep attracting new listeners and keep existing listeners. A key part to achieving this is to develop the pre-production and production processes and improve marketing strategies. This will mean packaging our editing and production services into products for podcast clients.
KPI: Number of episodes published, Number of downloads

Objective 2
The secondary objective of Podcast Hatchery is to generate a new income stream through sponsorship. We support podcasts in launching their sponsorship packages. We are still early in this process, but the goal is to start developing sponsorship packages, identify potential sponsors and start to grow these partnerships.
Deliverable: Sponsor media kit

Objective 3
Podcast Hatchery will onboard podcast contributors to develop and grow the engagement for each of the podcasts. The goal is to have a pipeline of contributors with a way to upskill their podcasting skills while working in a DAO.
Deliverable: Contributor onboarding framework

Financial Implication

Podcast Hatchery S5 Budget

*Bounties to be allocated for ad hoc support, training sessions, show support bounties, research bounties and tipping pool.
**Off-chain expenses include software tools e.g. hosting service providers, editing software.

Do you support funding the Podcast Hatchery Project for Season 5?

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I’m glad that the hatchery is realizing it’s worth!!


A worthwhile listen! Making Bank has introduced me to fellow cohorts in this bDAO endeavor.


Podcast Hatchery is doing wonders.


Thanks for your support and contribution homie.

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Glad to have you as an audience of Making Bank. We appreciate your support and welcome your contribution Junglerush! =)

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Great to have you in the team Whales!


If you are familiar with last season’s Podcast Hatchery proposal, you will appreciate the boiled down concentrated form of our S5 proposal.

In Season 4 we’ve surveyed the landscape with an eye to build rails to take the Podcast Hatchery out west to the land of profitability.

This budget will allow us to continue to buidl and implement through season 5 to give the Podcast Hatchery the tools to mature our current shows and open up a new and totally defined incubation process in coming seasons.

Help us out and drop a vote!


I’m loving the strong team we have here. The persistent increase in quality is impressive and undeniable. LFG!

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Thanks for support and all your contribution as well as all the great work in AV Guild, looking forward to another great Season.

hey gm team, i wrote this mentioning podcast hatchery in crypto sapiens project. So i should do the same here.

a concern i have is, we have crypto sapiens becoming a podcast ecosystem and podcast hatchery is another. In total 2 podcast ecosystems.

Do you think bDAO should fund both of them?
Is there no way we can fund 1 podcast ecosystem and all podcasts come out of there?

I see 20 people in crypto sapiens, and 10 people in podcast hatchery team. 30 people working on 2 different podcast ecosystem/incubator projects, 1 person working in both.

It seems to me some optimization can be done here.

Does the Podcast Hatchery team financially support the Bounty Hunter or Bankless Africa podcasts? I only see a budget for Making Bank.

Thanks for the questions.

Both Hatchery and CS are benefiting from people who work across both platforms. At Hatchery we are very focused on learning as a team what works and bringing that shared learning back to the team. Exponential learning happens when the latest learnings are shared. I’m not concerned about people working in more than one DAO let alone guild or project, on the flip side I see this as the real advantage of working in DAOs. Like any startup or incubating space, its highly incestuous.

Podcast Hatchery is a project within BanklessDAO, and founded by members of the AV Guild (Soundman and EurekaJohn) at the end of S2. It is founded as an incubation space to support podcasters from ideas to launch, as long as these podcast are aligned with the BanklessDAO mission of going bankless. By the end of S3, the team has supported and met many podcasters at ideation stage which have not been accepted to Hatchery for different reasons but have gone on to launch independently e.g. Legal Guild Podcast and Green Pilled. In S4 and S5 we will continue to grow these podcast that have been incubating - MB, BH, BA.

The genesis and trajectory of both Podcast Hatchery and CryptoSapiens are very different.

I have suggested that Podcast Hatchery become a Podcast Production Market Network as apposed to a Podcast Network. These are two very different types of ecosystems. A market network is platform with marketplace features and social network features. The customers of Podcast Hatchery are podcasters in web3 and DAOs. We plan to launch products that help solve podcasters problem, from idea to launch to scaling, so these would be educational as well as done-for-you agency services. Our community will be made of podcast showrunners, hosts, editors, producers, writers, marketers and community builders. Podcasting is multidisciplinary and requires a range of different skills. The difference is that for the first time we have the opportunity to do this in a DAO environment.

A podcast network is a media platform usually with a flagship podcast and core audience. Adding new podcast content makes sense as this reduce cost of acquiring new audience. Hence why I think CryptoSapiens makes sense as a podcast network.

As far as I can see, the Hatchery team is made of members and contributors of banklessDAO and intends to continue as a project within BanklessDAO sits within the BanklessDAO discord. We are clear on what we are not. We don’t have a pot of money to invest and I wouldn’t consider Podcast Hatchery as financially supporting other podcasts. Even-though we incubate podcast ideas, we support podcast raise funding elsewhere such as banklessDAO grants. The exception being MakingBank as the one internal podcast. As far as position goes, MB is a banklessDAO podcast for the banklessDAO community. Bounty Hunter which is the external facing podcast will be going to Grants Committee independently for Season 5 funding. Bankless Africa podcast already go to Grants Committee as part of a wider project. Yes, we have compensated work and software costs for the podcasts we have supported.

We also recognise the strength of CryptoSapiens becoming a Podcast Network and having build a great team, structure and captivating audience. One thing that CS is good at are the live podcasts and IRL events. We are not doing this at Hatchery. If banklessDAO will create an events guild I think that will be massively valuable to the DAO podcast ecosystem, not to mention other guilds and projects within banklessDAO.

For me as a coordinator, my focus is to facilitate the context for which the podcast we work with can flourish. So I welcome any feedback and contribution. I believe for a project like Podcast Hatchery, there is a risk in the lack of roadmap of banklessDAO and the slow internal economy within banklessDAO as all things are priced in Bank$.
My question is what is Grant Comittee’s vision for podcasting, 6 months, 1 years, 3 years down the line?
What is the banklessDAO community’s vision for podcasting?
Who do you want to see as guests? Who do you want to see as hosts? Are our podcasts showing up in the right places at the right time? How can we improve our shows? How can our podcasts improve your bankless journey?


Awesome project, this projections for S5 will definitely add flavour to Podcast hatchery… Kudos


I’ll give it to the Podcast Hatchery :clap::clap::clap:. They’re really doing a brilliant work :sparkles:


Really fascinated with the idea of becoming in podcast market network. It’s a really novel proposition, and being executed in public in a DAO environment is something to stay tuned to.